Heart attack

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Im scared im having heart trouble and will have a heart attack soon. Because i been having this weird feeling in the center of my chest that comes and goes and episodes of feeling lightheaded and nausea. I had to leave work on 2 different days because of it. 

Also i check my pulse and heart and it foesnt beat like regular like it will beat 3 times stop then beat again a few then a few others quickly then stops and misses like 2 hb. 

Im scared  this is all the signals of a heart attack. I made an appt with my cardiologist and the sooner he can see me is september!!!! 

Im avoiding the ER as much as i can because im terrified of doctors and dont have much money. Im also tired of going and being brushed off.

Its also hard because its something that comes and goes so by the time i get there im usually better or dont have the symptom.


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"by the time I get there I'm usually better or don't have the symptom" - usually indicates anxiety, in my experience at least.

Why not see your primary in the meantime? Request a simple EKG. They only take about 60 seconds, and they're good at catching several cardiac issues, including heart attacks.

Sounds like anxiety to me though. Sounds all to familiar. If the symptoms are new to you or more persistent than they should be, see your do. Don't delay care just because anxiety wants to be afraid of professionals.

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