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  1. I beg to differ with 'face twitches being the only one triggered by anxiety. Every body twitches and it is well documented that stress is a real cause for fasiculations, and not only in the face, but everywhere on the body. Please stay away from Google like it was a vial of cyanide - which it is mentally wise...
  2. No no, dear friend, leukemia unveils itself with other signs than a supposedly enlarged spleen (which not being a doctor you can't assess by your own). You'll need fever, weight loss, multiple infections, dramatic fatigue, bruises all over, bleeding gums (and I don't mean the usuall toothbrush bleed) before you get me concerned about you having leukemia. Just note how you hopped from pancreatic cancer to leukemia in a matter of days. It should tell you something about how your mind is working, looking for life threatening diseases. You have to get your mind out of that spiral. You're way too young to waste your life with this.
  3. Hello. Sorry to find you in such dire times. You don't present with anything consistent with ALS. Twitching is so common, it's not even a symptom. The clumsy feeling about your hand is not muscle failure. If you're still able to move your fingers, pinch them against your thumb, you don't have ALS. You need to calm down. Be aware that extreme anxiety is the most common cause for fasiculations, as it is for cramping. I suggest you release some steam by doing cardio sports. Running, hitting the gym hard, swimming. It will relax your muscles and nervous system. Hang tough.
  4. Hi there. Hard times you're going through and I'm sorry for that. Nothing in your post even remotely points towards ALS. Like others said before me, your symptoms are much about feeling and not about failing. In ALS you don't feel much, you just lose muscle function to the point of paralysis. Twitching is irrelevant without clinical weakness. Internet is full of people twitching and freaking out about it and hardly no one of them ever comes down with ALS. Don't Google. Don't test your strenght. Don't look for atrophies on your body. Give the twitches a shrug. Besides your age is a no match for MND.
  5. ZenCube


    Hello there. Very sorry to see you going through hard times. What you describe in not really suggestive of anything sinister. However, when symptoms persist, it's always clever to bring it up to medical attention, so as to sort out whats going on. There's a point where even us anxious folks need to soldier up and hit that PCP appointment. It's a hard move to make, but the only one that can eventually clear your mind. Good vibes coming your way. Hang tough.
  6. Hello. What's your background: how old are you, and more importantly: are you a long time smoker? Shortness of breath and pain is not usually how lung cancer presents. The armpit node sounds more consistent with an infection than with cancer, considering enlarged nodes do not feel tender when cancerous, most of the time. You don't mention coughing, not to mention caughing up blood, which is an instant red flag riser. You didn't mention weigh loss, night sweats, itching which are very common with l-cancer. Neither did you mention voice changes (hoarsness) that won't go away and such other symptoms that could bring fuel to fear. A visit to the doctor should be considered a wise move, not to track down cancer but moreso to have yourself checked for possible pneumonia or whatever other condition this could be (and there a dozens of them that could make the symptoms described up - lung cancer is bottom list, I"m sure of that).
  7. Nope no lung cancer there. No night sweats, no blood streaked phlegm when you cough, no weight loss. Oh, and had you lung cancer, the coughing would not come and go. On the other hand quitting smoking would be a wise move.
  8. Pancreatic cancer hallmark is not pain. It's jaundice, sudden diabetes, very fast weight loss. At your age the odds you winning the lottery are higher than you coming down with p. cancer.
  9. I don't really think it's reassurance folks are seeking here. It cannot be, because after doctors have failed to provide reassurance, how on earth could we achieve what the experts in the field couldn't? I believe people who come to post and rant about their health fears, just want to feel and experience that they are not alone in this horrible state of mind, that there are peeps out there willing enough to spend time listening to them, peeps who KNOW exactly what they are going through. How I see it, it's more about brotherhood than it is about informational relief regarding their very symptoms.
  10. The fear of this disease takes an enormous toll on one's mind. The fight against the thought process that tries to convince you that you a struck by it has to be relentless. The previous suggestions are spot on. You have to consider you're not dying from ALS but only living with the fear of it, which is bad enough. It's like a situation where your girlfriend or boyfriend left you. Your mind is constantly trying to put you in the loop again. Memories, pictures, objects of the loved one left behind... you dwell on these. Same here, every opportunity is taken by your mind and its over interpretation of very common symptoms so they can become ominous signs, and then 'evidences' of the disease. The first thing to do is to make that system starve out and thus not to feed it with informations gathered on specialized websites, not to check your body looking for atrophies that are only in your mind, not to wear out your muscles by constantly testing them. And then there's learning to accept that the fear will still linger about, ready to build itself up at every occasion you throw at it. Starve the thing out and accept it will still be there somehow. Learn to live with it and learn to live despite it is there.
  11. Acid reflux is like super common. It will bloat you, hurt you, make eating and post eating really uncomfortable. All what you describe. On the other hand stomach cancer will come with tummy discomfort but ALSO with a lot of diverse collateral symptoms. Sudden weight loss, dysphagia, black and tarry stools which are made of digested blood, vomiting containing red streaks of fresh blood... etc. For your peace of mind you can ask your GP for an endoscopy. It's an easy procedure that requires but a slight general anaesthesia and lasts no more than 15 minutes. You don't have stomach cancer but you could have less severe conditions that would require a check up (barret's oesophagus, ulcers, helicobacter pilori infection... etc).
  12. Indeed I was. I feel for everyone caught in the nest of ALS. As I said, I'm still not totally out of it myself, and I've certainly been where Plac is right now. But there's a way out. I wanted to stress how dangerous it was to look for symptoms on the internet. How many time have I ruined months of hard work, climbing step by step out of the rabbit hole just to crash down again only because I peeked through Google just once. Plac, Ive read all your posts, and I can assure you nothing, I mean nothing holds any hallmark of ALS presentation. Not twitches nor shaking is in any matter a sign of ALS. Sorry again if I caused more trouble than good. Sometimes you just miss you target trying to help someone out.
  13. I'm just trying to put some sense into you and help you avoid the traps. My bad for the 'brother' thing, although we re all brothers and sister of the same ugly madness, I suppose. My way out was the hard way, there s no other if you want to get yourself into life again. A week ago or so I pmed you and advised you the three iron rules to get there: no google, no strenght tests, no twitching scrutiny. Its up to you to try and apply these rules. Sorry if I went a bit hard on you, I thought it was for the best.
  14. Brother, this one's on you. You just shot yourself willingly with a big fat load of cyanide dread. The sad thing is that it never serves as a lesson, all right. Now that you are poisoned with Google, you are regretting your move but you'll search up the next symptom regardless. It's an addiction. I really come to believe it's an addiction to fear, that compulsion. We all know Googling NEVER helped one of our kind washing off fears, only enhancing them to the point of madness. Yet Googling we continue, over and over again, like it was pure heroin on a craving junkie. Sorry for the harsh words, but sometimes it's what one needs to lay off the syringe. Two years ago I nearly killed myself out of despair, nearly making my two little daughters orphans. It all came from Googling symptoms that were vaguely consistent with ALS, and then all spiraled into sheer madness. Guess what, I'm far from out of the pit, but I can live with it. Hear me out brother, I would have blown my brains out hadn't I thoroughly decided to STOP looking for evidences of a disease so dreaded. Because guess what, there could be an argument in looking up for cancer signs, aka: if I take it early enough, I may have a chance. For ALS, there's no such thing. It's curtains whether you pick it up in the early stages or later on. There's nothing out there to look for. Either you have it and it will eventually bring its hallmark muscle failure or you don't. Plac, I'm telling you that for your good. I could bet a thousand dollars that you don't have ALS, but I'm pretty sure you are wasting your life on that hobbit. That was some wall of text, but I hope it could shake you into breaking the horrible habits that are killing your mind right now.