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  1. I've had at least 10 since 2014 (I have EOE and need scoped to check to see how it's doing). The process is super easy and nothing to worry about. You might have a little sore throat, but nothing serious. I never had any discomfort and I actually have a narrow (and often inflamed esophagus).
  2. Yeah, I just don't get it. I have cramping in my calves off and on, weird sensations and twitches that come and go, etc. I just don't understand what it could be.
  3. So lately I've ad twitching show up in foot (has all but gone away after a few days), my right abdomen (off and on for a few months), and most recently (especially today) in my left pectoral area. I know I should be calm because my EMGs were clean, but why after seemingly never really getting twitching in my life aside from my eyelids occasionally, why am I getting all of these? I feel like the past few days I haven't even been obsessing over my health, either
  4. Ran outside a little today with the kiddo. Leg definitely felt sore and irritated when I was running. Now the back of my knee/leg feels sore. So could be structural, but I find it hard to believe that none of my doctor's would didn't find that if it is truly physical.
  5. Perhaps, but I literally don't remember doing anything to strain it to begin with, but who knows.
  6. Yeah I would think it's physical, but it really concerns me going on over two months of this on and off pain and general tired leg feeling. My EMGs were clean, but I still worry maybe something was missed or it was done too soon.
  7. I was doing good for a week or so (was even away from this site for a while). My heart issue took precedence and I felt like my other symptoms were gone (tingling, leg soreness, etc.). Then yesterday I was mowing and got off and ran around the yard a but with my oldest son. Then that night my right foot actually hurt to walk on. Today my foot and ankle was a little sore and I was up on a table hanging something on the wall and I went to get down and my right thigh got really tight and sore again (haven't felt that in weeks). Ever since my right foot has felt like a burn and pain. I also have a twitch going on on my top foot still. Tonight it's twitching right by my ankle bone. I know pain and ALS don't go hand in hand, but what the heck is this?? I also have been experiencing random slight cramps in both calves for about two weeks.
  8. I guess I could post an update. After seeing my neurologist 2 weeks ago he didn't really seem to be concerned however he did want me to wear a holter monitor to check for the reasoning behind my random skipped beats that he discovered during my exam. the office called yesterday and I can only speak to a nurse and she just said my results were "borderline." I literally have no idea what that means but the results are being sent to my GP so I will wait until they have something to say about it. As for the tingles they have subsided substantially however the last two days I have a new twitch on the top of my right foot. Never got a switch there before so of course now my mind wanders.
  9. Yeah. My calves have been tight recently (mainly today and yesterday). Worries me but then I have to keep telling myself it's probably nothing even though I never really felt this before.
  10. Well, I’m wearing my monitor as of today. It’s quite annoying. Wasn’t worried about what they might find until now that I’m wearing it.
  11. It shouldn't. You don't have "feel" sensations with ALS like you're experiencing. People on the ALS forums say you feel strong as ever, you just can't use a certain part of your body. I think you needn't worry.
  12. So another little update. My leg tightness was bad yesterday after my appointment and through the day (stress?). Today it was good. My dad and loaded and then unloaded about 800 board feet of lumber that will be made into flooring for the new house. I felt a little weak/tires at times but my leg strength was fine when I tested it with lunges. I noticed that when driving it felt a little bit more tight then when I get out and walk around it seemes to be ok. I came home with my son and played in the yard running around a lot and it never really seemed to get too tight or too sore but it's definitely noticeable. I feel it mostly in my right calf. What do you guys think?
  13. My neurologist saw 3 just this year, and we live in a small town.
  14. Didn't get the copy of the results for the last EMG, but received this statement, "There were some mild abnormalities to the sural nerve and tibial nerves without any axonal loss - not enough to qualify as a neuropathy. Moderate L superficial fibular nerve mononeuropathy at the ankle. Overall benign EMG. No evidence of demyelinating process or lumbar radiculopathy. I believe his neurology appointment is soon, hope the findings can be addressed at appointment. "
  15. Thanks. It seems like he doesn't seem overly concerned, but the heart thing has me a little worried. Could all be stress though and would prove what you all have been saying. Just how bad stress can be on the body.