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  1. I’m with bin, maybe seeing your primary about it at the most would help. Just seems to me like a pesky little bitch at this point LOL. They may have something stronger that they can prescribe to help slow it down once and for all.
  2. Personally, I’ve sometimes experienced allergy-like symptoms with anxiety, but it’s only when I haven’t drank enough water that day, or even when the temp changes. Just external factors causing it. But I’m sure you know it’s anxiety LOL. In terms of tense muscles and breaking that habit, I would say whenever you notice yourself getting tense, just relax yourself. The more you start to relax yourself in the times you notice yourself getting tense, the better your body will adjust to the fact there’s no reason to be so tense. I’ve done that several times before, and it’s helped. Never thought I’d be responding to your threads since you’re always responding to everyone else’s, but hey, there’s a first time for everything!
  3. Well after waking up once again in the middle of the night with a pulsing headache and vomiting, I finally decided enough was enough, so I went to my local urgent care today. Nurse practitioner believes it’s migraines and he prescribed me naproxen to take whenever the headache comes on in the future (if it does). Hopefully it works
  4. Glad to hear he’s doing better! I would think that if there isn’t any risk factors or any family history of blood clots, that’s less reason to worry about it then. The swelling there is probably just from bruising and the actual impact of twisting the ankle. I’m a sports junkie and hear about it a lot in the sports world.
  5. This is truly a pretty common thing Sally. I’ve been in that cycle before, it’s not fun.
  6. Good to note, I’ll keep that in the back in my mind.
  7. Well I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in this sense. I bought some Tylenol yesterday to use in case the migraine does come back today. Felt like I needed something stronger. (So far, it has not come back yet today) I have an appointment with my new primary doc August 12th, and hopefully he’ll have some answers for me then. But if this persists before that, might check in with my clinic in Tennessee again. Also, I think I’m due for an eye exam, and since this migraine is happening behind my eyelids, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get them checked
  8. Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting on the forums yesterday, I was planning on taking a break one of these days from the forums I’m on, but of course, life decided that was yesterday. I once again had another headache spell that caused vomiting throughout the day yesterday, and I really couldn’t do much but just try and sleep it off. Probably vomited a good 5-6 times yesterday because of how severe the headache was and how long it hung on My family and I are beginning to think that this is truly migraines and that I’m experiencing the true forms of migraines and that the headaches aren’t related to anything else. Can anyone else who’s experienced migraines relate to what I’m talking about? Any suggestions on what I can do to stop these?
  9. Had a feeling. I’ll just go along with that. Thanks!
  10. So this will just be a general question thread just to see if I can get some ideas (and yes, I know you guys aren’t medical professionals, but I know many of you have had EKG’s, so I wanted to see if we have any commodities). So when I went for my annual visit at the clinic I’m part of in Tennessee, they did an EKG. I never got a call back on the results of it (and I always assume no news is good news from them), but I noticed that my EKG report got posted on the online patient portal, so I got curious. When they first posted it, I briefly skimmed over it, but couldn’t really understand it because I didn’t know what some of the terms meant. I got a little more curious today to look into what it all meant, but wanted to deviate away from plugging in terms to Dr. Google, so hopefully you guys can help me in some way. I’ll refrain from posting the “interpretative statement” until you guys say it’s OK to do this, so please let me know if it is OK for me to post it! Thanks!
  11. Are you sure your nose isn't just cold? If you had any sort of cancer, you would have far different symptoms. A little thing like tingling wouldn't signal anything. Are you currently in therapy? Because if not, I strongly recommend it, because a therapist can help give you tactics to help cope with anxiety on a daily basis.
  12. Hello Help, welcome to the forum first of all. Happy to have you here. Here is what my advice would be to you. Don't compare yourself to stuff you read or see, because journalism and magazines like to highlight cases that are one in a million. They are very rare, and that's why they get the headlines. To address your lung cancer scare first of all, if you pay more attention to your breathing, it's going to become foreign to you. That's what I've noticed with me when I first started this anxiety spell. The more I paid attention to my breathing, the more irregular it would get. There isn't any reason for you to pay attention to it that frequently. As for your pancreatic cancer fear, you must learn to trust your test results. If they are normal, you are normal. Your chest pains can be caused by anxiety, and with the way it seems like anxiety has gotten a hold on you, you probably will experience these frequently. But to answer your question, no, you should not be going back to the doctor. Instead, you should be going some place where you can begin therapy and recovery from your anxiety
  13. I actually don't have any pets at all LOL. I'm with Bob too, aren't you afraid the snakes will get your kitties?
  14. I second this as well. When my anxiety first started, my left cheek (where the trigeminal nerve is) would go numb at certain points during the day, mostly when I got more anxious.
  15. I also agree that it was a panic attack wave that hit you. If you were having a medical episode involving your heart, there would be no doubt that you would need medical attention. My grandfather who suffered a heart attack was at work when he started experiencing severe chest pains. They knew immediately to take him to the hospital. No questions asked. The things that you felt can just be traced back to a panic attack, because I have felt the same things whenever a panic attack has hit me.
  16. I know I'm jumping in on this kind of late, but I know you'll do well Holls! Take care of this and you'll feel much better!!
  17. Thanks everyone for your responses! Y’all are the best! @Jae: My father has a bug guy that he brings out every now and then to spray around our house, he said he’s gonna call him again today to make sure he can come this week. Whenever the bugs start coming in again, that’s when we know to call him @bin_tenn: Very true, that is the best we can do. I personally have never encountered a snake, and I still don’t plan on it LOL. @jonathan123: I kind of had a feeling that this was truly anxious protectiveness. I’ll probably get over it sooner than later haha. Thank you!
  18. So I didn’t expect to get anxious tonight, but of course, that’s not the case. Living in Arizona, it’s kind of a given that we get bugs in our house all the time. Spiders, roaches, gnats, moths, you name it. Even baby scorpions have managed to come into our house. My family and I went to go see Toy Story 4 tonight (childhood fulfilled), and when we came home, there was a spider and a baby scorpion in our house (spider in the laundry room, baby scorpion in the hallway by our front door), and as you would assume, I was not pleased to see them LOL. I’ve always had this fear of bugs, I think most people do, but because of the creatures we get in our house, it frightens me a little bit more because of the severity of some of them. One of my biggest fears is being bitten by a spider or scorpion, and then facing serious consequences because of those bites. Especially the fear of them biting me while I’m asleep (somehow getting in my bed). Does anyone have any tips about this sort of thing? Because I’d appreciate it
  19. Well I gotta say, last night was a win-lose night... and it was weird. The win part: didn’t have night time incontinence for the first time in nine nights (Woohoo!). But part of that was because of..... The lose part: Ended up not really being able to go to sleep last night, and it was already bad enough because my family and I had already planned for me to get up at certain times during the night just so I could empty my bladder and avoid the incontinence altogether. Well, the plan was for me to wake up at 1:30am to go to the restroom, but of course, at that time, the revenge of the eyelid headache returned. Once again, got sick because of the headache, went back to sleep, and was good for the rest of the night headache wise. But still, I got at 4:30am to go to the restroom again, and finally slept a straight four hours from 4:30 to 8:45. So now the next idea that we came up with on what the headaches could be from is eye strain. The reason is because I’m not super busy these summer days, I’m not as active, meaning I’m spending more time in my house on my phone or laptop (which I admit is true). But what I don’t get is why these headaches are happening in the middle of the night and not while I’m actually looking at any of my screens if it is indeed eye strain. I’m open to any ideas, so throw them at me, please and thank you!
  20. Hello anxiousg, welcome to Anxiety Central first of all. We are happy to have you here. I can say from my own personal experience that I have also had symptoms like yours of shaking, muscle twitches, etc. These are very common symptoms of anxiety, and I'm sure many others here on this forum can testify to that too. I'm sure that your symptoms are attributed to just plain old anxiety. Even though it may not seem like anxiety is a sole reason for these things happening, it actually can be. The first step in recovering from this episode of anxiety is to trust your doctor's word in the sense that you are fine and good to go, and that they don't believe you have any symptoms of MS. I too developed a fear of MS when my urinary incontinence first started. All medical tests proved that wrong. These people went to school for these sort of things. We didn't. So I would think they know just slightly more than we do Are you currently in any sort of therapy or on any medication? I would strongly recommend therapy if you haven't done so yet.
  21. Alright, so I know this will sound weird, but I'm slightly anxious, but I'm not quite sure why. This morning, I ended up having to kill a roach in my bathroom (lovely, right? Sarcasm MAJORLY intended LOL). When my mom came in to see what the commotion was about, she also went to look for something in my bathroom door in my vanity, and found that one of the shampoo bottles that I had under there exploded and there was just sticky shampoo everywhere. So she decided it was finally time to clean out my vanity drawers and the area under my sink (what is that called LOL?) Surprisingly enough, the areas in my vanity door and drawers weren't as dusty and disgusting as I thought it was going to be, not a lot of dust. But still, there was some dust. At one point, I actually took a breath in through my nose and felt something in my throat that made me cough (felt like I inhaled dust). Had to step out a second while I was coughing up a storm LOL. I'm wondering if I'm maybe slightly anxious just because I was expecting those to be much more dirty and maybe even see a spider living back there LOL, or maybe because of the dust I may have inhaled or whatever I inhaled LOL, or maybe just because I don't like cleaning. Anyways, thanks for reading this mindless rant LOL. If anyone has ideas on why I might be anxious, shoot them at me!
  22. Awwww, just made my day Holls. Thank you for that ♥️
  23. Well it's unfortunate that he couldn't save the tooth, but at least it's not infected. That's good news. Enjoy the rest of your day with the comfort of knowing that you are good to go
  24. Tension headaches are the most common symptom of anxiety and stress for anyone. When I am under more stress or just have other factors of things going on, I'll more than likely get a dull tension headache. Nothing to worry about, just let it pass
  25. Appreciate it Leah! My version of relaxing is gonna be chatting it up with you all and hanging with my family!