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I can't be the only who has fear of going to therapy

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I know I need to seek therapy treatment for my Anxiety/OCD/Perfectionism. I avoid being venerable at all costs. I have scheduled and canceled therapy appointments after my initial assessment (going on since March 2018).

I just can't seem to muster up the courage,  as the psychiatrist (who assessed me ) informed me that it will get harder before it gets better. Those words are stuck in my head and the fear is the driving force to my avoidance. She also informed me most people like me don't seek help/treatment until late 30s early 40s ( and I fit right in that range)  I have done hours upon hours of research trying to determine the best course of action/treatment. When I say research I mean validated studies it takes some digging. So I am out of excuses.  I am very nervous about treatment I am worried the therapist will not be qualified in Childhood trauma post traumatic syndrome along with a side of OCD (most likely developed as a coping mechanism, my OCD can be more difficult to treat as my compulsion are in my mind hidden out of sight) I now have the information I need to begin treatment. From the research I have gathered I have to change my entire life. Yep the word CHANGE.  I am scared of change and do not know where to begin. After all my research this is what I have learned. its sad after everything I went through as a kiddo, I am more fearful of therapy. If you were to ask me if I would rather relive my childhood or go to therapy I would relive my childhood. At least I would know what to expect. I had a very intense panic/flash back/memory  how ever you want to label it. The wave of emotions I went through was beyond difficult I imagine therapy will be similar. Denial, procrastination and avoidance my vices.

* Individual Therapy - 18months to 2 years

* taking prescribe medication consistently

* Group therapy -  ongoing/as needed

*change diet (coffee and Sugar increase symptoms) Remember to eat 3 times per day (even though 90% of the time food doesn't sound/taste good)



So I know what to do, I just feel like I am the only person struggling with actually starting treatment. Everyone makes it sound so simple schedule your appointment go. If only one of those people could be in my head for 2 minutes to think what I think and feel what I feel, I doubt they would think it was that easy or try to down play the fear.

I need to find away to schedule and actually attend my therapy appointment.

and I really want to go to that yoga class down the street, but try telling that to my anxiety/ocd

I have the desire to find some remission/cure/coping skills so I can be free to enjoy life again but I am stuck in fear.


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I am so sorry! The truth is, there is an enemy of our emotions and our health and will stop at nothing to keep you in fear. 
You have the right to have a full life. You are worth complete healing. I can tell you to just go and I know that it is easier said than done.
Looking at this as a battlefield and the fact that I have the power to overcome with the right weapons, (everything you have listed)  has helped me tremendously. 
God has a plan for your life, and you need full healing to be as impactful as you are called to be. Once you have overcome, you can be a voice for others to overcome!
How exciting is that?! I know it is hard, but when we look at this as an opportunity rather than something to dread, maybe that will help. I don't want to assume. I just hope to encourage. 
I pray that you find the strength that you have within you and that it rises up higher than your fears. I pray for you to see full healing even faster than you can imagine. 
May your days become filled with peace, hope, and new vision. 
Best wishes!

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I have the same problem, because I feel judged. But I think changing counselor or therapy until you feel comfortable, either way its your life and you decide what makes you feel good.😊

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Now one thing is for certain here.  No therapist trains up for countless hours over countless years to sit and judge you.  They train because they want to help you.  They are there to listing to you, understand what you are going through and to devise a plan to help you overcome your anxiety.  None of them will sn***** behind your back and look at you blankly.  They have likely heard of your story or similar many times.  You always have the option to change therapists if you feel it's not working for you but always give them a change to build a rapport with you.  Therapy will help you, there is no doubt about that.

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