List Of Over 100 Anxiety Symptoms

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You know? I think this site is better then medicine. I knew the basics of the stuff anxiety can put you through such as:


Frog in throat sensation

Fear of choking

Random chills

Chills in odd places like the mid arm

Hot sensation of skin


Fear of dying

Fear of your whole world crashing out from under you

Questions of sanity

Excessive anxious thoughts




Hypersensity to senses


I as a person who has Hypochondria specifically since July 2013 am always so happy to look over this list. Heck I print it out and keep it in my room so I can look over it and calm myself. I get poked at by my family for having a rabies phobia, hydrophobaphobia. I have feared plenty of other things. I think this explains my weird chills and tingling of my body. It seems like the health industry labels us insane and sends us out the door. 

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Hi everyone, these days have been really tough, isn't it? I have to make 5 reports for my boss and work and my wife has taken offence against me because I refused to invite my mother in law to stay at our home for the upcoming summer. To deal with stress I regularly take that special oil Yes, it's made of hemp but it's not addictive and legal in our state. If you want to eliminate the stress and common means don't help, this might really work.

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I just went through this list and WOW I have so many of these symptoms. It helps to know that I'm not alone and what I feel is normal for anxiety.

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