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  1. Yeah! I have taken them for some time and I have not noticed any effects one way or another. Perhaps they work behind the scenes or I am too insensitive to feel anything. . I'm told side effects are rare and mild, if any. They have a good track record for anxiety and blood pressure. Once a day is my dose at 1.25mg.
  2. Hi there. I have heard of Raccoons but what are they exactly? We only get Foxes and Badgers in our gardens, (UK), and of course, squirrels!!! But nothing so exotic as Raccoons!!! Do Raccoons carry a disease? It is said Badgers do but it's open to controversy. Due to strict quarantine rules we have no rabies in the UK but they do in Europe. We worry far too much about such things. On the whole nature gave us a good immune system which can cope with most things. If it worries you overmuch take your child to the docs for a check up and reassurance. I know it will be OK.
  3. You are so right Mark! I believe it's all about perception, how we, as individuals, see things. It's bit like being colour blind. The person who has no sense of colour could argue that nothing has colour, but all the persuasion in the world may not convince them that colour exists. All around us every day there are things happening of which we have no awareness because our senses are so limited. We have the five senses, but many seem to have a sixth sense. An awareness that most of us can't feel. I am very subject to atmospheres. If I go into a house that I have not been in before I sense if it has good or bad 'vibes'. (I dislike that word but it does describe it). I just feel uncomfortable and want to leave. Some homes feel good, comfortable and warm. I think it's down to the attitude of the occupants and any love that may be present or otherwise. I find some churches have a powerful energy in that respect. What it is I know not, but the feelings do exist. Psychic energy has been known for some time. Poltergeist activity, which seems to be present when children are about, has a factual record. It has yet to be properly explained, but it's there. Is it all about energy? Is a lot of it about uncontrolled energy? Anxiety is misplaced energy. We all know how tiring it can become in HA even if we know nothing is wrong. The visible spectrum is very narrow, to our eyes at least, but the insect world, especially bees, use a far wider spectrum to distinguish one flower from another. But the spectrum is infinite either end. We have only the infra red at one end and ultra violet at the other, but what is beyond that very narrow view? Is that where the 'spirit' world exists?
  4. So really, to sum up, there are believers and non believers. But is it not so with everything in life? My attitude to any 'gift' we may have in the psychic realm is that 'if you don't use it you lose it'. A real psychic person, (beware, there are a lot of fake ones out there!!), can be of great benefit to those in emotional trouble. As I said before, I have seen far too many strange happenings for me to doubt. Especially in the field of spiritual healing. Once again, that is a gift. Like art or any creative expression. How do we explain a child of six playing a complete work by Brahms on the piano with few lessons? Yes, that is a proven fact. Some years ago Oxford University did an experiment in asking people to write in if they saw things or had any psychic ability. They were inundated with mail. It seems that those who have these abilities are afraid to talk about them for fear of ridicule. Empaths are those wo feel the pain of others and are often healers. I suggest that there are a lot more empaths on this site than we imagine. After all, who would give their time to coming on here and helping if they didn't feel some empathy. Not sympathy, that's different, and in most cases not very sincere. 'Sorry for your loss' is easy to say, but to feel the pain you have to have empathy. To misquote Shakespeare, 'There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio'. Or perhaps the "supernatural" is just what science can't explain yet (Thanks Molly) Electricity was always there but undiscovered. What else is there waiting for some Einstein to come along and 'discover'? A lot of the problem lies at the door of religion. Spiritualists have a thriving church because they have first hand experience of life after death. Who are we to doubt them? We don't have to believe either way, but we should not judge without knowing the facts. And Chriss. Yes, that's just another of the so called unexplained phenomena that so many experience. Objects that have been moved, flowers blooming on a grave in the wrong season. Too much and too often to be mere coincidences. This is an age old discussion that Plato and the Greek philosophers tried to sort out and failed. Actually it all comes down to the old feeling, the gut feeling we have. Whatever you believe and whatever you think it won't hep your anxiety to ponder overmuch on it all. You can do that when you feel better.
  5. Never dismiss these feelings as being 'just feelings'. Has anyone heard of Carl Jung's 'collective unconscious'? He felt we were all connected in a way that was not easily explained. I agree with him because I have heard strange things that have happened for which we have no so called 'scientific' explanation. We all have intuition, although to many it never seems true. There are many examples of precognitive dreams where someone dreams of an accident and it happens later. There are too many of these dreams for them to be coincidences. The faculty to feel for others is also apparent in many, as is psychic abilities. It's far from crazy, and if it becomes apparent that you have this ability then it should be allowed to express itself. It's nothing to be scared of. Why is it that when a strange thing pops up in the human mind we don't understand we get scared. We, as humans, have so many unused abilities, but unfortunately they are often ridiculed in children and laughed at in adults. No one likes to be made to feel a fool, so we suppress the feelings on a psychic level. Fairies; little green men!!! Leprechauns and such. Who says they are not there? Because I can't see them does it mean no one else can? Some may and do have the ability to see what others can't. There is book called 'The Boy who saw True'. It gives an account of a boy who had powerful psychic abilities, but he was laughed at, and taken to opticians because he 'saw things'. No one understood him so he lost his psychic abilities later in life for fear of being thought mad. Tragic, because no one bothered to try and understand. I wonder how many people were locked away in asylums for 'seeing things'? When all that was happening was a natural ability to see beyond what the normal eye sees. They had a gift, but were thought mad. Children have invisible playmates. Not there? Who says so? What arrogance to assume because we can't see no one else can. Visions that some have of impending doom, or even of happy events that are to come, can't be dismissed as 'silly'. Never underestimate the power of the human mind.
  6. Hi. Chriss. I get that now and then. It's called 'blind' migraine. In real migraine the flashes and jagged lines are followed or accompanied by severe headaches. But in 'blind' migraine you only get the jagged lines. Mine last for about the same time as yours. It begins with a swirl in the centre of the eye which enlarges then gradually fades into the periphery of the eyes. Then it goes. The doctor told me it's nothing to be concerned about. I believe her. But it can be disconcerting when you are liable to anxiety. Just another of Mr. Anxiety's little tricks!! I have had mine for many years and I'm still here. .
  7. Hi. Miox. Welcome to AC. . It is strange, but it's typical of anxiety. The worst thing is them not finding so far a simple cause of my symptoms. I'm so scared daily its all I can think about. I have werid sensations all over daily. But there is very simple explanation to how you feel! ANXIETY! Now I am not minimising how you feel, no way! But all the symptoms you have and to which you have been declared OK are so typical of anxiety. It's so difficult for anyone who has no experience of anxiety to comprehend just what it can do to the body. I have seen every trick it can play and, believe me, new ones come up all the time. Health anxiety is one of the worst aspects of this problem because it's with you all the time. Thoughts about illness get stuck in your mind and you seem unable to let them go. ALS and MS are the 'fashion' now in anxiety sufferers. Why? Because we have read about them and although we are not doctors we believe what we read. Googling symptoms is not only stupid but dangerous in anxiety as is self diagnosis. You are so vulnerable to suggestion and, at the moment, your mind will fasten onto any negative feelings or emotions. OK! So what to do? Two things can help a lot. Mild short term prescribed medication and good counselling. If the counselling is not available then read all the articles and posts on here. You will see you are far from alone. Now I'm going to suggest something you may find difficult, but let the thoughts and feelings come. YES, I do mean that. If you try to fight them off or struggle with them all you do is perpetuate them. You find yourself in a constant state of fear which adds to the awful symptoms you already have. In other words, do nothing. Allow it to happen. No, I have not flipped because I have seen total ACCEPTANCE work for so many. By accepting you take the sting out of 'IT'. Anxiety feeds on fear. It's its staple diet. Don't feed it. Starve it by letting it come without adding 'second fear'. That's all the 'What ifs' and the 'OMG's you add when you become fearful. You say you have gone through a stressful time, and no doubt that has 'triggered' the anxiety. It often happens that way. A divorce; a bereavement, an accident can all do it. It does depend on your temperament. Many can shrug things off, others, like us, take them in. It's a fact that most of those who suffer with anxiety are sensitive people. They pick up so easily negative stuff from around them. Now take it easy and come back and let us know how it goes.
  8. I have looked up Actavis, or the manufacturers of, and they have offices in the UK, but all their drugs appear to be prescription only. All the companies mentioned are USA based so do not have to conform to the NICE guidelines in the UK. (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). But they still have to pass vigorous tests here to be listed as prescribed medication.
  9. I just can't believe what I am reading. To take any form of medication without advice from your doctor is crazy. How do you know you are not getting a placebo, or worse still some cooked up drug that can do harm? When there are so many medications that can be prescribed for anxiety why take chances. The exception to this may be herbal medications, but even these should be checked out with your GP before taking. I have seen the harm that can be done by buying prescription only drugs illegally (UK) over the counter or by mail. Are the medications mentioned available in the UK? I doubt it. There are very strict rules here in regard to prescribed drugs being sold without prescription. I am aware of the controversial nature of this subject, and many feel that they should have the freedom to choose what drugs they take. I disagree, but it's only my opinion from experience. Your doctor knows you and can prescribe accordingly. Self diagnosis in anxiety is dangerous, and any unprescribed medication should have that noted on the bottle. St. John's Wort is a good example. Taken on its own it can be beneficial, but taken with prescribed drugs, especially antidepressants, it can cause major problems.
  10. Hi. There. Sorry about the delay in answering but often time zones get in the way. Welcome to AC. . It sounds very much like GAD, or General Anxiety Disorder. Now it can hit any of us at any time, and when it does we must not panic, or try not to. It's become a very chronic disorder in modern society, and is it any wonder when you look at how stressful our lives can become. Have you been to your GP? Mild short term medication and good counselling can work wonders. If you can't get counselling then try to talk to friend or relative who understands. Not to anyone but someone you trust. Doing it alone is not advisable because we need to share and help each other. Coming on here and sharing is also a great help. We all know how you feel, believe me! Does anyone have any ideas as to where this could stem from? This is a not a typical reaction to anxiety. You realise that it has a cause and knowing that puts you way ahead toward managing it. Nothing ever 'comes out of the blue' with no cause. As in physics there is cause and effect. The cause in anxiety may be hidden in the unconscious. It sometimes takes time and good counselling to find the cause. It can be from childhood; something that happened that made you repress the incident into your unconscious, and it has come up now. The feelings and emotions but not the memory of what caused it in the first place. Some incident, some sound or word perhaps spoken in anger can 'trigger' the feelings. But first things first. If you have not done so get a diagnosis from your GP. Don't be afraid to go there. They deal with so many cases of anxiety these days. And don't feel embarrassed or feel any shame about feeling as you do. It's an illness like any other, and you can learn to cope with it and manage it so it does not interfere with your life. I have tried to listen to myself about where the source is, but am stuck. Try not to get too involved with reasons at the moment. Anxiety can be life changing and for the good. You are forced to look at yourself and see what your life is about and where you are going. If you want to explore further then you can message me. Best wishes.
  11. Oh yes Nutmeg, I did. But so do most people with anxiety. Panic often comes in waves. 'Am I going to panic?. Oh dear, I feel it coming, will it ever stop'. Yes it will, if you let it come without resistance. It's the resistance that causes the anxiety to go on. If you resist anything you have to remember you are using a lot of energy. The energy you don't have much of at the moment. The old Dr. Who saying by the Daleks, 'resistance is futile' comes to mind. Now honest, I do know how difficult this can be. You are NOT bipolar. Another much used word that describes a condition of which the symptoms are all too obvious. Don't feel hopeless if you can avoid it. Hopelessness, despair and self pity are your enemies as much as anxiety. Dark days seem to go on and on. Good days seem fleeting, but sticking it out without adding fear to fear will eventually work. Please try. When you feel a wave of fear come over you LET IT COME with as much acceptance as you can manage. If you look under 'Articles' you will see some very good advice from 'lonesailor' about acceptance. Like all of us on here she has been there. Now try and take heart. It's really possible to learn to manage anxiety so that it no longer affects your life. I don't pity you because my pity, like self pity, is useless. But I do have empathy for you because I can enter into your suffering. That can only be done by someone who has experienced anxiety at its worst. Take care.
  12. Hi. Nutmeg. But I’m struggling right now, I’m trying not to bring attention to the symptoms, because deep down something tells me it’s nothing to worry about There are words used by so many in anxiety that are counterproductive. 'Fight. Struggle. Get rid of. All these thoughts add to the anxiety. If you fight something or somebody what happens? You arouse primitive emotions so the fight/flight syndrome clicks in. The same if you struggle with something. You know there is nothing to worry about, deep down, but you do worry don't you? It has become a habit! Remember what I said about 'second fear'. Adding fear to fear will not let you lose anxiety. STOP STRUGGLING!!! Let it all come and see 'IT' for what it is, fearful thoughts in a tired mind. OK, so give in to the symptoms. SO??? NOT give up, that's different, but giving in means you give in to the never ending struggle with feelings and emotions. You cease to provide the anxiety with it's favourite food. Fear!! Pay attention to the symptoms, but know they can't harm you. They are a miasma, an illusion. This is difficult I know and one can only speak from one's own experience. You will be OK. Stick with it.
  13. Hi. MB2. So sorry about the delay in answering, but we do have this time zone problem. Anyway, welcome to AC. . Does any of this sound like it could be ALS or could it really be “just” anxiety? Anxiety seems like too easy of an answer. Thank you in advance for any advice. It is 'just' anxiety, but remember, anxiety can mimic any disease that you may have in your mind. Imaginary ALS and MS are the most popular today and they almost become a fashion among anxiety sufferers. It's because we hear so much about them. Now the worse possible thing you can do is to Google symptoms. Self diagnosis in anxiety, especially health anxiety, which you have, is very dangerous and can worsen the fears. You seem to have been checked out enough times and you MUST believe the medics. They know what they are doing and mistakes are very rare. You are focusing all your attention on how you feel. Now I am not minimising how those awful feelings are, I do know, but can you accept them for the moment knowing they will pass? The more you allow them entry into your mind the more they will bother you. Can you see how worry and fear cause anxiety in the first place, and how worry and fear allow it to continue? It's a self perpetuating cycle. Fear/anxiety/symptoms/fear……..! It can and so often does become a habit which is difficult to break. You can do all sorts of things to help, but in my view, and it is a personal one because it helped me, ACCEPTANCE is the best way. It doesn't work at once but takes time. By accepting and not adding fear to fear the symptoms gradually die down. It sounds as if your childhood was full of apprehension and the fear of what others might think of you. This self consciousness goes with anxiety. Is there any reason for the this feeling from years ago? If you can find the cause it can help. Good counselling would also help, if you can get it and afford it. Mild medication and talking out your feelings can help so much. Take care. Good to have you here and come back whenever you want to unload. We are all here and all know how you feel.
  14. Agreed Jonathan. This site feels very cozy and comfy - it's like a bunch of friendly strangers hanging out near a comfy fireplace during a chilly night. The interactions feel a little more personal here than that of bigger (but still useful) sites like NMP, Hi. BP. Oh yes, what a lovely thought.. It about sums it up. Feeling comfortable and able to trust that what you say will be taken seriously is so important. Thanks for that.
  15. My goodness. It's often as difficult for our close ones as it is for us. Some just can't cope, some can and do. We must never blame them or feel angry. They can no more help it than can we. When we get well a whole different perspective opens up. What sometimes seems a disaster can turn into a blessing. "The dark cloud that breaks with blessings on my head". Although it's so difficult to see at the time. And Nat. Of course we don't come over harsh or lack understanding. We all know what it's like even though everyone copes in a different way. The beauty of this site is just that. So many other anxiety sites lack the vital ingredient that makes them tick. Empathy! It's here in abundance and I always feel privileged to be able to talk to folk on here.
  16. I wasn't aware that I said 'he was not good enough for you'. I never apportion blame. If what I said came over like that then it was not intentional. We have to look at both sides of the problem. I said perhaps he could not cope with mental illness, and so many can't. Women are so often more capable of helping in those circumstances than men. They are more compassionate and understanding. What I was saying is that there is an untouchable YOU buried deep down that is immune to fear. Anxiety is like a fog being over everything so that we can't see what's around us. When the fog clears the world becomes bright again. The 'fog' is our belief system, our thinking and our lifestyle, all of which can tend toward fear and anxiety. We need to ask ourselves what we are afraid of. It's really about hope, but once we lose hope we enter into despair which is not good in anxiety. No matter how bad the situation may seem there is always hope. So many do recover but, unfortunately, don't come back on here and tell us so. We could do with as many good recovery stories as we can get if only to encourage those who are still unwell.
  17. I just feel really hurt that he went through the worst of it with me then decided he couldnt hang on a little longer to see if I could get myself back again. I have just read that again and you have it!! Get YOURSELF back again!!! It's amazing sometimes how we come out with a truth without realising it. Yes, yourself is YOU and YOU will come back.
  18. Hi. BP. You will feel disappointed because, as you say, he stood by you in the beginning but now is withdrawing his caring. Unconditional Love, which we all seek, cares not a damn about how you look or how you behave. You could paint yourself red all over and stand on your head but YOU would still be YOU. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can hinder or harm the real YOU. OK? It's buried deep within you, but anxiety and fear have, temporally, taken its place. But THEY are not permanent. YOU are!! Try not to make decisions at the moment about your relationships or your life. Leave all that for later, but concentrate on getting well. Events have a habit of resolving themselves given time. But be patient, well as patient as you can be! Us sufferers tend to see the world as black and white. Our lives lack colour. But gradually the darkness fades and light returns and the colours become bright again. Honest; it does happen. Perhaps the guy you are with finds it difficult to cope with an anxiety condition. So many can face physical disability but when it comes to a mental problem they shy away. It's not their fault but the fault of the sort of society in which we live. No education about mental illness and, until recently, no real awareness of the pain it can bring. But take heart. All is not lost. When you get well the world will seem a different place. Blessings.
  19. It often happens that one eye is weaker than the other, just as is the right side of the body slightly larger than the left, (arms legs), if you are right handed. Opticians allow for all that in the eye test. Have you been to an optician? Now DON'T GOOGLE. OK?? You will find all sorts of complaints if you do and will frighten yourself and make the anxiety worse. Have an eye check and see what they say. One thing for sure is that most of us get this. Very few people have 20/20 vision.
  20. Nutmeg. WOW!! 60% of the time is good!!! . Honest. In the early stages it will come and go and often will seem to be worse, but if you continue to just let it come no matter how painful without adding 'second fear'! you will succeed.That's when the 'What Ifs' and the 'OMG's' begin. If you have a panic attack let it all come. Allow the feelings to sweep over you but don't panic because you panic. I know only too well what a tall order this is but with practise it can be done. Right now writing this out, I see maybe I shouldnt be so hard on myself, afterall i have had this anxiety for years and I can’t get better over night. When I do have moments were the anxiety wins I feel hopeless though. Yes, you see, you can reason. You are NOT going crazy if that's on your mind. Forget it!!! It's' a good example of 'second fear'. You are being hard on yourself because YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS. You can't see it, but I can by the tone of your posts. Never feel hopeless. There is no such person who can't manage their anxiety given the will, and no matter how long they have suffered. And above all, no self pity. 'Poor me in this state'. And despair can drag you down. It's a waste of valuable energy and gets you nowhere. If you think I am talking theory, well, think again. I suffered just like you for many years and still have times when I wonder if 'IT' is coming back. But I allow the feelings to wash over me and I get on with what I'm doing. I don't add 'second fear'. Keep at it and you will succeed. I mean that. Given the will and perseverance you can't help winning, even in spite of that little voice that tells you over and over that you will never recover. Let it rattle on with it's meaningless chatter. It's not YOU talking, not at all. The real YOU is buried deep and is overcome, temporarily, by anxiety. But it's still there and can NEVER be removed no matter what. Blessings.
  21. Hi. Lior. Welcome to AC. . An interesting post. When we sleep we may think our minds rest. They don't! The unconscious takes over hence dreams. The unconscious tells us a lot in dreams about ourselves, but most people say 'oh well, it's only a dream'. It's never 'only a dream'. It sounds to me that you have a very active mind and have pushed a lot of unwanted thoughts into you unconscious. You have control over thoughts while you are conscious, but not when asleep. Things may often seem 'weird' and you may be disorientated, confused. The problem is also the next day, my head hurts and feels heavy, and my body just feels completely drenched of energy, as if I was really fighting something and using up all of my energy. It takes me a good part of the day to recover and feel somewhat normal again. There is no doubt that in your sleep you are fighting something. Yourself! The unconscious often tries to put things right in anxiety. You can wake up feeling refreshed after a night's sleep. yes, even in anxiety. But there is a fight going on in your mind of which you may not be aware because you are unconscious, asleep. Fighting of any sort will drain energy and you will feel physically tired in the morning. You have created a battleground in your mind and the battle continues at night, but unconsciously. Even the physical symptoms you have are all about you fighting yourself, which is you trying to put things right by punishing yourself. Most of all I would just like to know if someone out there has experienced or has heard of this. Yes, when counselling I heard it often, and it's just another of anxiety's many little tricks and diversions. Don't be bluffed by feelings and emotions. As your anxiety dies down, and it will, so will these symptoms subside. But you have to try and come to terms with it and realise this is all a perfectly natural experience you are going through. If all your tests have come out normal then you must believe the medics and try to ACCEPT the feelings, the tiredness and the emotions. Don't fight or struggle with them, as you do in your sleep. Take them all as they come and stop frightening yourself. I know how difficult that can be, believe me! To me it's the only way to calm yourself. It takes time. Everything in managing anxiety takes time, but it can be done given the will. Best wishes and come back whenever you want. We are here!!!
  22. Hi Nutmeg. Well, by the sound of your post it seems to me you are going to get there. Where you want to be without anxiety. Honest! . And when I do feel something wrong i just let it happen THAT'S IT!!!! Now if you can stick with that short sentence then there is no doubt you will be on your way. Give up any throughs of fighting or struggling with 'IT'. Calm acceptance is the key. Yes indeed 'just let it happen'. So many can't see that by getting in a tiz over how they feel they simply perpetuate the anxiety. It's like trying to put out a fire with petrol, it just makes it worse. I have feeling from your post that you are beginning to understand, but try not to dwell on the past and what illnesses others had. They are not you and there's no reason why you should get anything someone else in the family had. Let it all come, but see it for what it is. A tired mind in, probably, a tired body. Yes, it will take time as your doctor said, but given the will you will get there. And thank you for replying. Anytime you want to unload we are here. That's what it's all about. Very best wishes.
  23. Oh come on Nutmeg, you know better than that!! These long medical words again! You really must stop Googling. It's not only misleading but dangerous in HA to self diagnose. Oh yes, I do know. Been there, done that!!! It's exasperating and tiring to be wondering all the time. Apprehension goes with fear which goes with anxiety. To anticipate problems all the time can wear you out, not just mentally but physically. I’m afraid of dying but I’m also afraid of help? What is wrong with me? Simple! You have health anxiety. If you had the flu or some such thing you would expect certain symptoms, so with HA you get the symptoms of HA! I have said before, your body is behaving in the only way possible when attacked by fear and anxiety. The two are synonymous. One can't exist without the other. Once the mind senses danger, and you sense danger all the time, the brain is prompted to send a message to the adrenal glands which then secrete the hormone adrenaline into your body. The result? Fight or flight!! Now this is perfectly normal but, unfortunately, while caveman could fight or run, we can't, so the energy turns inward and cause all the symptoms of fear and anxiety. Caveman would have been a fool to fight with a Sabre Toothed Tiger so he ran like hell. He dissipated the energy in his haste to get away. Once the danger had passed he went about his business as animals do. But we sufferers hang on to the fear and feelings. They frighten us which creates more fear and so perpetuates anxiety. The old vicious circle of fear/adrenaline/symptoms/fear! Now take it easy. You know the answer. Stop flogging yourself and creating a battle ground in your mind. ACCEPT it all no matter how bad you feel. You are being bluffed by feelings that have no credence whatsoever. They are painful but meaningless. They are you know. Mr. Anxiety is good at this. He piles one fear on another knowing it will cause more problems. Don't let him keep fooling you! Deep down in you is the voice that says it's all OK. But lifting that voice up and living it is very difficult, but can be done if you stop fighting yourself.
  24. Hi and welcome to AC. No, of course you have a right to be upset. It's often painful to hear someone we love say things that upset us. But we have to forgive them. If you have not experienced anxiety you will never know the agony it can cause. At the same time it's very difficult to live with a person with anxiety and patience often wears thin. To a certain extent you have to harden yourself against remarks that may upset you. Not become hard, heaven forbid, but try and take it as it comes and remember that they speak from ignorance. The sad part with most relatives and friends is that they never want to seem to learn about anxiety. I have asked many times if a partner would come on here and have a `read so they understand what its about, but no, it doesn't happen often. You will be OK so take it easy. Everything passes and so will this. Come back whenever you want.
  25. Yes Mark. This raises the old question of how much we do take in. Anxiety can be so overwhelming that it eclipses any other feelings. We can read and listen and talk and talk, but unless we actually practise what we are told it's all useless information. One thing that I found comes up often is domestic problems. So many have anxiety caused by domestic issues. Living with an abusive partner or having to care for someone close who is sick. Losing a loved one or a separation can cause anxiety because the future is so uncertain, and the feeling of loss is traumatic. Whatever the cause the basic idea of acceptance still prevails.