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  1. Didn't get the copy of the results for the last EMG, but received this statement, "There were some mild abnormalities to the sural nerve and tibial nerves without any axonal loss - not enough to qualify as a neuropathy. Moderate L superficial fibular nerve mononeuropathy at the ankle. Overall benign EMG. No evidence of demyelinating process or lumbar radiculopathy. I believe his neurology appointment is soon, hope the findings can be addressed at appointment. "
  2. Thanks. It seems like he doesn't seem overly concerned, but the heart thing has me a little worried. Could all be stress though and would prove what you all have been saying. Just how bad stress can be on the body.
  3. Saw a neurologist today who did a full checkup. He doesn't feel there is anything spine or brain related. I asked him why and he explained that MS acts a lot like a stroke and hits one side of the body hard. He also said thee are certain reflexes that I didn't have that would typically point to MS. My balance and strength looked good and he doesn't think I need a spine MRI. However when he did the babinski on my right foot initially, I reacted upward. He then told me to relax, look up and spell "world" backwards. I did that and must have passed because he didn't note an issue. Does that sound normal? Now where things get interesting. My blood pressure was really high 163/92, and it's normally 120/70 ish. He also said my heart resets quickly after every 15 seconds or so. As such, I'm going to be wearing a monitor next weekend for 48hrs. He doesn't seem overly concerned. He also wants to run a full gamuts of tests for Lyme and another tick born llness as well as thyroid. So, now I'm not a lot further ahead, and still worried.
  4. Thanks. I'm not as dead set on MS as I was. I feel like other than the sporadic tingles, I don't have much to correlate to it at this point.
  5. Nope, I tried, but my GP said my insurance won’t cover it without progression of symptoms or after having completed 6 weeks of PT. I’m hoping if it’s necessary, the neurologist will be able to order one. I know it may be the last piece of the puzzle, but also concerned of what it might find. Still holding out hope we can find an obvious answer to all of this.
  6. They didn't rule anything out other than the doctor (DC, sooo not a neurologist) who did the test wasn't concerned at all that it was MS (because of my clean brain MRI), and he said you definitely don't have ALS, but he also couldn't find evidence of degeneration in my back. Just inflammation in my back and tarsal tunnel in my left foot. This second doctor was awesome, though. He explained everything so thoroughly. He's just not a neurologist, so we wait untill tomorrow.
  7. I've read (I know, I know) that MS shows normal EMG and NCS. Usually doctors will order EMGs and NCS's to rule out other causes of neuropathy. The fact that mine was clear basically makes it less likely my problems are related to my back and relates to something else. What that is, who knows. I will say my back still hurts there like it usually does when I hurr my back a few times a year.
  8. I go in on Thursday. I had my lower EMG yesterday and all was clear. I do have some tarsal tunnel in my left ankle. He probed everywhere with the needle and was very thorough. When he poked into my lower back where my back problems have been for years it hurt much worse than any of the others and it hurt the entire time the needle was in. He noted I was inflamed there but we couldn't find any nerve issues in my back or legs. Good and bad news as that leaves anxiety or MS I think.
  9. Thanks everyone. I will try my best to keep moving forward from here.
  10. Lower EMG was clean. But also not showing any issues in my lower back. So not sure if there are in fact back issues at play. I have the equivalent of mild carpal tunnel but in my left ankle. Some swelling in my back where my back pain always his they said, but that's it. So if it may not be a back, and it's not ALS, what does that leave? Anxiety and/or MS?
  11. Generally, yes. Of course for the hypochondriac in me, it's not enough.
  12. Don't remember injuring it. ALS doesn't often show itself in the thigh first, though.
  13. Another twist. Today, I'm outside playing with the boys. I felt like my right quad was a little tight. I squatted down to pick something up, and felt a terrible burn like a muscle strain in my right quad. Now it hurts going up and down stairs. I'm afraid my legs are losing their structural integrity from something to cause this. So it's been two months of weakness and tightness in this right leg/knee with occasional twitches in my quad, and now, a full blown quad strain from literally squatting down. Could this be muscle degeneration? Or maybe ALS? My upper EMG was clean. Lower is tomorrow.
  14. Sounds like me minus the significant twitches.