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  1. Booandlou, I just want to tell you that I may not know exactly how you are feeling about your particular situation, but I react in almost the same way you do when it comes to when I feel there is something wrong. The panic, anxiety, and endless worry. It doesn’t even help me to talk to other people because I always think their situation is not like mine so they can’t “really” understand. I read something the other day that made me think. It said that sometimes highly creative people who feel stunted somehow in their life tend to be over-worriers about their health. I wonder how old you are and what you do for a living and if you feel you could be doing something else or doing more? What you said about feeling your liver. Can someone really feel their liver? Could it be you are highly sensitive to the fact that there may be something wrong with your liver and think you can “fell” it? I’m asking because I sometimes think I. “feel” my lungs, even thought they have told me one can’t feel their lungs. Also, the change in your stool may be from excessive worry... like pre-diarrhea. Just one more day. Whatever the outcome is you will be able to take a more informed next step. Things don’t change because we don’t rest them or look at the results. I know that’s a scary thought. I really do sympathize with what you are going through. Things like this incapacitate me to the point where I don’t want to go to work (although I do) and where nothing gives me joy. I’m here, okay?
  2. Hey Nutmeg. Wow, I am very similar to you in this. I have to make an appointment with a specialist but I am resisting it. The only thing I keep thinking is that if I don’t go, #1 what I have won’t change and #2, what if they tell me that if I could have gone sooner I could have prevented things from being worse... as in “if only you would have come in sooner”. I’ll tell you what... I will go if you will go. You know we have to go. We do it for our kids, but not for ourselves. I’ve read that this happens to really creative people. Apparently Charlotte Bronte had these same fears. Let me know if you made that appointment!
  3. Hey, I understand how you feel, believe me. How did your blood tests turn out?
  4. Hi, I know how you feel. If I may ask, how old are you? It seems the older we get the longer these coughs stay with us. You could cough so hard that your chest can hurt, you can even strain a muscle. Incidentally, do you get acid reflux sometime? That could prolong the cough. You could also have post nasal drip. Are you comfortable seeing your doctor?