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  1. Thanks for everyone's replies. Fortunately I work in the back away from all the smoke. But people have seen spirits there. One guest ran out of the bathroom screaming when she saw a woman in blue come out of the walls. Workers also saw people in there that suddenly vanished.
  2. Yes I know it sounds crazy but there’s a bunch of people at my work getting sick and every time I go there I feel sick even though I’m fine at home. I work at a casino and some of the patrons going there have seen spirits coming out of the walls and it supposed to be haunted. I know it sounds crazy but I’m beginning to believe it
  3. My anxiety is really bad in the summer. I keep hearing good things about Hemp to relieve anxiety. Anyone try this? Results? I ordered some gummy bear hemp to help to try out.
  4. Could your medication be making you dizzy
  5. Whatever you got I got. We can’t l have brain tumors-lol
  6. It’s not a brain tumor. You are probably dehydrated. The bad air will make you sick too. My eyes are still bothering me this morning
  7. Must be something in the air. I also am so sleepy lately I can hardly keep my eyes open and they itch. My right eye at work was red and burning and I had a hard time driving home. My legs have been shaky too. It’s not you it’s the bad air.
  8. Had my nails done with a gel this morning and now tonight they are hurting. The lady used a drill over the top of them and along the cuticle. I thought this was the new way to do it as I haven’t had my nails done in quite awhile. Then I read online they should just file the nail. Also the light they use to dry the gel can give you skin cancer! Ugggg So now I want to go to a different salon, take the gel off and do a linen wrap instead. But I’m freaking out cause my nails are hurting and my cuticles too. Any girls out there have this happen and how long does it take for the pain to go away. Years ago when I had linen wrap my nails never hurt.
  9. Thanks for all your replies. Nice to know others can relate
  10. Last night at work my stomach was hurting and my back was hurting and I felt like I was dying. This morning at home I felt normal. When I go back to work tonight it will start all over again in a cycle. Anyone else have this problem
  11. Read Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani. It will make you a believer
  12. When I am anxious I immediately loose weight fast. If I weighed myself holding my purse I would probably be 10 pounds fatter lol. Try eating more salads. You will loose weight and feel better too.
  13. I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks from stress. Everyone in my family has been nauseated including me. It might just be something going around. Not everything is terminal-lol
  14. You sound like me. I get all those symptoms too when my anxiety is high
  15. It tastes good and flushes out toxins