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  1. I had the nerve test and emg done last Tuesday. I had been having twitching (still have it) all of my body, but more in my legs. My testing was only done in my legs. I’ve read that ALS will show up as widespread issues, even in areas where you aren’t experiencing any type of symptoms. Even though I’m still having twitching, I’m trying to take some comfort in that bit of information! Hopefully it’s accurate!
  2. My neuro never responded to my message today, but my pcp received the results and messaged me to say the nerve conduction and emg was normal! Huge relief!! They only tested my legs, as that’s where most of my twitching was, with some in my arms, back, abdomen. Makes me a tad bit nervous it was only the legs, but from what I’ve read, abnormalities would show up in many places and that it’s never too early to test. I’m gonna go with that! Phew!!
  3. The office said they will not give results over the phone. I’m hoping if they get faxed to my pcp, she will give them to me either over the portal or the phone. EVEN if the result isn’t good. I thought about requesting them to send them to my chiropractor because I know he’d look them over and tell me, tomorrow. The waiting is so hard. But it’s also like... do I really wanna know if it’s something bad? After the nerve part of the test, I’ve been twitching like CRAZY! Did that happen to you? I had such minimal twitching yesterday and finally had a fairly decent night of sleep. But that test really seemed to have amped up my nerves!
  4. Oh! And as I was leaving, the neuro said “Good luck!” That definitely worried me! What did he see on mybtesting that makes him think I need some good luck?! 😫
  5. Hi! I started a new thread, as the other one was getting long. I had my EMG testing done this afternoon. There was definitely a lot of popping noises, even when muscles were at rest. That definitely makes me worried. When I was leaving, the neuro said he’d be putting together a report and have it posted and faxed to my doctor this evening. He gave me zero indication of how the testing went, which I’m sure is not a great sign. Originally, the PA I saw said we could communicate the results (possibly) through the patient portal. Well, I was very unclear on which dr would be giving me results (neuro office or pcp), so I sent a message to neuro office and they said I’d need to schedule a follow up. That’s definitely making me feel like something bad showed up on the testing! 😫
  6. My neuro’s office just called and they have an opening tomorrow and can get me in sooner for my EMG. While I’m ready to get it done with... I’m not looking forward to how much it could hurt, the wait for the results, and if the results aren’t what I want....
  7. Yes! I’ve done the calculations and accounted for the stats that it’s more probable for men vs women and over 40 instead of under. Makes me feel slightly better!😬
  8. My dents are on the top of my hand. Under the thumb by my wrist and then in the middle of my hand, near my wrist.
  9. How did you get a picture to attach? Mine said too large!
  10. Yes, it does! I have a love-hate relationship with the date of my EMG and then the results. I will hate the date if I get a bad report but will love to get a good report and MOVE ON! Right now, my biggest worries are the dents I have noticed in my hands (same spot on both hands??!!) and the fact that I will twitch even when standing (but not actually moving). Mom ready to know what’s going on, but I fear the news, too!
  11. Question...did you ever get the twitches whiles standing? There are times where the back of my thigh or my knee will twitch when I’m standing. That worries me way more than the resting ones. I’m not actually moving, but still standing vs just sitting around. My twitches also stop upon movement. I’ve read that a twitch when standing isn’t any more of a concern, but I’m not sure how accurate that is!
  12. I haven’t ever been to a therapist but I think it’s probably time to start. If this turns out to be benign, and it’s really anxiety, then I’ll definitely start going to a therapist. My insurance actually covers quite a few appointments, so I need to take advantage of that.
  13. When my chiro did my reflexes the first time, they were also brisk on both knees. But my pcp and the neuro both said they were fine that day. And yes, I’ve been told anxiety can cause that, too. That it’s more worrisome if it’s brisk in only one area, each time it’s tested! Wouldn't it be great if you could easily get those EMG’s done just like a CT scan?!
  14. Did any of you ever have any atrophy? When I move my hands in a certain way, it looks like atrophy that I’ve never noticed on my hands before. However, it’s in both hands, same spots. I’ll attach some pics and feel free to give me your opinions! I cant figure out how to attach a photo? Says it’s too large!