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  1. Thank you for your replies. The Off Switch post makes a ton of sense to me (from the GAD forum). My vicious circle starts with any new symptoms, today my neck is stiff... I am feeling a little better today, I changed the time I took my tablet from morning to night yesterday and hopefully that helps a little with the fatigue. I am exhausted now though. I am glad I found this place, it helps x
  2. Thanks Ten. My docs wont do anything they say they are not worried as my strength etc is all fine. I do feel some re-assurance from this, but its so hard when you still feel all this pain. I did a short jog on saturday, somethign I would usually breeze through and have no after effects, the whole afternoon I felt like my legs would give way and the next day they were in so much pain. Its only just sibsiding now, but I have just been for a walk for 30 mins and I am afraid they will hurt again after that. The twitches are relentless also when I am at rest. I am terrified
  3. Has anyone got any experience of anythign similar? I am so fed up and upset
  4. Hi Everyone, My name is David and I am new here. I am really struggling at the moment. Here is why. It all started in November last year when I got tonsilitis, I had quinsy about 2 years back and this was the first issue I had since, anyway got over that with a course of antibiotics. I n December I got the worst gastric bug I have ever had and it wiped me out for a fortnight. On New Years eve, I developed a fever and got tonsilitis again...antibiotics again sorted me out. Then I got a bad cold. The reason I listed all of this is as follows. In February, I started getting a tingling/buzzing sensation in mmy temples and down both sides of my face, and in my left leg. I called the NHS direct line and they advised me to go to urgent care. I was given antibiotics for Sinusitis! I knew it was not sinusitis, but the reason they did this was that I mentioned that I was getting pain in my forehead when I bent forward to pick things up. I then went to my GP that week and he ordered bloods. They came back all clear, but the sensations didnt stop, next stage CT scan, again came back clear. My symptoms then took on a whole new form. I started to get pain in my legs along with dizziness and lightheaded moments. I started GOOGLING! Google convinced me over the last three months, that I have MS, ALS, LUKEMIA, BRAIN TUMOUR. All of which I am terrified of. I have been diagnosed with health anxiety after many visits to my GP and given Sertraline to take. I just dont understand my symptoms, why do my legs, and back hurt so much its so painful. I cant play with my daughter without being in pain. Also I am exhausted all of the time and I have twitching in my body mainly my left leg. Every night before I go to sleep my left foot feels like its curling inwards and cramping and I wake up everyday with this crushing sense of dread. I am scared, and I feel alone. Hoping somebody can give me some hope.
  5. This post made me cry. I am in a world of worry and pain. I have experienced all of the symptoms you said and am consumed by fear of ALS. I have a 1 year old daughter and I man terrified I won’t be around. Your post gives me hope. I twitch all over, ache like mad from the smallest bit of exercise and and always exhausted. Thank you for your post