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  1. I've been dealing with funky bowel movements (yellow loose stool, yellow mucus, undigested food, minor red bleeding when wiping, wiping yellow after every bowel movement) for 4 weeks now. I go once a day in the morning, very rarely twice a day, same time every day, but each day is a surprise for what kind of stool it will be. I'm starting to become pretty concerned. What could be causing the yellow stool and yellow when I wipe? I'm making an appointment with my doctor, but in the meanwhile I'd appreciate advice/support.
  2. Thank you. I really needed to read this.
  3. Internal bleeding would be caused by a pretty serious trauma to your body. Tweaking a muscle during exercise will not cause it. However I do understand the fear you're having about the uncomfortable muscle. I have a muscle in my back that's bothering me and it has really set off my health anxiety fears. But also try to remember (and I need to take my own advice) that we experience sensation very acutely because we are so hyper focused on the slightest discomfort in our bodies. We also tend to tense as we become anxious, which can make muscles feel worse. Try to distract yourself from it and I bet the discomfort fades into the background.
  4. I do terrible with waiting for appointments, too. Truthfully I kind of shutdown. But during moments of clarity, I find a lot of distraction. Watch movies, read books, exercise, work on a hobby. Talk to a friend. Go out of the house - that's a big one. Do NOT google! lol I know it's always easier said than done, though.
  5. @Chriss Did your chest ever feel a little heavy or congested in the morning from it? My throat does feel mucusy in the morning, too. Might be onto something. I was thinking of getting nasal spray. Maybe allergy medicine or decongestant.
  6. @Iugrad91 So I've actually considered both of those as possible. I have noticed heartburn and belching often, but not every day. And I almost always find I'm clearing my throat of thick mucus lately. I'm not sure if this makes sense, but if I sniff in I can smell my inner nose and it has kind of an off/stinky smell. Not sure if that means anything.
  7. @Ow1984 I took antibiotics end of February because of the cough. The cough is definitely worse in the morning for me. I feel clogged up, chest kind of congested and then cough a little phlegm up. I also notice I cough after I eat. I just can't remember actually being sick, yet i have this phlegm cough that's hanging around. 😕
  8. @NervUs I have used medicine. I was honestly just waiting and hoping it would go away naturally. Its not so far and it's further validating my fears (based on the symptoms you'd get with lung c-word).
  9. A week ago I saw my doctor to followup on an x ray. Despite being told nothing was concerning in the xray and I do not have lung c-word... I'm back to thinking I do have it. I very stupidly searched if lung c-word can be missed on an xray. It can. I've still been coughing going on 6 weeks now. I'm still short of breath. I am so fatigued. I really feel like something is being missed. At this point I feel like the only way to move past this is to have a ct scan. I know that's ridiculous. I'm just not sure how else I'm going to accept this otherwise. Of course my doctor has already decided it's merely anxiety, so I don't think she will be willing to do more tests.
  10. @ZenCube Yes, I need to stop fixating on it. The doctor also prescribed me Buspirone 7.5 mg and said she wanted to see me back in 2 weeks to discuss my symptoms, if they've decreased as the anxiety medicine kicks in. I think this is really reasonable. I don't think this is the fast acting medicine, so I'll have to wait for it to build up in my system, but I'm looking forward to how I feel with my anxiety managed. Thank you for continuing to reply, it's been comforting to have your reassurance and positive attitude.
  11. Update: I didn't have an x ray today but I was able to talk at length with the doctor regarding my first x ray and the findings. She actually said before I even told her my fears that she was "unimpressed" with the slight haze she saw on my scan and that she thought it was maybe scarring from a past illness. She said it was way too light to be pneumonia/current infection and the other doctor just treated it as that to cover bases. So I asked her what about lung cancer. She said no. She said that me asking that question really indicated my state of mind and she felt I was suffering with severe anxiety that was probably causing some of my symptoms. My SO asked her "on a scale of 1 to 100 how much the x ray looked like cancer?" and the Dr said "zero, its not cancer." So unless the Dr is totally sure, I don't think she would have been willing to say that?
  12. @ZenCube My only symptoms have been shortness of breath, cough and heavy feeling in my right lung. I've had some back pain but I think it's anxiety and from coughing. No blood in my phlegm. I've lost a little weight recently but I think it's due to me worrying and it's suppressing my appetite. I did the stupid thing and went to Dr google. I started finding all my "symptoms" lining up and then I saw a few people my age that have been diagnosed with LC. From there I'd just decided my doctor was wrong or mistaken and the follow up x ray would show this. I'm grateful for you talking this out with me because it refocuses my attention. I've been in such a vicious cycle of worrying and then finding more "evidence" to support that worry, that I've sunk into a deep hole. As much as I'm ready to know the x ray outcome, I'm also dreading my worst fears being confirmed. Just can't win with health anxiety.
  13. @Angelica Schuyler I did. For me it turned out to be a flea infestation. Do you have any animals? My anxiety did seem to make it worse because I started to feel itchy all over once I noticed the bumps and was really focused on the bumps. We had an exterminator come into spray and after a week the bites stopped. If you don't have animals, and otherwise there are no signs of bedbugs (you'd definitely see signs if you have bed bugs), I'd chalk it up to anxiety. Maybe the move set it off, since that's a big change?
  14. @Angelica Schuyler thank you so much for the reply. The doctor had said at the initial appointment that if my second x ray wasn't different, he would send me for a CT. Which of course I was freaked out by that comment wondering if he had already anticipated my needing a CT scan. It's just ridiculous the way my brain interprets situations and immediately assumes the worst. I'm frustrated with myself, I'm scared and this wait has me on edge. I will try to repeat to myself that I shouldn't worry until there is reason to. I hope it's OK if I update here with the findings tomorrow.
  15. The x ray is tomorrow morning and I'm so consumed with worry I can't eat, I'm trembling and my stomach is churning. I hate this so much.