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  1. Hi! I don’t know if you’re still having symptoms.. I actually recently had both of my feet and the back of my legs go numb. No tingling or anything.. just numb.. and it came on pretty gradually over a period of a week. I went berserk about it (as I like to call it)... Ended up in the ER.. they did an MRI and admitted me because they thought I had Cauda Equina Syndrome... turns out I have sciatica.. But I was scared, and am still struggling... I was worried about tumors.. and C... Also.. my Zoloft has been causing me to have shaky hands and buzzing feelings. I’m sure you don’t have MS or any other scary Neuro stuff. Tight shoes can cause numbness... even over a period of time. I know I don’t have much feeling in my toes, in general (when I’m not numb )... I’m sure you’re fine!! Hang in there! It sounds like you have a really good support team!
  2. Hi! Spotting can be normal... for lots of different reasons. Implantation bleeding, birth control, heavy periods, irregular periods.. stress.. it can all cause some spotting I would bring it up to your gyno.. mainly just for future reference. I actually went through this about a year ago.. ish. My situation was a little different than yours. I am a little older (27), I’ve never been on birth control.. and I had spotting instead of a period for like 2 months.. It sent me spiraling into a HUGE panic. I saw my doctor. She wasn’t concerned, but... she knows about my extreme health anxiety.... so she ordered a CT scan for me, just for the peace of mind. Turns out I have a very small fibroid.. (which can cause some spotting). I again panicked and went to a Gyno instead of my GP. He told me it was normal.. especially if you’re prone to heavy periods and have anxiety.. I hope that helps a little! I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about! more than likely missing your BC for a week and then restarting induced some bleeding.
  3. Thanks everyone! I am still numb from my thigh area down... but now that I know it’s a normal symptom (thanks a lot to everyone on here) I feel a lot better. Pain has increased a little more... and as AWFUL as that sounds, it makes me feel better.... I just wish the feeling would come back in my feet. I plan on being referred to a Physical therapist or at least maybe seeing a chiropractor .. I just haven’t made the call yet... Doctor also prescribed ZOLOFT and Hydroxyzine for my anxiety, and I think it’s starting to help, as well.
  4. The exercise ball is a good idea!!! I know my posture is horrible!! I have some back pain in general... and I know it’s from posture. I’m going to have my doctor refer me to PT... I feel like that may be the best option! I just had no idea you could go numb from sciatica with very little to no pain... I always heard sciatica HURT like hell.. my dad has it really bad.. thank you, again, for your help!
  5. That makes me feel better! I’m so sorry you went through all that! I had to have a brain MRI just over a year ago.. and I had spinal tap almost exactly 1 year ago... no related issue.. had to do with my vision... I know how scary those things can be!!! So I keep trying to reassure myself that way.. (even though it was a year ago.. I know those things just don’t pop up without a ton of other symptoms!) I think you’re right about being hypersensitive to things.. I swear I know every little change in body.. which is good thing (maybe?!?).. and bad... does not help the HA! It just really bothered me that my pain was so mild and everyone I know says sciatica is unbearable.... however it is there, even tho it’s mild... so that does reassure me, as well. But the numbness is unbearable.... everything just feels so off. Even going to the bathroom is uncomfortable (sorry TMI!). I think I’m going to have my GP refer me to PT... and I’m hoping that will help! I know I read that it can take 60-90 days to get back to normal...
  6. Hey all! I posted here a few days ago in the midst of a downward spiral... Long story short... I started having numbness in my left foot.. eventually my right went numb.. and my entire back side from the groin down (so both legs in the back from the butt down, and into both feet). I went to the hospital.. as I thought I was having incontinence issues. They did an MRI of my lower lumbar region right away, the MRI was clean! Yay! The doctor told me my sciatic nerve was compressed... he told me it was probably due to my job, as I do drive a lot (probably 3-4 hours of drive time per day), and sit a lot at work when I am not driving. I went to my GP. She agreed with his diagnosis and prescribed me five days worth of steroids. However, I’m not convinced it’s sciatica... I have some sciatic pain... but it’s very mild and just off and on...plus this is in both legs...? I always thought sciatica stuff was just in one leg... Has anyone else had this? I think I posted about this before.. but I have some new information... so I wanted to repost it. I know I sound like a broken record... but I’m so freaked out and it’s effecting my job.. and everything. I have myself convinced it’s MS or a spinal/brain tumor.
  7. I’m so sorry you’re going through this! It brings me back to how I felt when told I would need the MRI. So I understand the anxiety and panic it causes. My MRI was was done on a Saturday and of course waiting that one day caused so much stress. From everything I have been told by numerous doctors, nurses, surgeons, patients... whoever... if something shows up like, a brain tumor, they will let you know ASAP. The doctor who ordered my MRI called me back right away, but because he wasn’t technically in (he worked through a consulting group) he had his nurse call me with the results. I hope that makes sense . So hopefully your doctor has someone on call for them. I believe your results will be fine!
  8. Hi! I replied to a question you had, earlier! (I had optic nerve swelling a year ago... mine, I believe was caused by some narrowing of the veins in brain- which was not severe, and I guess could be infection related). Try not to worry! I’m going through something kind of similar. I am having numbness down my left leg, into my foot and toes. Also- I say numbness, but it’s really a loss of sensation. My foot is tight, and there is definitely a numbness kind of feeling, but there are no pins and needles... no pain. Just kind of tingling feeling when pressure is applied. Now.. when I walk on a cold or warm surface I can tell, I can feel when someone touches my foot, my toes being squeezed, pain if under painful stimulus. No falls. I can walk in a straight line. Balance on my toes.. etc. But it’s such an odd feeling. I hope I’m describing it well. Also seems to be worse at night, and kind of feels warm. Im also having numbness in my groin area, and buttock region (various, humiliating places). I went in for an MRI of my lower spine. They thought I may have Cauda Equina, which thankfully, I did not. But I’m still concerned. I have it in both legs but it’s worse in my left. The doctor told me it could be sciatica. And I think he even said my MRI showed it was compressed... but I keep thinking I heard him wrong.. which is probably just an anxiety trick. I’m still worried, though. Like you you, MS has crossed my mind. BUT from everything I have read about MS, it takes you down. Like can’t walk, clinical weakness.. like you literally cannot move certain parts of your body. But the thing with MS, it’s managble. People recover. But I do not think you have it!!! And you are perfectly normal. I think everyone gets those pins and needles feelings occasionally. Could be sciatica, could be simple dehydration, could just be position. My optic nerve was swollen, at one point, and my MRI showed no legions or anything at that time.. which helps cause my anxiety and fears. Many different things can cause ON swelling. Also I have IBS and when I’m stressed it acts up crazy!!!! So I am sure your bathroom issues are also stress/diet related. I hope that helps!!!
  9. Hi! So, it’s still the same person replying- just under a new name, again. Lol. But nothing really became of it. I was not diagnosed with a brain tumors or PTC. My neuro believed I was fine. Lumbar puncture came back clean (this was a year ago). All the eye symptoms I had stopped. Kind of makes me think this could somehow be linked to stress. I still apparently had the flow abnormalities that can cause the optic nerve swelling - but no one was really concerned about it. Which I try not to think of too much. My Neuro just told me to come back in if symptoms got worse. And they went away. Of course now I’m having new issues with other parts of my body- which I’m terrified is brain related. But none of the 15 doctors I saw at the hospital were concerned But, I, unfortunately, cannot really tell you what happened with the optic nerve issues, other than symptoms subsided. All the doctors I had, at the time, told me it could be caused by virtually anything. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  10. Just following up on some new information. I ended up with some other troubling symptoms and that were troubling enough for my doctor to send me in for Ann MRI of my lower spine and a hospital stay in case emergency surgery was needed. MRI came back clean. If I am remembering right- the doctor came in this morning to discharge me. I believe he said the MRI showed some sciatic nerve damage and it was probably due to my job and sitting in one position for long periods of time. He told me that it’s possible that an upper spinal tumor can cause similar symptoms (he brought this up after me asking about tumors) but said I wasn’t complaining of neck pain and I didn’t have any numbness in my arms and would have a strange walk. I felt better for a few hours, but am now panicking again. I can only think of every time I’ve had neck pain...arm pain.. arm numbness... because I’m human and I get those things (trying to reassure myself). But no one evaluated my walk... grrr. But I keep thinking “what if...”...and I just get scared all over. I just keep worrying something has been missed. I’m also having virtually no pain in my lower spine, except some from perhaps a bad night’s stay in a hospital bed. I don’t feel the typical sciatic pain- which I know I have had in the past- especially when going on a long walk. Hurts down my hip and makes me walk slow. As soon as the walk is over I’m fine. I hate HA. When it gets me, it gets me BAD. I have my follow up appointment with my GP, Tuesday. I just want to know I’m okay.
  11. Kind of ironic... but I’m a MH Case Manager.. I drive a lot and am sitting a lot.. either doing notes, or playing games with kids, or sitting through treatment team meetings. I also work an hour or so from my job. So I spend around 4 hours a day *typically* just in driving.
  12. I’m starting to wonder if that’s what is going on with me. A doctor hasn’t told me that. But I do need to lose weight and am working on it. I just don’t know how in 6 days my toes went from a loss of sensation in one foot to tingling and numbness up my leg and in my other foot/leg. Its so annoying. I can barely sleep at night because it feels like it’s on fire.
  13. Thank you!! I really hope they can figure it out (my doctors). I also hope I believe them... I tend to have that problem as well. I did end up having an MRI of my lower spine and it came back fine. So just trying to not go down another rabbit hole. 😣 Health anxiety is awful. Does anyone have any tips and tricks to cope? Ive been on Zoloft for anxiety before, as well as lexapro, and Prozac and different times. I also tried therapy for awhile... but I think I was discharged way too soon. So I’m thinking of trying a new therapist. I’m just at my wits end. In the past 18 months I have had an MRV of brain, MRI of brain, MRI of my eyes, CT scan of my lower abdomen, MRI of my lower spine, Spinal tap, Neuro exams out the wazoo, random other scans and tests, and about 100 viles of blood taken. Everything has come back fine minus a small fibroid in my uterus, and some flow abdormalities in my brains veins that my neuro wasn’t concerned about You would think all of this would be enough to satisfy my anxiety, but it’s not Gahhh...
  14. Thank you for replying!!! I really hope it’s just a pinched nerve! They tested my sciatic nerve at the hospital and it was okay. I don’t have any back pain... is it possible to have a pinched nerve without back pain? My doctor at the ER told me he didn’t think it was anything scary like a tumor in my brain or spine or major spine issue. I just feel like a wreck. I’m also having slight numbness in the back of my left leg/back of hip - buttock area. I’m just so hopeless feeling right now. I keep trying to remind myself I had a spinal tap and a brain MRI a year ago... but Idk if something could have just popped up. Idk... 😭 I’m a mess.