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  1. Yes sure do. Start on zantac or Prilosec. I'm a burping machine with indigestion and my chest feels tight and heart hurts etc...
  2. Thank you for your replies. Mine are flesh colored but slightly raised. One of them is bright red on the tip. I can't stop messing with it. When I got bad anxiety I started tensing up in my sleep. Maybe I'll try a mouth guard. Dentist just said area looks inflammed but since I've had it since April suggested if mouthwash doesn't fix it to go to a oral surgeon. So as a health anxiety sufferer I think you can imagine what that's doing to me.
  3. Since April the side of my tongue near the back where there are little bumps is inflammed. So I mess with it constantly. I went to dentist she said ya that area looks angry. She said I don't wanna jump to conclusions but here is some special mouthwash and if it doesn't get better you need to see oral surgeon. Yikes. Scary. Anyone else have this before
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. This has caused so much anxiety. Yes like trapped gas in chest is exactly what it feels like. Leaves me feeling breathless doing small things.
  5. I've been feeling chest fullness for a few days. Not struggling to breathe but not at full function. When I burp I feel a little relief but it comes back. I stopped taking prilosec. Does anyone with gerd experience this?
  6. Story of my life. Sensodyne worked wonders for me
  7. Well sounds like the heels are the issue. I'm a stay at home mom and I wear no shoes or flip flops. When I put on tennis shoes it's instant numb
  8. Since December under my pink toe and toe next to it is numb on one side. Only notice it when I'm wearing shoes or step off the bed in the morning. Just shoe issues I chalked it up to
  9. Most sinus issues create bleeding. Especially decongestants. Do a neti pot with sterile water. It's amazing and you can breathe again
  10. Do you currently have a cold or anything. When I had sinus pressure I watched some amazing YouTube videos on how to help with it and it did help. If your tooth is hurting a lot walmart or Walgreens has an amazing product called toothache. It's a godsend
  11. Maybe get a mirror out check it out down there
  12. That feeling does come with anxiety. Although could be middle ear issues and in my experience not much you can do. Not life threatening in the least. I had that all the time and one day a year later my ears felt clogged but dizzy stopped
  13. I had all the same symptoms as you. Friggin kills. Get it pulled. Also, at Walmart or rite Aid there is medicine that's called toothache. It kills the pain instantly. Get that in the meantime
  14. You can by the dollar pasta sides. I like those. Or go to the deli and get sides. If you lack cooking skills you can't go wrong with a check breast seasoned and baked for 25 mins. At 350. Then veggies and like a side a potato or side pasta
  15. Maybe some eggs and fruit in the morning, salad or cold sandwich for lunch, nuts and veggies for snacks. For dinner maybe some lean meat or fish with a pasta side. Fried foods and Italian get me every time with acid reflux. Water gives me it bad like it does you. Flavored water helps but could be mental