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Can someone help me figure this out plz!

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At the lunch room I would say hi to this volunteer parent , and one time I saw them unstacking chairs so I thought I would help them cause I felt bad. Anyway this woman has felt uncomfortable around me.I the point where she has a posse of people that literally watch me and stare at me, mind you.. anyways today the kids in my class who are little ..mind you were taking to each other. One little girl said at lunch there were “ shadows in the window and it looked scary” and another kid chimned in “yah that was scary” yah “I hope it never happens again” kid said ..I said huh oh “oh yah I saw them too just trying to agree with them”.Then my co -teacher said ohh nooo that was awhile ago. Then she ran over to her phone and started texting.. than I felt really uncomfortable and anxious, I am so depressed my thoughts are consuming me to the point where I am hungry but I can’t eat because I feel so depressed.. pls tell me your thoughts on this idk what to do.. I really just want to leave but I’ll seem like a coward.. thanks for reading this! I can’t tell my Family/mom.. it would put her in heart failure. 



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