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  1. JHop23

    Heart anxiety...

    Thanks for the reply. I agree with the waiting for tests drives me crazy. When I’m home HR is normal but soon as I’m in there over 100 easy. 😞.
  2. JHop23

    Heart anxiety...

    Hey all first time poster long time reader. Quick back story, I’m 30 M and have had anxiety since I was 20. Recently I was having heart palpitations/flutters and went to get checked out. Had Stress test/EKG/Echo all in the last year. Everything came back normal except for Sinus tachycardia which they said wasn’t a worry. For the past month or so I have been having these short and sharp chest pains on the left side around the nipple area. They don’t last long but they come several time a day. No rhyme or reason. can be active or resting. No other symptoms with them except anxiety about them. I saw my GP for a Physical last week and she didn’t seem alarmed. Offered another stress test if iI wanted to ease my mind. But she chalked it up to anxiety. Some times I want to run to ER when they happen to get the work up but i talk myself out. Has anyone experience something similar or an idea of what it could be? Thanks.