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Hi Sarah. Welcome to AC. :).I was a counsellor and worked on Jungian lines. He talked about day dreams. We all do it, we often day dream in quiet moments, and, like all dreams they have meaning for you and your life. Sleeping dreams have great value in determing the cause of anxiety problems. The thought, or day dream you had could have a lot of meanings and would need interpretation. But one thing it is not is what you think it is. No way. Dreams, whether by day or night, talk in symbols. its the only language they have. if you remember a dream it means that your unconscious is prodding you to do something in your life that may have ben overlooked in your conscious thought. Or it may be you have gone into denial about something. Repressed it and so allowed it to go into the unconscious where you may think it is lost, but nothing is ever lost.

I can't comment on your present feelings without knowing more, but I can see it does worry you. Don't fall into the trap of paying to much attention to these visions, but look at them and try and see if they have any meaning for you.  

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