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  1. I was on antihistamines and stopped taking because it dried my throat so bad could not even swallow. Do you get sore throat ?
  2. Thanks for your respond i know that im freaking out but ill try to believe its just and allergies. Thanks so much
  3. She does not even bother going to dr because her friend had the same symptoms and she told her dr said it will go away itself. It might take months. So she is very cool about it because she never googles anything unlike me.
  4. I live in NJ and i have never ever had allergies before
  5. Hi there. I have not had that feeling but my sister she is. Her early 30s and past few weeks she is having numbness and tingling in her leg and she does not even worries because she was told its her nerve playing tricks on her. I hope this will help and don't worry we all know its HA which sucks and we just have to accept it and tell ourselves lets just deal with it instead of making ourselves go crazy. I know I'm a mess
  6. My throat pain is not going away. Had 2 endoscope to screen my throat looks very clear. Was put on PPI because my ENT dr thinks my throat is irritated from acid reflux. Its been a week I'm on it and still not much relief. I had GI appt on Tuesday and saw NP and she said to take PPI for 4 weeks and see if it will make difference also she looked at my throat and said its so much inflamed from either post nasal or acid reflux. I had a very terrible panic attack last night i thought it was my last night but i survived. Now when i swallow i feel discomfort in my upper chest. Has anyone had this symptoms. I don't know what to believe and who to believe. I think i am just looking someone to comfort me i know i have anxiety but i am trying to cope myself. Is it normal with anxiety to feel like my chest is closing and feels heavy. Oh also i am taking Claritin D NO told me so here i am i don't know what to do. Every time i swallow it tastes like mucus and its so gross. Please advise what should i do how to calm myself. Why do i only think about that i might have the worst illness like Cancer ughhh.
  7. Welcome, i joined this site not long ago and i learned a lot from reading many posts that HA can make you feel every possible illness if you focus. Try not to pay attention , i know its very hard bc its exactly what I'm dealing with. Ive been to so many drs butt i still can not stop thinking and reading on me google all the possible symptoms that can ruin my life. Ive had throat pain for almost 10 weeks and its driving me insane. Last night i woke up and almost went to panic just because i was thinking too much. Stay positive. Good lyck. HA sucks big time
  8. Mj1

    Health anxiety

    Thats for your best suggestions and advises but every day seems worst and worst. I wrnt to GI and she said to take PPI for 4 weeks and if y burning sensation does not go away she wil do Endoscope. What really worries me is that my throat is always red and thats really what makes my throat burn. Seems like my ENT does not think its anything serious. She did scope my throat twice. Do you think she needs to do biopsy on my throat or should i ask for it ? I am loosing my mind. I dont know what to think of. Now i googled off course is constant red throat causes death and surprisingly or not first think i read is YES it does cause death in young people. 😞 help please
  9. I feel you. I get terrible pain between my breast bone and it shoots in the back where you describe your pain also i have been suffering with burning throat. HA is the worst thing we can ever experience. I am pretty sure its not a cancer it probably is sore muscles which can be caused by anxiety and stress. I have my GI appointment tomorrow to see if all this is caused by acid reflux which i was told by my ENT dr that anxiety causes acid reflux. I am on omeprazole already 4 days and i see very little difference. But still in pain. Good luck and do not worry it is all anxiety. But we all need reassurance all the time. Ive been to so many dr past few month its disgusting already. 😞
  10. When i eat food it always smoothens my throat its when I'm not eating or drinking i have burning sensation and tastes weird not so much an acidic taste tho. I am taking omeprazole and I'm hoping it will help but i have feeling it wont. I have GI on Tuesday and hoping i can get to the bottom if thus because its so exhausting. Did your esophageal ulcer completely cured?
  11. Does that happen every day ? Because in my case ive had burning throat for few month.first i thought i have “throat Cancer” I did get 2 throat endoscopes and its perfectly clear and my ENT Dr thinks its my Acid reflux which surprises me because really never had any Acid Reflux problems before.off course i google everything and now I'm convinced that I've “Esophagus Cancer” When i mentioned to dr my sometimes swallowing difficulties she said its probably caused from acid but if it did not change over time we should do swallowing studies which i don't think i need it. I also have chest pain and very weird taste in my throat. Did you see dr already. Please let us know what dr thinks. My appt with GI is on Tuesday. Good luck.
  12. Definitely panic attack. This was the my very first signs of anxiety. I somehow got that feeling under control but now i started having health anxiety. We at some point all have simular symptoms that is related to anxiety. I went to the hospital because of feeling faint but i am perfectly fine. Please stay positive and be happy i am sure your heart is perfectly fine. Ankles can swell up for many other not serious reasons. My sister is 28 and her ankles swell up at least once a week but she has no health issues at one point she did suffer from anxiety as well. Be strong we are with you
  13. I am so scared. In my first post , I've been having burning throat for 2 month now. Done Throat Endoscope 2 times and everything is clear. Now on Omeprazole 40mg today is 3 rd because my ENT thinks its silent acid reflux. Have some relief but still feel burning in my lower throat. Now i feel like when i swallow sometimes i feel discomfort in my upper chest like bello my collarbone. I am freaking out i pay too much attention try to swallow saliva every second to make sure its my imagination but i don't know anymore. Also yesterday evening i had bloody taste in my throat but could it be from my nasal drip because of my endoscope the numbing stuff always irritates my nose and gets bloody. Ive GI appointment on Tuesday and i am going to ask them to offer Endoscope asap. Have anyone felt same way. I feel hopeless.
  14. I hope same thing too. Be strong
  15. Mj1

    Health anxiety

    How long have you had Acid reflux? Did you do endoscope ? I am going to GI on tuesday and i am thinking to ask to order Endoscope right away this way i can make sure there is nothing more serious than acid reflux. And also sometimes when i swallow it feels like food gets stuck and after a second it goes down. Throat discomfort is the worst :((