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  1. Hi Everyone, I am new here. I am 31 and have been struggling with general anxiety ever since I can remember. There's one particular type that gets me every time, that I cannot get to the bottom of. The idea of having a job whether casual or fulltime makes me very fearful. Panic overwhelms me, impending doom- you know the drill. I had a child 2.5 years ago and I can tell you that the best I have ever felt anxiety wise was when she was born. As my time was my own with her, I called the shots and I didn't have anywhere to be, I felt the best in my life's recollection. If she had a playdate or dance class, I knew it was only an hour so anxiety to be on time was my only concern and didn't feel tied down. I am recently starting up a very casual job, and yet I feel like life is quite bleak. I have tried to listen to myself about where the source is, but am stuck. Is it no control over my time, fear of going out and what co-workers will think of me, fear of being late... Does anyone have any ideas as to where this could stem from? Thanks for your time.