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It’s 3:49 am and I feel like I am having a panic attack about my students assessment performance. In the last week I feel like I am starting to have a nervous break down. What can I do to stop this? Thank you.

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Hi. Detro. Welcome to AC. :).

Are you overworking? 3.49 in the morning and still worrying? First of all you need to understand that there are many in your situation, you are far from alone as witness this website. What can you do? I suggest try and either cut down on the workload or begin to see things differently. What do you do when you feel panic? Panic? It's this 'second fear' that perpetuates the problem. Panic must be limited. It always passes because there is just so much adrenaline to cause it. Once you enter the fight/flight syndrome it's difficult to see a way out. You can't think your way out because your mind is so caught up in 'what ifs'. Try and go with the feelings. Bend with the wind. ACCEPT that, for the moment you may feel as you do. Have you been to the doctors? It's a good idea to do so. You need to talk about how you feel and, perhaps, have some counselling. Try not to be so frightened of symptoms. In anxiety so much is greatly exaggerated. In panic you may feel you are going to die! You won't. Not much is more frightening than a panic attack, but it's all about overstrained nerves and a tired mind. Good to have you here. Come back whenever and let us know how you are. Everyone here knows and understands.

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