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  1. Thanks @Mollyfin, we do feel alone when we are stuck I guess, it's not nice being in this mindset. Thank you
  2. Many thanks to you @Holls. I have a good dr he is a good listener and does understand. My dr and dentist said nothing concerning with my mouth but maybe something that will or has always been there just not visible, as we get older things change in our bodies I guess. I am waiting for my pshyc appointment which isn't until November as my Dr has tried many neds and he feels now that because none of them have worked for me he needs someone else's professional opinion on board with us. I hate feeling this way, I hate not having faith in the medical professions, I hate questioning them. Years ago I would have walked away and not given something another thought. Thank you for your tips
  3. Hi I wonder when anyone gets something to worry about then get told they are okay do you feel okay for a bit then start worrying again. I have anxiety about the mouth at the moment. Had it a little while back and told I was okay but then after a while I start worrying again. I immediately want to check and check and check and it is exhausting. Then I want to get to a doctor as quickly as possible. I mean what else can they do if they told you you are okay. Just more tests which will increase the anxiety again. I am so fed up of this life and thinking that I have something terrible. What do I do when I am stuck in this mindset. I know the only thing that will calm me is a dr visit but that really isn't the answer if I want to get over this. I am in tears here fearing something is wrong.
  4. I had my back molar removed, I had a slight swelling of my face and slight bleed for around a day and a half. I was about a week and wouldn't have known I had anything done. Good luck.
  5. Thank you for your replies, no no chest sensations just feel a little crampy like I need to go and that nervous feeling. It is horrible when you don't know where it came from. Just out of the blue really.
  6. Hello I am here today as I don't know what is happening to me. The other day I had a bad tummy and really painful cramps. It eventually went off after a couple of days with visits to the toilet. I am still not right! I am now left with what seems to be an overwhelming sense of fear. I am having a nervous belly all day everyday, wake up with it feels like when you are going to an interview or a docs appointment and you get scared. It is like butterflies all day long and I am worried so much that this is a stomach disease or something or is this anxiety? Please help me if you can.
  7. Can anyone else offer any advice with this?
  8. Thanks Ms.Honey. I have had tonsil stones as well as this. I am hoping it is nothing bad but he did say he wasn't concerned but I am still very anxious. Hope your dentist app goes well.
  9. Thanks in advance
  10. Sallyhart


    Hello, thanks for having me join the community. I am very anxious today about my tonsils. I had white things coming out of them so went to GP who said he also saw white patches but in his opinion nothing bad. No action but to gargle with salt water. I thought well I will go have dentist take a look. They have this machine thing that they view which shines a blue light. Anyway I told him what the GP said and he said let's take a look. He did that with normal light then said he thought that it was all okay but just to back this up he said let's get the scope light thing and take a look. He had a good long look around and said nothing there that is concerning him and it could be that I have allergies or tonsil infection but definitely nothing cancerous. This light thing apparently shines blue to our eyes but when they look through it is green and if any pre cancerous or cancerous things going on then it sees them as black. Should I not be happy!! I am still worried sick. How many professionals do I need to put my mind at ease. Does anyone know how accurate these machines are? I believe that they are used for oral cancer screening and generally have one every year...this year I have had two now, one at my 6 monthly appointment and one today. Should I rest easy. My dentists are very qualified and all up on new technology etc etc...Sorry post is so long