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Hello again guys! Always fun to come on here because usually it means I'm going through a mean streak of anxiety filled days and nights. I remember reading on here about having the feeling of something being in your throat, which I've experienced before. Lately I have been feeling like my throat is not open all the way, and tight when I swallow. Probably been going on for about 2 weeks. I'm not totally panicking yet because I can still eat and talk fine, but just wondering if anyone has experienced this at all? Not sure if I should say anything to my dr. Could also be from acid reflux maybe? Ugh how will I ever know if it's real or in my head. 


As I lay here I can feel every heart beat, subconsciously making sure it feels normal, my legs feel numb and I can't fall asleep because every time I start to I feel like I'm going to stop breathing (that's a new fun one does that happen to anyone?) ahh anxiety you make my body do the weirdest things. 

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Anxiety is in the mind. I told my therapist that it is hard for me to grasp a mental illness because I felt it wasn't tangible like stubbing your toe on a bed post or catching a cold. She told me that anxiety can be seen on an MRI because it affects how parts of the brain react and that made me see things in a whole new light. I am a huge advocate of therapy now. Even when you are feeling great, just keep going. Anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms, I remember once last year, the night before my wife and I were to go on a cruise, I was home by myself with my then 8 month old daughter, I felt this tight pain in the center of my chest. I had been going through some stress because I was diagnosed with a fatty liver at the time and I made changes to my diet and lost weight fast which made me think I had colon cancer. Well the therapist says that the negative thoughts are entangled in my brain, and I started to feel a hell of a lot better. I say go find one!! And I am always on here to talk!!!

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