It’s been awhile....

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Hey everyone hope all is well. 

Well let me just start and say unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to my neurologist appointment. So they rescheduled it till July. 

Was kinda bummed but not really. I honed in on “A” for awhile now since last year on October. 

Im telling y’all, I felt like i couldn’t get out of bed. I  felt like I COULDNT even turn my steering wheel, I felt like I COULDNT even text. But we are in February now and I’m still able to do everything I could be able to do since last year. 

Yes I’m not going to lie to you and say I completely over “A” but I’m not letting it effect me like It was last year. I lost 20 pounds, I lost my job, almost lost my relationship. 

But I forced myself to uncomfortable situations and it literally helped me so much. I got a labor job, I walked a lot more, I literally would stand on my tip toes walking up and down the stairs and even did it backwards. Haha I felt kinda crazy after I did that but hey it eased my mind. 

I twitch everyday on my hotspot. Doesn’t matter. Do I let it effect me? No. I just tell myself:

“the body is an amazing thing and it helps you more than harms you.”

70% of people twitch. It’s normal. Don’t let it effect you. Some people notice it and some people don’t. 

One thing we have to remind ourselves bottom line is this disease is about “failure.”

plain and simple. 

It’s not about “oh I feel weak, oh I twitch everywhere” no no no no and no. 

Failure. F-A-I-L-U-R-E.

i check in once and I’m awhile on this site, if you have any concerns or questions pm me. I might not be able to respond right away but will get back to you 

p.s. live your life like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy everyday and appreciate it. 

God bless. 

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Glad you’re doing good man. I also still twitch from time to time, though it is pretty rare now. God bless!

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