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  1. Ow1984

    Colon Cancer

    I've now had stomach gurgling for last week. What's this mean now?
  2. Ow1984

    Colon Cancer

    Does anyone know how long piles take to disappear also. Would a consultant be able to see and feel piles from 2 weeks previous?
  3. Ow1984

    Colon Cancer

    Everywhere I read it says anal fissures don't bleed that much. Which is why I can't understand what's going on. The weirdest thing is half the time I can't remember going to toilet it's just there in the morning as I'm still sort of sleep walking alcohol induced.
  4. Ow1984

    Colon Cancer

    I've now just seen that anal cancer can be mistaken for anal fissures and have gone into a complete headspin. Reading the consultants letter again. He wants to review the situation in 6 weeks and that he only had a glimpse of an anal fissure. Why didn't he take a swab? My anxiety has gone into complete over drive now.
  5. Ow1984

    Colon Cancer

    What I can't get my head around though (along with other things} is that 1 toilet following or during drinking there is lots in the bowl and the next movement there is hardly any when I wipe. Surely they can't heal that quick.
  6. Ow1984

    Colon Cancer

    Suppose I need to trust the consultant. But so scared something has been missed.
  7. Ow1984

    Colon Cancer

    Thanks for response. I just can't get my head around why it's after alcohol when the amount of blood increases. The consultant sensing my anxiety told me I have nothing to worry about but you know what it's like with anxiety. Just wish I hadn't stopped taking the ointment now. I ask my partner to look at the blood in the morning and she thinks its lighter than her period blood. It's spoiling my home life at the moment.
  8. Ow1984

    Colon Cancer

    Hi new to this forum but have suffered health anxiety for years but at the moment I'm in a mess. I'm a 34M have had blood in the toilet for last 10 months but only after heavy drinking. Only problem is I've bee Quite drunk so don't know if I have been straining or if has hurt. I recently had a flexible sigmoidoscopy which showed a anal fissure at the top on the anal canal but the consultant didn't worry about anything else. I have intermittent light bleeding at other times. I took the ointment for 3 weeks but stopped for some reason. 9 days later and there was blood in the toilet. I'm now paranoid that he has missed something? Why didn't he do a full colonoscopy? When people say dark blood what does this mean? I'm not sure if my current tiredness is from worry or from the cancer I have convinced myself I have. Thanks all