The toxicity of prescription and long term affects they have on your mind

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Hi im kassy. I have many disorders. Bipolar. Ptsd. Bpd. Social anxiety. I have been on every bipolar med they have my mind is so screwed up. Loxopine caused parkinsonian issues and ability made me gain 100 lbs. topirimate is making me lose my memory, oh yeah im adhd too. Im fed up with it. I stump my mental health professionals even! Im so emotionally detached due to ptsd and my nightmares. I fear sleep 

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. I just saw your post for the first time. I'm also sorry you haven't found the right medication that works for you. All medication has side effects, no matter what we take, even if we just take an aspirin. But when we suffer from Bipolar, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder it's very beneficial to get the relief necessary. In those cases it's important for your well-being to take medication on a regular basis. People with your dx have said it's the only way to manage those conditions. Please don't give up on yourself and find something that works for you, Kassy. Come here lot's and talk about everything you want to talk about. 

Best Wishes. 

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