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  1. Hey there, I have Bipolar, ADHD and GAD. I went onto Epitec (Lamotrigine) and 90mg Yelate( a Duloxetine generic of Cymbalta) for the depression and mood stabilising, Zoxadon (Risperidone generic) for the anxiety and Contramyl (a methylphenidate generic of Concerta) for the ADHD. Unfortunately I could not afford the Contramyl and the Yelate as my medical plan refuse to cover it. I kinda just have to live with the ADHD, it just makes my life more difficult and I have to take notes for everything and even then I have to try and keep focus on what I am doing because my mind just drifts away. I also struggle to let go of thoughts like they keep circling round and round in my head, which I was told is a mild form of OCD which adds to my anxiety. So I could kick myself for going off the Yelate though because my anxiety (it is supposed to help for that too) has gone through the roof, and have been compensating with Urbanol, which is a benzodiazepin and is very "habit forming" which I do not like and Dopaquel which just makes me to tired to even function. So I guess I am just going to have to cut back on something to be able to afford Yelate. How has your experience been on the Cymbalta, if I may ask?