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  1. Hi everyone! I've recently been diagnosed with anxiety and postpartum depression. It all started when I was pregnant with my second baby. First, I thought I have problems with my heart because I had chest pain, then when that finished, I had severe headaches on the left side of my head for two months and I thought I have something horrible going on with my brain. I cured headaches with a new pillow (!!) and then I got a cold and found a lump on my neck. I freaked out and read all kinds of things on google, and one of them is that it could be (you know what!) and that one of the symptoms is a itchy feeling behind the left knee-so I instantly started feeling that! When I gave birth my "symptoms" disappeared and I was fine for a couple of months. Baby was doing well, I managed to breastfeed (I still do!), but with a small baby and a three-year-old son I soon started to crack, so it was just a matter of time when I will start to imagine and feel new things. I was very nervous, so it affected my stomach (of course!). I got diarrhea and started seeing mucus in my stool. Oh, how I freaked out! Got my blood tested for three times in two months, and every single thing is ok! Mucus occurred a couple of times, and after I ate spicy chicken and greasy pie which gave me the worse heartburn ever, the parts of the mucus were red! My internist claims that I am getting that due to my anxiety and that it could be a simple inflammation, or parasites (since one of my stool tests was positive to parasites). GI claims it could be due to inflammation, chron's disease or ulcerative colitis, and that he wants to to a colonoscopy (in his private clinic!). Internist claims I should get the final part of my bowel checked because I am young and I just probably have hemorrhoids. After that I got a test for Helicobactery plyori and it was positive, but I cannot take therapy due to breastfeeding (baby is 14 months old). Now, it has been more than a month and my stool is fine. Sometimes I have one or two BM a day, or even none, and I've seen mucus two times but in small amounts. I've seen flecks in my stool, but my baby also has them so I think that it is due to the food we eat, since we eat bananas almost every day. Has anyone had a similar experience? Could it be a simple non-specific inflammation? Thank you!