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  1. That’s Great! Yay for facing fears!
  2. If it’s happened before with the same symptoms it’s most likely a panic attack rather than a heart attack. Another thing is that heart attacks don’t get better, you don’t just calm down. They are unrelentingly and if you had one you wouldn’t be on here asking if you did or not. Take it easy and relax for a while, you’re most definitely exhausted from all that adrenaline!
  3. Good luck and Let me know how it goes! I’m sure you’ll do great! Mine is a week apart from yours!
  4. I’m having an upper endoscopy done next week for difficulty swallowing and I really nervous for it. One because I’m scared on what they will find, Two because it’ll be my first time going under for a procedure and hate the idea of being put to sleep upon my will I have this weird fear of not waking up, Three because of the added risks of the procedure such perforation, bleeding etc. I’m 20 years old, the doctor doesn’t seem to concerned about it being anything serious but who’s knows, it could be anything. It’s all around just a nerve racking experience for me. Anyone have any tips and tricks to ease my worries about this?
  5. In the recent past 3 weeks I have gotten multiple things stuck in my throat while eating and i am almost 100% convinced I have esophageal cancer. The first time it happened I went to a surgeon who was going to perform a endoscopy but by the time the appointment rolled around the problem had passed and I thought it was over but now I’m on my third round of having something In my throat. I’m making another appointment Monday To reschedule the endoscopy and I’m terrified at what they will find. The only thing giving me hope right now is the fact that I’m a female at 20 years old and according to statistics, less than one person in my bracket is diagnosed each year. I don’t smoke or drink too often, and so far that’s my only symptom but I’m terrified of what’s to come.