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  1. Sorry to hear about your worries. Burning skin sensation is fairly common with sever anxiety. I had it for a few months, even after I wasn’t anxious anymore, it still lingered. The first thing is to believe it was all anxiety and then help my body calm down by meditation a couple of times a day and sleeping at least 7 hrs. Also, going on long walks a couple of times a day helped too.
  2. Gotcha! That makes sense... On my end I just wanted to do it out of curiosity and hypochondria 😬
  3. Anxiety definitely can affect your digestive system. I had really bad acid reflux for instance and my best friend, who is anxious as well every now and then gets symptoms of Ibs. Try to trust in your doctors!
  4. I had all the symptoms you talk about and they are substantially subsiding thank god! I went to my Neurologist twice, she did a whole bunch on physical tests and told me I was making very bad use of my time by worrying about having ALS or MS. After I worked in calming myself down for a few months with meditation, yoga, eating and sleeping 7+ hrs per night, I am finally feeling better. The “inner vibrations” (tremors) are almost gone and so is the twitching and other physical symptoms I had.
  5. Anxiety usually always causes you to be tense so it doesn’t surprise me that you experienced that last night. I had very similar stuff happen to me when I was anxious, and even a few months after I calmed down, since our bodies stay in a primed state for a while... Try meditation a couple of times a day for 15-20 min each time. It helps calm your body down faster. As for the CT, make sure you really need it. I wanted one of my heart since I have high cholesterol and was curious about plaque build up, but my doctor advised me against it since it’s very high radiation (equivalent to 50 or so Xrays).
  6. It is a tough road! My issue is that I got hit with a multitude of things here and there, just over the span of 4-5 months, and I should be looking at them as separate issues on their own, but I keep thinking that maybe it’s part of a bigger disease and they all add up to it. I’m at the point where I just need a break from any new symptom. They’re driving me crazy, lol!
  7. Try to relax, there is no pain in early symptoms of the disease...
  8. You’re absolutely welcome! It’s definitely a bit of an uphill battle getting over anxiety and it’s physical symptoms. But once you can allow your body to calm down long enough, the physical symptoms will eventually subside. Please keep us posted on your doctors appointment:)
  9. This might help you understand a bit more. It doesn’t sound like Fibromyalgia though (to me). I think just purely built up tension and anxiety.
  10. I know how you feel, when you first get them they are crazy making. I had my left hand finger twitch for three months, stop for two and just started again. Not only that but I get twitches all over my body especially the calves... I’m getting more used to these twitches now and they seem to have substantially subsided compared to a couple of months ago. This site has great info on anxiety and here’s a link on twitches:
  11. Alex

    Health anxiety

    I’ve had hemorrhoids for years and the way you recognize them is that the blood is bright red. If you had an issue inside you your poop would be black (as opposed to red fresh blood). Also if you have one hemorrhoid outside, you more than likely have internal ones you don’t see or feel (which I have). And yes, going to the docs just for piece of mind is a good idea.
  12. I agree! And on top of that I think since we have so much anxiety going on we are more tense therefore more susceptible to muscle injury and pain. I have aches and pains everywhere, hands, feet, knees, back,... Drives me nuts. Oh and I’ve had the muscle twitches all over body as well. Meditation definitely helps, I type in Yoga Nidra on YouTube and listen to the 20-30 minute sessions. If you do it at night, it’s like a sleeping pill! Better than melatonin:)
  13. I think you’re right, I often wondered if my hypersensitive state makes me notice every little thing and of course with my HA I blow it out of proportion and freak out. I definitely need to start relaxing and letting go of my irrational fears.
  14. Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum. I’ve been reading posts for quite a while and finally decided to sign up and join in... So I had a very stressful period for about a month when I got tinnitus out of nowhere back in January. I was in Thailand for the whole month and just thought I caught a horrible disease out there. Upon getting back I went to my docs and he ran over 300 blood tests believe it or not and everything came out clean. I also went to the Neurologist twice and same deal. Anyway, due to all the stress and anxiety I went through I developed a few annoying physical symptoms and this one has to be the worst for me besides the internal vibrations I get when waking. Basically when I’m at rest, usually watching TV or driving, my left calf starts feeling crampy and so does part of my upper leg. It’s like pressure points that move around. It’s not painful just disconcerting. I panicked for a while thinking I have MS or ALS but my neurologist assured me I don’t. I also got a brain MRI and it came out clean. I asked her about doing an EMG to which she agreed but said it would be a waist of my time and I should spend my energy elsewhere. Has anyone felt this symptom? Also I have twitches on my calves all the time ...
  15. I have virtually the same symptom in my quad and calf sometimes. It feels like it wants to cramp but doesn’t. I also have twitches on my calves as well. So scared of ALS. I went to my neurologist twice and she said 100% I don’t have ALS and I’m making bad use of my time worrying about it. I’m debating and EMG test but have done so many tests already I feel pretty embarrassed. Do you run or are you active in any way? I am and I’m just wondering if I pulled or over exerted some muscles...
  16. I used to get those in my legs, shoulders, arms and chest. Usually one area at a time but sometimes two or three at a time. It’s one of those things that you need to tackle your anxiety in general for any and all sensations and feelings associated with it to subside.