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  1. jonathan123

    Bulbar Onset ALS Fear, I’m Terrified :(

    Hi Nik. No, you are NOT dying. Not by any means. Now listen! The throat in anxiety often is affected and can lead to you being almost speechless, but it IS anxiety. Muscles tense up and you can have a choking feeling; the inability to swallow and many other symptoms, but it's all down to our anxiety. If it worries you go and see your doctor, but in the absence of any other symptoms they will reassure you. I am still surprised how many of us fall for Mr. Anxiety's tricks. If you look up, on the site, the 100 symptoms of anxiety you will find them all there. That list is not exhaustive. There are many more symptoms not listed. Mr. Anxiety is the biggest deceptionist going and one of the world's best illusionists. Making railway trains disappear is child's play, just as is making you believe something that is not true. He plays on fear. Now that is important to remember. FEAR is always at the root of any form of anxiety. Fear causes adrenaline to flow into your body to prepare you for fight or flight. The consequences are only too obvious. It increases the anxiety!!! I’m absolutely terrified right now. Terrified!!!! That means being fearful, full of fear. Can you see how you are doing this to yourself by believing lies about yourself? Your mum, dad and boyfriend will say that just as all those who have not experienced anxiety will say. They have not experienced it so don't understand. It's not their fault. You may have reacted in the same way before you had anxiety. 'Snap out of it', 'pull yourself together', stop being so childish'. Oh yes, I have heard them all, and they all stem from ignorance. The only sin they commit is not to TRY and understand, but even that stems from fear on their part. They are dealing with the unknown and that always frightens people. A physical symptom is easy to understand, a mental one not so. You will be fine if you just let it happen without getting up tight about it. Not by any means easy, but true ACCEPTANCE does work if you persist. OK, so you can't talk properly, then don't try. Your throat may feel tight and you may feel you are suffocating. Let it come. Don't fight and struggle with 'IT'. 'IT' is out to put the frighteners on you. Don't let it.
  2. jonathan123

    Obsession with daughters health

    Hi. RebeccaB. Welcome to AC. . This is all a combination of fear and guilt. Fear that your daughter may be unwell, and guilt that you may not be helping enough. its making me nutty and frankly, angry and resentful that I worry so much That's OK. It's a normal reaction to the anxiety you are suffering from. We get fed up with ourselves and angry that we no longer seem to have any control over our thoughts. As adults we think we should, so we begin to feel useless in the face of fear. Have you taken your daughter to the doctors. I see you have so how did the examination go? You need reassurance that nothing is wrong. Children suffer all sorts of aches and pains and it's mainly due to knocking themselves about when they play. I would not put any undue thought to it Googling when you have HA is an awful mistake. We are not doctors so all we do is frighten ourselves, and more fear is the last thing you want. But am still fearful that my feeling is a premonition and cancer is headed our way because she is too special for this life. Premonitions that come true are very rare indeed. Your imagination caused by your anxiety is running riot. You are still fearful! Can you see what is happening? Being fearful means that you are feeding fear with fear. Fear-ful means full of fear! You are already in a state and worrying makes it worse. If I say your imaginings are ill founded it won't make much difference because the feelings are so strong they blot out reason. Do you feel you are running away from the feelings and emotions? Or trying to because they will always catch up with you. Now what I'm going to say may seem too simple but, given time, it works wonders. Try and face your fears. Don't push them aside hoping they will go away in time. Once faced ACCEPT them for what they are. Fears in a tired mind. Go with the flow; bend with the wind and stop trying to fight or struggling with the thoughts. This takes patience and perseverance, and nothing may happen all at once. Get as much reassurance as you can but only from professionals. And try and stop the guilt. You are a caring mum, and I am sure you are loved and appreciated, but the problem with health anxiety is that it leaves you so open to suggestion. Try not to watch any films with a medical content and, above all, STOP GOOGLING. OK?
  3. jonathan123

    Headache and Dizziness

    I’m stumped. Hi. Kindra. No need to be stumped because the reasons are so common in anxiety. Headaches and wooziness are so common that almost everyone gets them at some time. It's all about the nerves in the neck and tension or stress. In anxiety muscles tend to cramp up, and looking for causes is not very helpful. In fact, the more you try and find out the more tension you create. It's like looking at Google, you just frighten yourself. 'THE TIGHT 'BAND ROUND THE HEAD' is another common symptom. You could be declared 100 percent fit physically, but still have physical symptoms from anxiety. As for exercise, walking etc. Fine! But anxiety is a disorder of the mind. That's why so many non sufferers get annoyed with us because they can't see anything physically wrong, and there isn't. There is no pat answer to causes. People vary so much in how anxiety affects them. Comparing yourself with others is not a good idea in HA because you can so easily pick up the negative aspects of what is, a very personal thing. There are common symptoms of course, and a diagnosis of anxiety can be made from them. But, as I said, they do vary from person to person. I’m tired of waking up to this everyday 🙁 And every time you wake up with that thought that it will be a bad day you lay the foundation for a bad day. Now I'm not suggesting you leap out of bed and sing like a lark. No way can you do that. But you can think differently. "Oh well, today may not be so good, but I know that if I accept the feelings without fighting and struggling they will gradually go. There's nothing physically wrong, that I know". Any sign of danger, wrong thinking, wrong actions will cause your body to go into the fight/flight mode as it did with our anxient ancestors. but there is no Sabre Toothed Tiger out there or a big hairy Mammoth, just life and the fears that living bring about. Fear is a wonderful ally because it keeps us from danger, but it can be the real enemy when allowed to run riot in your mind. Take care and remember, ACCEPT the feelings. Face them and try not to run away from them. Best wishes.
  4. jonathan123

    I just felt something

    Now Nutmeg! You know what it is. It's a panic attack and you are making it worse because you panic because you panic. Take it easy. Slow deep breaths and stop struggling with IT! ALL the symptoms you describe are typical of anxiety. Are you on any medication? If so it's OK to take an extra dose in bad times. I am talking about Benzodiazepine. For some reason you have become sensitised again. Don't go looking for reasons why, just accept, for the moment, that you are feeling bad and know it will eventually pass. But don't anticipate. Waiting for an anxiety attack to go and getting impatient because it doesn't only fuels the anxiety more. Panic does not bring on a heart attack!! You could go to A&E (ER), but only to be told you are OK. If you want reassurance then do that, but so many times it turns out to be pure panic. I feel like I can’t catch my breath. I’m shivering. Body is twitching. I’m having trouble formulating words. If it weren’t for the automatic word thing I think my words would be gibberish. Yeah!! But you are on here and I very much doubt your words would be gibberish just misspelled. All absolutely classic panic attack symptoms. They can be so frightening, and you think you are going crazy, but you are not and never will. If only we could see that by feeling as we do and making the thoughts and feelings into something big, we add fear to fear. It's like trying to put out fire with petrol!!!!!
  5. jonathan123

    Anyone take benzodiazepines?

    If you believe everything you read on a website you are in trouble. Professor Ashton, an expert on the subject, says there are not any harmful effects. I would rather be guided by her than a Google write up. Get the manual I suggested. It's free to download and is a mine of good information.
  6. Does anyone else suffer with physical symptoms like this? The short answer to that Beckii is a most emphatic YES. We all do or have at one time or another. That's what this site is about. Anxiety plays so many tricks and we are confused, bluffed and tricked into the belief we have something seriously wrong. It's all smoke and mirrors and has no reality except what we give it. If your doctors have done all the tests and can find nothing then rest assured it is anxiety. Sweats and all the other symptoms you describe are so typical of anxiety. Now why can't you believe it's anxiety? Because worrying about any little symptom has become your habit. You are anxious and keyed up all the time so any little 'trigger' will set you going. You are sensitised! Now I know you can't ignore the symptoms, they are far to strong for that, but you should give up any fighting or struggling with them. See them for what they are. Thoughts in a tired and sensitised mind. TRY and accept how you feel without making a big issue of it. You are constantly on edge because you are anticipating trouble all the time, and that feeds the fear that is always associated with anxiety. Try and accept how you feel for the moment. When you feel panic or anxiety let it come, don't try and force it away which is the natural thing to want to do. Look at the thoughts, ask them what they have to teach you, because anxiety can be a teaching experience. A 'breakdown, can be converted to a 'breakthrough' if treated the right way. It always passes if seen for what it is. Best wishes.
  7. jonathan123

    Anyone take benzodiazepines?

    There is no evidence that the long term use of benzos can have any effect on your health. The medical opinion seems to have changed lately because I hear of many people on them for some time, years in fact. If you really want to withdraw, and your doctor says it's OK then look up 'THE PROFESSOR ASHTON MANUAL' on the web. She made a study of drugs of that sort and was well informed about withdrawal. She gives a table of how to slowly withdraw. But no one should be forced off benzos against their will. It needs careful consideration in consultation with your GP before you do. But don't worry. I have not heard of any ill effects from taking them. They are addictive, and that's a fact, but there are times when they are very necessary. I repeat, don't try to do it alone. Advice is needed at this time. But the lower the dose you are on the easier it will be to come off. if you want to.
  8. jonathan123

    Slur, loose and mis-say words anyone?

    It still amazes me that sufferers can't seem to grasp the fact that ANXIETY CAN AFFECT ANY PART OF THE BODY!!!!! Any part!!!!!! The throat can also be affected and so speech is troublesome. Losing track of what one was going to say is also common. You see, with health anxiety we tend to turn in ourselves and give rein to negative thoughts, so that any little variation can 'trigger' us off on a panic/anxiety cycle. We can become obsessed with way of thinking because we cannot see, or don't believe, anxiety can be responsible. But it is!!! Once checked out by the medics leave it alone. You will still feel symptoms of some sort but don't try and ignore them or fight to get rid of them See them for what they are, unwanted thoughts and accept them as such. Not easy, nothing is easy in anxiety, but it can be done given the will. You may say 'now that's the trouble, I have no willpower'. Yes you have, but it lies beneath the surface waiting for you to give it strength. There is no such person that can't be helped given the will and determination. No one!!!
  9. You have to be careful with dreams, and a dream should be analysed by someone conversant with that kind of therapy. ANYTHING you dream about is a symbol. It IS NOT reality. Dreams that you remember are from the unconscious, and unless they are precognitive dreams, events from the future, (very rare), then the symbols have to be recognised as in the present. It's impossible to go into dream analysis here, it's too complex, but it's safe to say that your unconscious is trying to tell you something in the only language it knows, symbols! Dreaming about cancer DOES NOT mean you a going to get it or anything like it. Dreaming about death does NOT mean you are going to die, more likely the ending of something in your life that you don't want and are being told to be rid of. Sexual dreams are rarely about sex but symbolise the joining or coming together of something that needs to be looked at. Perhaps some relationship that is not right. Look at the symbol of cancer. It is rogue cells that invade the body and destroy the good cells. So it's safe to say that there is disorder in your life. Of course there is if you have anxiety! The dream would not be specific about what type of disease you would have because a symbol is rarely specific in dreams. Also it could mean something is 'eating at you'. Bear in mind I'm talking about psychology here and not pathology. The problem lies in the mind not the body. I suggest you look at your lifestyle and how you behave at work or even at home. People may say 'this thing is eating at me'. (Metaphors are important in dreams). Some problem is causing the anguish. Once you find the cause the effect goes. Dream analysis should only take place in a therapy environment because one person's dream, although similar, could mean something entirely different to you. So take it easy and look carefully at any more dreams and think about what they are trying to tell you.
  10. jonathan123

    My Latest God Awful Episode of HA

    This all goes to show how important it is NOT TO GOOGLE. It puts the frighteners on you and that's all you need when you have HA. My doctor recently asked if I Google. I said emphatically not. She said good, because she was fed up with people who had Googled their symptoms and had diagnosed themselves before they got to the doctors!! They told her what was wrong with them!! She felt it should be banned because it frightens so many people. We must leave the diagnosis to the people who have been trained and can diagnose. And believe them when they say we are OK. No second guessing. Google makes its money from adverts, and you will always find some remedy they suggest or some clinic you should go to. When you are desperate, and most HA sufferers get to that stage, you will go anywhere and do anything to get reassurance. There are so many charlatans that play on that fact and know just what to say. Ignore them. Take note only of what your medical advisors tell you.
  11. Hi CW. So often the eyes are affected by anxiety. The eyes contain many of small muscles that help us see and be aware of what's going on around us. Anxiety will affect those muscles to a great extent. Many don't have a problems with this, but if you look at 'the 100 ways that anxiety can affect you' you will find it's very common. Flashes, distorted vision, aching eyes, squiggly lines in front of the eye, a kind of darkness or mistiness, all classic symptoms of anxiety and often in one eye only. But if it worries you see your GP or an optician. You will sure get reassurance. I have, over the years, had the lot so I do speak from experience. I still get occasional problems with eyes but they no longer frighten me so they go quicky. You will be fine, but do get some reassurance. And STOP GOOGLING. A very big no no in anxiety. You will only frighten yourself and thus increase the fear which always makes matters worse. OK?
  12. jonathan123

    Please please help

    Of course you can puit me in your pocket along with all the other wise ones on the site. The big and most important thing about all this is that everyone here knows just how you feel. You need never feel alone. I have had so many helpful and understanding folk on here and I would not want to be without them. Good luck and take care.
  13. jonathan123

    Please please help

    You will come out of it if you stop trying so hard to come out. You create tension by expecting more problems, especially panic. Your panic mechanism is well oiled and the least thing will set it off. LET IT!!! Now that may sound odd, but it's the tension caused by anticipation that perpetuates the anxiety. If you can let the feelings come without adding fear to them then gradually they will no longer matter. This is not easy, and I do know, but accepting rather than fighting or struggling with IT is far better than being afraid. Give up the struggle. Stop trying to fight your way out by turning your mind into a battleground.
  14. jonathan123

    Please please help

    Well, there is an answer and it's fairly simple. When we get anxious the muscles in the body tighten. (Back to the old fear thing and ready for flight/fight!!). This varies from person to person and is always involuntary You have no control over it. It's nothing to worry about and having a panic attack just makes it worse. When the muscles in the scalp tense up they can cause the typical anxiety symptom of a tight band round the head. Often there is a sudden release of that tension and that's when you get the 'zap' effect. It can vary between a little spasm or a big thump. It's not at all uncommon in anxiety. There's nothing wrong other than the anxiety. OK??
  15. Hi. CW. Yes and all of them could be symptoms of nothing or everything. One sure way of finding out is to get medical advice. Once told you are OK, BELIEVE THEM. Now there's the problem with HA. We tend to second guess those who are trained and know what they are about. It's sad really that so many sufferers suffer more because of doubt. Once the mind focuses on a particular problem it's difficult to get it off it. Distraction helps but you have to come back again to your thoughts and reality. Let the ideas and feelings come, but see them for what they are, only thoughts in a tired mind which never killed anyone.