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  1. The appointment is tomorrow, so I will have more answers then! Trust me, I can’t wait for it as much as you can!
  2. Also good to note, thanks!
  3. Sorry, one more thing. I just had another bowel movement (which are thankfully back on schedule after my last worry about the frequency of them), but this one was different in color, more lighter brown than a normal brown, I don’t think it was yellow though. That wouldn’t mean anything, correct?
  4. Ohhhh gotcha. Didn’t think of it that way LOL. That makes more sense
  5. Curiosity question for anyone that would like to answer this. The last two times I’ve urinated, the water has been more yellow (usually just the inner ring is yellow, but the last two times the outer ring has had a hint of yellow). This wouldn’t qualify as something like foamy urine right?
  6. I’m a firm believer in good spirits only, and not bad spirits, so I think it’s safe to say that no paranormal forces would cause sicknesses in your casino. Best bet would be just a viral sickness. Don’t let your co-workers spook you.
  7. I second what Scotland has to say. You’ve got to stop recollecting these things that are on in a million, when you know you’re healthy, but You. Just. Have. Health. Anxiety.
  8. Thank you for your suggestions! Glad to know you will be there for me!
  9. Well guys, life has decided it wants to test me today. For starters, I barely got any sleep last night because I had to get up twice to go use the restroom, as I’m still having some issues with my bladder and incontinence, and I don’t wanna take any risks with it at this point. When I got up the second time, it was around 6:30am my time. I didn’t know that at first, because I had to turn on my TV to check and see what time it was (which I normally do anyways). But this time, it was different. As I was scrolling through my guide to see what time it was, the TV reset and then went back to my guide. No big deal right? Wrong. A few moments later, my TV decides to tweak out, make a high pitch frequency noise, make television marks, scare the living daylights out of me, ultimately leading me to screaming because it scared me so bad, while also throwing my remote at the direction of the TV, and yep, you guessed it, waking my entire family up. My parents had to calm me down from having a full-blown panic attack and I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. I’m still super tired. NOW if that wasn’t all, something else came up. Usually when I’m doing stuff and working on things on my laptop, I play YouTube videos in the background. I listened to The Anxiety Guy’s health anxiety affirmations, and then went to some other videos. Well for some reason, after one video finished, it went to some wacko video about the top 10 most dangerous guests on Dr. Phil (of all things that, no idea why). It explained how one girl passed away shortly after the show was taped due to “mysterious causes”. And guess what? Yep, anxiety triggered. Incontinence episode happened, luckily I was wearing my Guard, so everything got caught. I found out that she actually overdosed on heroin, but there is debate on whether her death is a hoax, bla bla bla, whatever. I should’ve rationalized, but couldn’t. I could really use some advice guys. Just a shoulder to lean on at this point. This is just so frustrating
  10. So I don't want to have to keep throwing things at you guys, but I just can't seem to think these things through without having some fear or "what if" thought popping into the back of my mind. As I explained on another anxiety forum, while my family and I were out and about on vacation one day, we picked up Starbucks drinks (but nothing for me as I have found out that caffeine makes my anxiety symptoms worse). My mom asked me if I wanted to try a sip of this new drink she got, which I said yes to, and tried one sip. I’ve done that all the time when she asks if I want to try something, as obviously, she’s my mother and we’ve done that since I was a baby. My mom wasn't sick, none of my family has been.The following morning though, when watching TV, a commercial about meningitis B played across the screen, and how adolescents should get vaccinated against it, especially if they are going off to college and things like that. Obviously, this sent my mind spiraling. What if I contracted meningitis B from drinking my mom’s drink yesterday? Am I gonna experience the fatal symptoms of it? I got over the fear of that eventually once I learned the ways that meningitis were contracted, but today, the fear popped back up when my mom brought home pizza from a Father's Day party she was at with one of the sides of my family (my grandma married into a family with eight grandkids). I feel so bad for even thinking this way, but that part of the family has had troubles with almost everything in terms of relationships and things like that, but nothing health related as far as I know. For some reason, the fear of my mom bringing home that pizza from the party came up, because my mind said, "what if they spit on it? what if any of them had meningitis? what if they are carriers of the bacteria and we don't know that?" Again, I feel SUPER bad for even thinking this way, because they are my family and I shouldn't even be thinking that way, but unfortunately, that's my reality right now. I've eaten meals with those grandkids over the years and I trust my grandma with ALL my heart to make sure everything was sanitary and good to go. She's really good about that. Somebody please tell me I'm being an idiot for thinking this way and that's there's no way I can get meningitis.
  11. Need some quick advice. I admit, I have dry skin, but I can’t tell if this is a cut or just dry skin cracking. Anybody got a clue?
  12. I wanted to bump this thread up with an update on how the urinary incontinence is doing for me. It seemed to be doing better, but now the last two nights, I’ve had urinary incontinence episodes while I was sleeping, where the guards have caught all of that urine. I’ve continued to wear guards just as a precaution throughout the day. Throughout the day, I’ve had control and everything’s been fine, no incontinence episodes, but now, it’s only seeming to happen at night when I’m asleep. I just wanna see if anyone else has had urinary incontinence with their anxiety, and what they did to control it or at least help it, because I really want to get a hold of this. It’s really starting to get frustrating.
  13. That’s reassuring and not reassuring at the same time. LOL. Then again, I get triggered by the littlest things. Don’t you worry, I’m still practicing it!
  14. I want to ask a quick curiosity question to you all. It's not possible to still have a bowel obstruction after a bowel movement, correct?
  15. Never even heard of it. Be sure to let the forum know about your experience with it.