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  1. Same. My larynologist said I had "white bumps" on my vocal chords from acid reflux damage and that my throat was raw and there were ulcers on my vocal chords. Changed my diet. Stopped over eating. Tried to lower my anxiety and took additional acid reducers. It's gotten better. The body is incredible in its ability to heal itself. Post nasal drip sucks. I wake most mornings, coughing whatever drained down my sinuses into my lungs...back out. I was scared of course until I found it was fairly common for most people. I had my tonsils removed at 5 (when that was an actual thing, they did. I guess they don't regularly do it anymore). Best day of my life as a kid, lol, laying in a hospital bed, watching cartoons and Charlie Brown on TV and eating ice cream like a king all day long! Got the week off of school too!
  2. Your first mistake: "This can't be normal" You've already - by that statement, taken the stance that you are in a worst case scenario and that you're absolutely certain something "sinister" is going on. But yet you don't know that, and that's evident by your posting your concern here, looking for validation from us that you won't ultimately believe and / or will only believe for a couple hours until you rationalize rather acutely: "Well how would THEY know if I'm okay? Maybe I really am sick?" You're an intelligent human being. You don't need our telling you, that you're okay to come to that conclusion on your own. You can begin to rationalize that yourself, which is the first part to getting control over your HA fears. I always advocate the following, before falling off the deep end into fear. 1. Make a healthy change you know is good for your body that you might have been lacking in before. Example: 30 minute walk in a park breathing fresh air, listening to soft / chillstep music on headphones at a coffee shop and people watching, get more sunshine, get more active and if physically possible incorporate a light exercise routine to work anxiety out, increase healthy fruit and veggie intake. 2. Time. After making a healthy change from the norm of every day life. Give your issue 2 weeks to get better. If it doesn't, see a doctor. 3. Preplanning. You could even set your doctors appt now, two weeks out - taking comfort in knowing you're going to see someone about your issue if it doesn't change. If it does change, cancel the appt in time (before they charge you) and you've lost nothing. 4. Relax. We hear stories about people that die suddenly every day. It's part of life. But it's not you. We can plan, try to avoid bad habits, bad decisions, try to stave off momentary bunches of bliss (like scarfing down a chunk of chocolate cake with milk. Mmmm) that ultimately lead to our down fall (there goes the 2 hour jog I just did! Right out the window!) But we're all gonna slip and fall from time to time. That's why... 5. Have the courage to stand back up. Dust yourself off and grab that loose, chaotic drivers wheel spinning out into panic mode and take control. Example not specific to you: "NO! THAT ISN'T INTESTINAL CANCER! I JUST HAVE TO FART!" And then LET IT RIP! Lol.👍😃
  3. It's great, isn't it (sarcasm)? Everything is going good and then something just gets lodged on a rock and won't move down along the river of your mind. Like a branch. That hems up, and collects other leaves, bottles, wrappers, empty cups, trash and more branches till your mind is bogged down and backed up, flooded and stressed (leave it to me to make an analogy out of pure randomness and a river. like this lol). I have had a pulled chest muscle for 2 months now. Thought it was healing (relieving those fears of heart attack, angina, acid reflux, cancer), but when I bent over and took a deep breath while working yesterday, the sharp pain surprised me. Wasn't bad as it was 2 months ago, but showed me by surprise that it's still healing after all this time. Suddenly, you could say a "branch got lodged" in my once smooth, free flowing demeanor and calmed reserve. And then anxieties built on it, one after another. "Is this ever going away?" "Why me?" "Will it ever heal?" "Was I wrong? Is this really cancer?" "How long does it take to heal muscle strains in the chest?" Then I Google that info to get clarification, only to find in the search results 1,000s of links that say "How to tell your muscle pain is really a heart attack". Add another fallen tree, to an already clogging river. I just closed the browser out, without giving into what I knew would be more fear gathering. I've been realizing the pitfalls, and steps I fall into and how it gets me into fear mode. It's almost a step by step process of mistakes we make, coupled with bugs in search engines, and our culture as a society that plagues HA sufferers like us through clickbait. More and more, being apart of this community has opened my eyes and mind and made me stronger. I'm glad to see you use this place to rationalize your thoughts publicly. Its helped me a few times as well.
  4. I told my doctor I wake up to pee 2 or 3 times a night, at 36 years old, like I was a grandpa or something. I rremember when in my early 20's getting drunk, passing out and not waking to pee until noon the next day (can't live like that anymore! Lol). Doctor was unconcerned. Sounds like your anxiety is back again. I have night sweats too. Even when keeping the house at 67 - 70 degrees. Sometimes too many blankets were left on. I'd only be concerned about "night sweats" if I were waking up soaked, or over and over again. Even then, I'd check for a fever first before worrying about anything unless it continued for more than two weeks. The bodies temperature range regularly fluctuates between 3 degrees constantly. Too many variables to be convinced its something bad or deathly.
  5. Sounds like a pinched or damaged nerve. I get them a lot, and all sorts of odd sensations on my toes or feet (i do a lot of hiking over rough terrain). I once jumped 3 feet off a rock face into what I thought was a deep enough stream bed. Hit a rock just right, and my bottom foot was numb, and bruised for 6 days. Then as it healed, it spasmed enough to cause my toes to move by their selves. My health anxiety told me I'd burst an internal large vein in my foot (completely stupid). But it healed after a week. Wasted that whole time worrying instead of relaxing and healing.
  6. This is great information. To the OP, this is awesome and accurate advice.
  7. It all sounds anxiety related At the end of the day, we aren't doctors. We don't have your medical history or understanding of how whatever symptoms you experience correlate to what. But based on your last 3 recent threads, most of it sounds anxiety fueled. Once again, I'm not a doctor but I've experienced what you've described and it's gone away after my nerves calm down. I would suggest meditation (look for YouTube videos), deep breathing, exercise, drink more water, healthy diet augmentation (introduction of more fruits and veggies) and get more sunlight for a week or two. Compare and track your mood day-to-day in a journal as well as your thoughts during this process. If you don't notice a reduction in anxiety or stress, maybe seek some therapy or a counselor to help get your anxieties under control. It's easy to jump to the worst fears or conclusions imaginable because most times in fight or flight scenarios it keeps us safe, right? But health anxiety is a disability (that can be overcome), so we're incorrectly subjecting ourselves to a fight/flight mentality over something that could ultimately just be imaginary. CELEBRATE! LAUGH AT YOURSELF! As I laugh at my fears as well. You're creative and imaginative enough to feel sensations that maybe aren't even there. You've got an incredibly powerful mind! The reason I suggest "changing things up" in a healthy manner, is because we know you feel bad and nervous right now. Going to a doctor for "verification" or seeking validation on here from others in itself can be counterproductive. Hopefully making healthy, positive changes for a week can draw you enough out of that pit and help you to realize you're smart and strong enough to tackle and make many of these decisions on your own, without validation from others. If you wanted, change things up for a week or two like I suggested to see if it brings positive changes in. Keep track of your mood changes each day and read over them when you've reached your stop goal. If you've noticed a positive mood and feeling change, maybe you don't need to do anything other than introduce healthy interests into your life. If you're still feeling bad, then seek therapy or a doctor's advice. Take care, and don't let fear control you.
  8. See, you've had your lungs xrayed and checked out. I've always wanted to do that to ensure my lungs are healthy (following a pneumonia infection 7 years ago, and just general lung cancer fears, despite symptoms) but i don't want the radiation fears that come with that. So I've got to convince myself to purposefully not get the xray unless suggested by a doctor. I'm still struggling now that I've started counseling (as of last week) to learn to let the fear go.
  9. That's exactly why I never went back myself. After the $5,000 botched bridge job I received, I didn't trust dentists anymore. Was scared because every time I went back, "looks like you need a root canal". Or "oops, looks like you need some fillings ". Go on YouTube and you can see any number of dental scams, where dentists rake in the money claiming you need fillings only for the person to get second opinions and find out they don't. 20/20 and CBC have done news segments on this kinda stuff. Its scary! And how would we "the consumer/patient" even know the difference? I'm not a dentist and so if he says "you need a filling here" I just stupidly agree because I wouldn't know. I was lucky I got away from my old dentist and found a good one. Doesn't stop my fear, but I've gotten it under control enough to get my 6 month check ups.
  10. Popcorn lung! All it took, was a picture I couldn't even decipher - of a pair of lungs (might have been healthy, might not have been. Who knows? I'm not a radiologist). I don't smoke or even vape. I wake up and look at a cousins Facebook post speaking on the dangers of popcorn lung from vaping. I immediately think about everything I've ever inhaled in my life time - and start to think about the culmination of air particulates, carcinogens, molds, industrial dusts / chemicals, car fumes breathed in over a lifetime, pneumonia or respiratory infection scars and how or when it'll culminate into lung cancer, or lung disease of some sort for me for me. It's an irrational fear. Because the past is something I can't control. It's gone. It's done. Nothing I can do to change it. My (constant) fear I've got lung cancer (even with no troubles breathing, no fevers, no coughing, no bloody phlegm, no night sweats) is pushing me to want to get xrays I know will later scare me and develop into radiation fears down the road. It's so hard to bite the bullet and tell yourself you're okay when you don't want to believe it. To keep from ever getting that "last test" (xray in my case) because you know that by doing so for clarification - you're enabling your fears. I can rationalize and tell myself why I don't have lung cancer. But has anyone else here, purposely avoided getting unnecessary tests and chose to just trust your body and doctors? But with a lingering feeling of always wanting to get the test done anyways? How do you get past the "What if something was there...?"
  11. Or, don't have the money and or fear being told by the dentist they have some expensive procedure they'll need to get addressed which scares the individual with HA from going in the first place.
  12. I have an obsessive twitching ear drum, exacerbated by my sinuses, pressure and allergies. Comes and goes. I also listen to music on the loud side though too. I have had the random "ear ringing" from time to time throughout life which supposedly means that frequency is dying as it fades away (heard that in a movie, no credibility). Guess it's a good thing we can hear over 20,000hz. 19,999 more to go! Lol. Think I'm gonna be just fine!
  13. Yes. Years. Around 5. That's why I said, don't wait like I did. It's a hassle. Your breath stinks. Theres some pain. Long-term left untreated, health affects. But I didn't die! I didn't have infections. I just had a nasty dead tooth for that long (started dying in 2013/14) that eventually crumbled from the inside out around 1 and a half to two years ago. I also, wasn't suffering from health anxiety back then like I have started in the last year, which is why I never let it bother or screw with me. I did my best to keep it clean, but food continued to pack into that rotten hole under the bridge/crown and I simply dealt with the tooth pain because I didn't (and don't) believe in paying $14,000 for a procedure that can cost a dentist only up to $2,000 in "labor" and materials. Just to net him a $12k profit I'll be paying off for years. I considered getting the work done out of the country for a fraction of the cost. It would have cost $2600 total in Hungary. Or around 7 - 8k in Costa Rica as opposed to 14k here in the USA. There are websites dedicated to this (not sure I'm allowed to post websites or links in this forum, but you can Google them) that plan your itinerary, airplane tickets, carpooling from the airport, hotel stay etc. Not many, can afford healthcare or dental costs in this country anymore. Its become outrageous. Americans are going overseas now to get their dentistry done, and Hungary is booming in Dentistry right now. For example I was going to need a bone graph, that would take 4 months to heal (installation of fake tooth). Then I'd have to fly back after 4 months and have them screw in a prosthetic screw to hold the tooth. And let that heal, then go back again once the bones set around the screw. Even with travel costs, we're talking thousands of dollars cheaper. Or do half the most expensive part of the procedure here and let the American dentist clean up the rest. There are many different options.
  14. Welcome Ms. Honey! I don't know whether to congratulate you on being here, or to apologize that you're suffering from health anxiety like the rest of us. Lol. Just kidding. Welcome! Health anxiety is a long hard road filled with many obstacles, however I think that this is a very supportive community that we have here and I have not noticed any toxicities or flaming in the forum whatsoever which is why I enjoy it so much. So pull up a chair and join us! Hopefully together we can all rationalize yours and our fears to help guide us in those days where we can't turn off our hyper sensitivities and fears. You're not alone here 👍😃👍
  15. I notice a small burp after drinking, and even when I'mnot sometimes. And I too have throat issues. But probably because I focus on it and wholeheartedly believe I have issues due to confirmation from my larynologist who scoped my throat and found acid reflux damage on my vocal chords. Boy does my Health Anxiety, LOVEEEEE that diagnosis. Lol. So what exacerbates our notice of our throat issues? 1. I have allergies to which contribute through post nasal drip. 2. Sleep apnea/snoring 3. I look down at my phone often, especially at work where I complete service and work requests on it all day. 4. Chub around my chin which I'm sure depresses onto my Adam's apple. Need to lose weight or buy a chin strap to hold up my extra chins 😉 5. Hyper awareness as a HA sufferer. I notice everything and anything in my body and ultimately assume the worst. 6. I have GERD. 7. Constant throat clearing that irritates it even more throughout the day. I think a combination of those things daily or every other day contribute to the sensations in my throat. My hype awareness concentrates on it. And my HA tells me its ALLLLLLLL cancer. Lol. But its not. Could be you have a plethora of things going on with you as well. Welcome to the uphill battle my friend! Here's your rifle soldier, now charge up this same hill we're all trying to get over!🤣👍 I'm not a doctor but your symptoms are identical to mine and could be related to your issues in any or none of what I numbered and listed above. Just one thing. Don't be scared. Does absolutely nothing for you.