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  1. One is to realize you probably dont have it and second MS is completely reversable and anyone with it can live their entire life completely healthy with no issues from it. MS is talked about as this horrible disease, and yes it can be, IF the person continues eating the wrong trigger foods, MS is an autoimmune disease that is triggered by a poor diet and inflammatory food products combined with lack of nutrient density.
  2. Paleo diet, wahls protocol,look it up. Drs treat symptoms, proper food will treat the issue itself. functional medicine is the answer. God bless
  3. heres another fact about tetanus, its doesnt actually come from cuts or punctures from metal or rust alone, tetanus comes from spores more often transmitted into soil from animal feces that come in contact with common gardening tools or metals left outdoors near the ground where a lot of animal traffic or manuer is present, otherwise its fairly rare to get it from a car door.
  4. as a child i had ridiculous nose bleeds every day, no way its cancer. im not exaggerating either.. daily...nose bleeds and a lot of them going on for 10-30 minutes
  5. a lot of decongestants are made to dry you out, especially allergy medications, these result in the thin layer in thr nostril that covers the blood vessels to crack open
  6. so a nutrient dense diet will not only help prevent illness it can keep your brain in a healthy state that wont be fooling you into the anxiety loop you get stuck in with ghost symptoms as well because a healthy mind and body will fire on all cylinders properly.
  7. im gonna disagree on simply counting calories and not avoiding certain foods. this processed nutrient deprived culture we live in has been starving the human anatomy on a cellular level even seeming healthy looking people are increasingly more prone to some type of illness. now i know this is an HA forum but its our HA that could one day have us ignoring serious signs as well. To think that at some point in our lives we wont be the one to get sick as we age is fallacy. The BEST way to defend yourself is to remove the problem entirely and build your defenses now rather than after one does actually get sick. Science shows the early man didnt suffer the things we fear now on this forum. once the age of processed garbage and magic pills rolled around you see everything as far as illness skyrocket. its like having the biggest gun in your health arsonal, you'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  8. Fruit leather is actually an unappealing name for a "healthier" fruit roll up alternative and i just saw them for the first time at the grocery store last night. i told my wife...how the hell does FRUIT LEATHER sound good to a child, lol.
  9. cant stress enough how just 1 week on my paleo diet saved me, i still feel odd at times but i can actually get up in the morning and go to work. i can actually do my job as well, when i first started having all my symptoms i was hiding at work and sleeping for 2 or more hours when i got there, completely risking my livelyhood and now im not as fatigued and i can get right to work when i clock in. luckily i have some understanding co workers who would cover for me the last 3 or so months i've been feeling likw i have been.
  10. Paleo diet is the key to most health and health anxiety woes, look into the Wahls Protocol for the best paleo options backed by studies. This diet is high in vegetables 3/4 of your intake and 1/4 healthy fats, these things condition your mitochondria.
  11. im practically a doctor myself with all the money i spent visiting them and soaking up their information, its like i paid tuition for medical school
  12. im sure because i've had worse symptoms than you and gone through so much testing with my neurologist, PCP, and ER visits. There is no way its ALS from any doctor i've seen..they almost laugh at me when i say i think i still have it.
  13. and trust me when you have ALS anxiety you start to think of less severe issues that nobody else would want as an absolute blessing. Once you get over the anxiety it will humble you beyond belief, i used to be on the opposite spectrum of depression and couldnt understand why im even alive and going through the motions of day to day life. once i started having als anxiety my position changed from hoping i die to not wanting to die and once i got over the fear of als im starting to really appreciate every day i wake up. i still have my twitches and muacle aches but its helping me change my life in a way because i've started a paleo diet to help repair my body and get my brain into a better place
  14. because its not, an early sign is foot drop or sudden inability to use your hand, and even then, thats not 100% true because even pinched nerves or herniated discs can cause those symptoms