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  1. 😷 Recently, I got a little backed up, which is rare for me. However, it did feel like I had brick with sharp corners going through my intestine. Or, like I was being stabbed and someone was turning the knife. But, yeah, with anxiety we can be on such high alert that this is enough to trigger full-blown panic mode. Over the years I've learned to talk myself off the ledge...most of the time😉
  2. That's exactly right. I don't know what's changed, or if it's elevated anxiety, or some combination. But, it's become hardly worth it anymore. Not, necessarily, a bad thing. The way it made my heart race and feel short of breath, upon waking in the middle of the night, I did wonder if it was a more "ominous" heart issue. But, I'm "normal" the rest of the time, even during cardio exercise and working out.
  3. AbeLinkedIn, I've had something similar for years. I get a spot in my lower right abdomen. Worried if it was appendicitis, or a hernia, for a long time. It comes and goes. I've chalked it up to a "sports hernia", makes the most sense. I've always tried to feel for a protrusion, or look for a lump, and never find anything. I do workout, but the last time this happened, recently, I was just walking somewhere quickly, lol. Now, my whole issue with this, and anything else health-related, is the problem of health insurance. If I could see a doctor, for something like this, I would. But, it always boils down to not being able to afford to get the help I need. Yes, I am in the U.S.A., with the world's best healthcare system. Haha.
  4. Oh, I know. More than two, approximately, and I get those symptoms, especially as it wears off. I've heard it having to do with rushes of adrenaline, cortisol, glutamine, and depletion of serotonin, and blood sugar, when you've overdone it. It obviously amplifies my anxious state. I probably am not aware of my level of anxiety, as with the proverbial frog in boiling water, I am unaware of my true condition. Though, I have much knowledge and many years of experience with this, it never ceases to show a new face.
  5. Great user name, btw. I love it. 😄
  6. Nutmegbella, that sounds almost identical to my experience. And, yes, my Monday’s are miserable if I’ve had a bender weekend. There’s been times when I’ve debated going to the ER or walk-in clinic. I have been to the doctor about it, and got the usual medical checkup. He didn’t sound overly concerned, but told me to cut back. I am definitely cutting way back. It doesn’t even take much. Like I said, more than two. But, I’ve just never, personally, known anyone that experienced this. Although, “hangxiety” is definitely a thing. It took me all day to feel normal again, as it always does, but now I’m exhausted. Tonight I took ashwaghanda and am going to bed early. No alcohol. Thanks for your replies!! I enjoy reading the input and it really helps.
  7. Hello everyone...Has anyone ever heard of, or experienced, "hangxiety"? This is a horrible feeling of anxiousness, or even full-blown panic, that comes with a hangover, in susceptible individuals, such as myself. This can also occur while drinking. I'm 43 years old, and I have only begun experiencing this in the last year. I, basically, have to give up drinking alcohol because of the negative effects. It's as if I've acquired an alcohol intolerance. An example of what happens, like clockwork, is that I will drink (more than two), eventually falling asleep. Then, in the middle of the night, usually within about two or three hours of falling asleep, I will wake up with anxiety symptoms, or a full-blown panic attack. That is to say, a racing heart, sweating, disorientation, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, depersonalization, and sometimes ending in a bout of diarrhea. Usually, it's just the racing heart, and it's difficult, to impossible, to fall back asleep. Thanks for any input!