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  1. seven_swans

    Tingling face

    Hey all, me again! Tetanus worries being chalked up to TMJ and clenching my jaw out of stress, I have found a new thing to worry about. While sitting in bed reading, I had my head pressed against the upholstered headboard. I then noticed a tingling in both of my cheeks. I immediately shot up, and they kept tingling for a little while but I think it's gone now. Do you think I was somehow putting pressure on a nerve that caused that? Or is it something more sinister? I tried looking up nerve distributions online and couldn't really find anything.
  2. seven_swans

    Tetanus from minor scrape?

    Just by way of update, my jaw (mostly upper side) is sore, and I'm still either clenching subconsciously or having my jaw close on me. Some twitching and pain in my neck and jaw still. I'm not sure if tetanus would be progressing like this or if it'd be getting worse more quickly. I feel like these are tetanus symptoms - namely, jaw muscle spasms and pain, is it not?
  3. Let's think this through. First of all, have you seen a doctor about these concerns? Do NOT Google or diagnose yourself. You are legitimately having symptoms, but you don't have the medical training to know what those symptoms mean. And that's fine, but it means you need to let someone has more experience diagnose you. Secondly, this only occurs in cold weather. Cold weather does a number of things makes muscles tighter and so on, which could explain it. Also, you say this happens when you "get home" -- I'm guessing when you go from cold air to warm air? Temperature changes like that can also cause some (totally benign!) symptoms.
  4. seven_swans

    Consistent Speech Issues. Dementia Dementia Dementia

    You are focusing and being oversensitive to how you speak. If you're constantly questioning your word order, word choice, etc., you're going to notice things more often. Think of it this way - when you're speaking a foreign language, if you focus too hard on making sure everything is precisely grammatically correct, you'll stumble a lot more than just relaxing and letting words flow, 100% correct or not. I know I am a lot better at Spanish after relaxing with a beer or something. If I'm not relaxed, I do the same thing as you're doing.
  5. seven_swans


    Pharmaceuticals are a highly regulated industry. The chemical compounds that are being made are the same, and they must be FDA approved to be sold in the US. Look at all the guidance: It's the same medication. You have to realize that your symptoms aren't coming from the medication, but from the *thought* that the manufacturer matters. It's just a thought, it isn't real.
  6. seven_swans

    Tetanus from minor scrape?

    As an update, I'm still getting twitches in my neck and jaw. I started feeling hot, and like my eyes were dry. I'm trying to remain positive, but these symptoms are scary! The odds of getting tetanus in any given year in the United States is ~0.000009% So. Yeah.
  7. seven_swans

    Tetanus from minor scrape?

    Thanks for all the replies. My neck muscles are kind of spasming now. I know this is a sign of tetanus. I’m guessing it’s also a sign of stress related to worrying about tetanus? The internet tells me 50% of tetanus cases are from indoor wounds that people don’t go to the doctor about because they’re too minor. Like my “splinter” that I’m not even sure existed. Whar a trip..
  8. seven_swans

    Tetanus from minor scrape?

    I’m still worrying about this. My jaw and neck muscles are twitching. I’m guessing stress can cause that, but I’m still obsessing about this. I think I got my tetanus booster in 2011, but I can’t find any hard evidence or documentation that I did. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m going to die in a horrible way.
  9. seven_swans

    Tetanus from minor scrape?

    Hi all. Back again. Therapy is beginning in the next few weeks, but until then... I was walking down the stairs last night to get a glass of water, and I was gliding my hand along the bannister. I felt a sharp pain in my ring finger on the hand on the bannister. I looked at it, and I didn't see any splinter or any skin abrasion at all, but it must have been a splinter. Since then, I've been having trouble sleeping or focusing at work - I can only think of tetanus. It doesn't help that I can't precisely remember when my last booster shot was. It may have been 7 or so years ago; it's kind of a fuzzy memory, but I think I remember asking for it after my health anxiety had started, so it must be 7 or so years. I know the conservative estimate is 10 years, and some people even say 15 or 20 years (or even 30 years!) would work just as well. However. My brain won't let me accept that. I am not even sure this qualifies as a worrisome injury. If I went into a doctor's office, I'm sure I'd get laughed at (internally) for being concerned. And yet. The CDC and other sites mention that minor skin abrasions and insect bites have been the culprits of tetanus as well. I feel lost. I am worrying, all the time, about something that may not even be a concern (due to probable vaccination, not even sure if this counts as a wound).