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  1. Definitely true. I have been worrying about my weight as well; I've dropped ~8 pounds since the end of February, but I've also had a cold and I've been eating healthier and drinking more water. Plus weight fluctuates anyway. I'm trying not to worry about it myself, especially when it's nowhere close to 10% of my body weight. I'm nowhere close to 80 lbs :)
  2. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that gets this, or if it's even a symptom of anxiety: My right ear, usually in the evening, gets really red and feels hot and burning, like if I were blushing or embarrassed. Sometimes it travels a little bit to my temple/the top of my cheek. I'm guessing this could be TMJ too, but it has been concerning me recently so I was hoping it was just Yet Another Anxiety symptom or something benign like TMJ. Apparently online they talk about "Red Ear Syndrome" which is apparently really rare - I wonder how many people get it and then just don't worry!
  3. I've been checked for h. pylori (negative) - I've raised the head of my bed by 6 inches so that I sleep on an incline, I've tried over the counter PPIs, I take Tums when needed as well. I wake up a lot with burning pain :( Trying to cut out anything acidic (coffee, etc.) helped some as well, but not 100%. I basically cannot eat pizza.
  4. I've been suffering on and off for months with a lot of stomach acid / GERD -- this is going on for probably a year and a half if not more. I take antacids and sometimes do 14-day proton pump inhibitors, but it never seems to fully go away. I read something about a 34-year old with stomach cancer (I'm 31) and of course started freaking out. :(
  5. When I got weighed (in full clothes, including jeans and a hoodie), I was 234. I just weighed today (in just a t-shirt and undies) at 224. I'm kinda freaked out still. I know you can lose some water weight by getting better hydration, but I honestly don't know if it could be that much. At what point should I go into the doctor's for a check up?
  6. I am overweight (BMI 29.6, just about obese), have a pretty mixed diet (some fast food, but salads for lunch), mom has a history of high blood pressure.
  7. I've had a series of incidents that are quite scary. I was taking some antibiotics in October and my watch warned me my heart rate was up to 145. I freaked out. I went to urgent care and they told me I should have gone to the ER with such a high heart rate. The next day, the same thing happened, but this time 160, so I called an ambulance. SO SCARED. They did an EKG - all fine. They referred me to a cardiologist after the fact; we did a holter monitor, stress test, echocardiogram. Everything normal, except a high resting heart rate (around 90-100)... I'm guessing this is anxiety? At any rate, when I was in the doctor's office for cold symptoms, they were taking my heart rate and it shot up from 90 to 138 or so. After that happened, I got really nervous and had a vasovagal syncope episode - I didn't quite faint but I had to yell for help and they had me elevate my feet, etc. This had happened 2-3 times before when giving blood or having blood drawn for a test, but never randomly like this. I was most likely a bit dehydrated, but still. Has anyone dealt with this? I'm constantly afraid of my heart rate going up (outside of exercise). I had to stop wearing my smartwatch because I was afraid it'd alert me again, and I was afraid of that heart rate number. Anxiety Coaches Podcast I think recommended not using smartwatches if you're worried about your heart rate.
  8. I've had anxiety on and off for the past decade. It's been pretty bad the past few months, which made me seek out a therapist. I don't think I've had weight loss associated with anxiety in the past, though; usually I stress eat.
  9. Hi all - I weighed myself for the first time in a while, and I'm about 5-6 pounds lighter than I was the last time I weighed myself, which was a month or so back. I haven't been eating any better (in fact, possibly slightly worse). I expected it to be higher or at least equal. I'm pretty worried. The only real change I've made is that I'm consciously drinking a ton of water to try to improve my hydration. I'm 31, male, 227 lbs (down from around 235). The c-word is forefront in my mind. 227 is still within the "normal" range for me. I was down to 220 when I was consciously trying to lose weight.
  10. Not sure it's related to that particular anxiety, though. It's happening for me now, back at work. Maybe I just noticed it first when I was there because I was already anxious? My feet kind of feel like they've been really cold and are heating up again, if that makes sense. The internet also says diabetes and other forms of neuropathy.
  11. Hey all-- Yesterday, I was made to go to Walmart against my will. Super crowded, an annoyingly large number of people. I felt very claustrophobic. At any rate, during this time, my feet and lower legs got very hot, like a burning sensation but they were also sweaty. Is this a symptom of MS? Can anxiety really do this? The only thing I could do was once back in the car, take off my socks and turn the AC on (and my partner was not happy about that since it was 45F or so outside).
  12. Does anyone else get randomly burning ears? My right ear has been burning on and off for a few months. The burning sensation also kind of extends to my upper jaw a little bit. I do have TMJ and clench my teeth a lot. TMJ? An allergic reaction (my main fear)?
  13. Yep, I'm feeling better for the most part. I was shivering a bit last night, although my temperature was around 98.6. Seems a bit odd? I was shivering quite a bit at night when I had the low-grade fever as well.
  14. Elevated liver enzymes happen all the time. As your doctor said -- it's likely fatty liver, which can be easily reversed by eating better and losing weight. Part of health anxiety is jumping to c****r (the zebra) and not fatty liver (the horse - AND what your doctor said). If your doctor was concerned about those rare cancers (especially in your age range), further tests would be done. A barely elevated ALT is not one of those.
  15. First of all, make sure you are belly breathing - let your stomach hang out like you're a Buddha statue. Secondly, you aren't a doctor. You cannot diagnose what's wrong, if anything is. You have to visit a medical professional - and here's the key - BELIEVE them. Get a second opinion if you like, but you must trust people who know what they're talking about. Google does not know. You do not know. We do not know.