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  1. Hi. Chronis. Welcome to AC. . Depersonalisation is very common in anxiety The feeling often manifests as if you are outside yourself looking in. Or a detachment from what's going on around you as in a dream It sounds as if you have had medical advice, if not do so. But this symptom is one of the most difficult to cope with. It frightens you into believing you are going crazy. YOU ARE NOT OK? But it's because it frightens you that it goes on. Do you see that? Being frightened is being fearful which triggers more adrenaline and so more symptoms. The real answer is to accept how you feel without adding 'second fear'. All the OMG's and' What if's'. I suffered with this for some time. It's all about being self centred; turning in on yourself until your life becomes one long question mark. This is not being selfish but being subject to emotions over which we have little control. So if we can't totally control them let them be. They feed on your emotional responses, especially if you fight and struggle with 'IT'. You won't win that battle! Let it all be. Accept, for the moment, that it's how you are. Let it happen, but see it for what it is, the reaction of a tired mind. Take care and good to have you on board.
  2. I wonder why we find the power of the mind so difficult to understand? We watch a jet aircraft weighing 50 odd tones taking off and we take it for granted. But every aspect of that aircraft was the product of someone's mind, from the Wright Brothers upwards. Conjuring up a symptom of an illness is child's play in comparison. Suggestions become ideas which manifest in some way. If I describe to a person with HA the symptoms of Mississippi Lurgy, (no such thing by the way!), then he will run with my suggestion until it becomes an idea in his mind, which will then manifest as a symptom of Mississippi Lurgy. Had he not heard of such a disease then he wouldn't have the symptoms. If he had heard about it but not the symptoms he would look it up, and we are off!!. Ideas are planted in our minds and they grow. We are so vulnerable to suggestion with HA. That' why Dr. Google is so dangerous.
  3. Oh Dearie me. I wish we could all study and understand the unconscious mind over which we have little or no control. And what has hitting out in sleep or any of the other things motioned got to do with dementia?. These are not dementia symptoms. Dreams are there for a purpose. The unconscious is trying to tell you something about your life in the only way it knows how, by symbols. Who are you 'punching' in your dream? Why are you punching? What is punching and what does it mean? These questions need answering. Dream analysis is a complicated subject and should be treated with caution by a layman. Dream books are useless, because dreams are very individual. 'It's only a dream!. Only? It's never that and we ignore the dream often to our detriment. Both Freud and Jung felt dreams to be very important because, locked away in the unconscious, from where dreams emanate, are answers to our problems. When we are being shown we should not ignore it. Movements in dreams are reflex actions from the brain responding to nervous stimuli emanating from the unconscious. Nothing to be alarmed about.
  4. I agree with Jae. Anxiety is not necessarily harmful in the sense that it can be protective. To think anxiety is always negative is wrong. It can often protect us from harm. Thank God, in the UK we only get hornets and wasps that sting but are very rarely fatal. Only if there's an allergy can they be dangerous. I understand in Australia they have venomous snakes and things like spiders whose bite can be dangerous. Snakes? Yes, there are adders about in the summer, but are very shy and keep well away from humans. It's very rare for someone to get bitten by one. Good luck.
  5. I can't do half of these things so I must be ill. Thanks. .
  6. I also welcome you to AC. . I have said on many occasions, anxiety can affect any part of the body and often create imaginary symptoms that are in your mind. They have to be in your mind because how else could you think about them? If you had never heard of MS would you worry about it? If I told you that all your symptoms are of Mongolian Swamp Fever how would you react? Look up Google? (Don't bother, it's not there. ). The body is a mass of nerve endings. It has to be to protect us from danger. Touching something hot and instantly withdrawing is a good example. In anxiety the nerves are stressed and so shocked and throw up all sorts of feelings. But that's just what they are, feelings and feelings never killed anyone, although it makes their life miserable. You have been checked out. BELIEVE THEM. Five years medical school, two years internship and probably years of experience gives them the right to be respected. The more we focus on symptoms the more entrenched they become. We go round in circles like a dog chasing its tail. Distractions help, but in the long term we need accept how we feel without adding fear to fear.
  7. Why not Google? Its harmless enough and we don't have to believe what we read. NO?? The big problem, whether we like it or not, is that in HA we are very vulnerable to suggestion. It's often as if a little child could lead us. When we read something that may trigger a past memory that we think we have forgotten, then that trigger can cause real emotional problems. We read about some disease we think we may have. The feelings suddenly arise. 'What if'. Then you remember when you were a kid uncle Fred died of that. The memories then come about other such incidents and so begins the vicious circle. Fear/HA/ Stress/More fear. Suggestions will arise in everyday life, of course they will, but why make it worse by looking at Google. I often wonder if some of us are masochists, we want to suffer. Medical students can benefit greatly from Google, but for the layman with no knowledge of medicine it can be a disaster. Any symptom is a manifestation of an inner problem. So it is with anxiety.
  8. Hi ZELDA. Never heard of anyone going crazy or losing it in anxiety, and I have considerable experience. You may think you are but thinking is not knowing. I always feel that anxiety should not be categorised as a 'mental' illness, although it is in the mind. Unlike many serious mental illnesses it is curable given the right treatment and a willingness to get well. Anxiety can become a habit like everything else. I did think at first I was going crazy, but my dear old counsellor soon put that right. In anxiety we are like a mouse in a maze. Looking for a way out but not always finding it. This leads to frustration. Take it easy. YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY. OK? Got it?
  9. Having read all the posts I ask myself the question. 'Why don't we trust our doctors'? It all comes down to that. I am old enough to remember pre computer days. You went to the docs; he/she told you the problem and if anything needed attention. You walked away with a prescription or a referral. No where else was there to go. The doctors were not under so much pressure as they are now, and it's my view that Google sites are a lot to blame by putting the frighteners on people so they rush to the doctors with a twinge or twitch. I suggest alcohol has no power and Nicotine has no power is you don't use or abuse them. Nothing can have any power over us until we give it. But that applies to those who can be rational. In HA who is rational? Drugs, prescribed or otherwise, give relief just as does Googling for some. They rely on it when they should rely on their medics. It's still a fact, at least to me because I have seen it, Googling can become additive and that is serious because it reinforces anxiety
  10. Googling can become an addiction. Now that's a fact and I have seen it happen often. Addicts are drawn to it like a magnet. They wont hardly move without consulting Dr. Google, and that's why it's so important to catch it before it gets a hold. Health anxiety sufferers are looking for reassurance, and they hope to find it on Google. But advice on Google is not necessarily good advice, no matter how many medical qualifications they have. You are you, and only a physical examination by a doctor in your local surgery will tell if anything is wrong. Now as bin-tenn says, having a legitimate reason for Googling is ok. Like looking up dosages for medication. But if you begin to get into the realm of side effects and possible other causes then you are in trouble. In general we have always said on this site, don't Google. Yes, to a certain extent we are able to make choices. But our choices are always governed by what we know, our feelings and emotions.
  11. Yes it can! Hi. Monte, welcome to AC. . Changing prescription doses and switching brands can certainly cause anxiety. The mistake most of us make is that we don't give it time. Antidepressants, as you know, take time to 'click in'. Some as long as six weeks, but it does depend on the individual. But of course, as with all things in anxiety, it may be all in your mind. You may have felt an unconscious fear about changing meds, or the strength of meds which 'triggers' more anxiety. The best thing to do is be guided by your doctor. He knows you and what may be best for you. But always bear in mind that our anxiety can play some awful tricks. We begin to believe lies about ourselves. Anxiety is a negative reaction to circumstances. For an effect there must be a cause. Can you just go along with it for the moment? Accept what happens as normal in the circumstances of anxiety. No fighting or struggling with 'IT'. Your first sentence in your post says it all. 'struggling with anxiety'. Has ten years of struggling helped? Time to try another way? Give up the struggle. Give in to it. (NOT give up, that's different). Go with the flow, bend with the wind. It sounds as if you are anticipating problems. So now part of me thinks "yes the generic is causing this relapse" and part of me thinks "actually sertraline stopped working for you". It's the old 'what ifs' and OMG's that cause the problem, not the problem itself. People waiting for test results get this way. But would the results be any different with or without that awful apprehension? I just want it to be because of these changes, I just want these changes to work. This increase in agitation can be because of the changes, right? You are in inner conflict, which always occurs with anxiety; or more likely causes anxiety. This constant 'will I, won't I' tears you apart. Take it easy, well, as easy as you can. Difficult? I'll say, but perseverance with acceptance does work.
  12. Hi Grace. It's a strange old business anxiety. It often happens that when we begin to feel better we question it. 'This is not me, I feel too good'!!! Feeling fearful all the time can become a habit. The slightest twinge brings back so many memories of past happenings. Our emotions 'trigger' us into false beliefs. Accepting that we feel better is necessary, but do it with no strings attached. Stop testing yourself to see if you are still in one piece. .
  13. We don't have the problem in the UK about doctors bringing in dollars. But the GP 'filters' your symptoms to see it it's worth referring you on. If not then don't worry. As Bobnat rightly says, they have considerable. experience and, although not infallible, they do get it right most of the time. But then, that's life. Nothing can be 100% certain. And this is the problem with HA. We read about someone dying of this and that and we are sure we have it. All the reassurance from doctors often fails to convince us. If something goes wrong it's headline news, but if not, well, the old journalist's saying come to mind. 'Good news is not news'. Thousands of operations are done every day, but no one says 'well done'. But if something goes wrong all hell is let loose.
  14. I like that Bobnat. Spirits being whiskey, rum or vodka!!!. I am very susceptible to atmospheres, and so may a lot of us be without recognising it. Some buildings I just don't want to got to, and also some houses. I find churches good places to be, but even there there can be 'vibes' I'm not happy with. We are a very complex lot!!. If anyone feels that way get out. But it's not easy is it? The mortgage has to be paid, food got and to give up a job because of bad feelings may not be good. But the longer we stay in an atmosphere with our sensitivity, (and most anxious people are sensitive), then it can do lasting harm
  15. If it was an embolism you would not be posting on here, no way. The blood circulates pretty fast and anything untoward would have shown by now. It's all about Mr. Anxiety's smoke and mirrors. Bluff and counter bluff. Every little twinge or thought is so exaggerated in HA. Let it go. But if it continues to bug you then get some reassurance. They are used to people being worried in this way.