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  1. Thank you Jonathan, Wish I read this post before I started taking all the supplements I'm on now. I am going to save this post and refer to it throughout trying to wean myself off supplements. Thank you so much.
  2. Hi jonathan123 , I have a doctors appointment on Friday.I will definately let her know what supplements I'm taking.i know I need to come off the unnecessary ones.i have bern hesitant to let doctors know what supplements I'm taking, as I dont want them say stop taking them. I need to be fully transparent for my healths sake. Determined to take less supplements today.its not going to be easy but I can do it. I hope today goes better then yesterday. Thank you for your reply Jonathan123 😀
  3. Hi I've been supplements for years.im only starting to cut them now as I think some of them are making me sick. I think it's an anxiety thing as o took some today before work ,thinking it will help me get through the day. It didnt help I felt worse.i think I also had a mild panic attack. I will try tomorrow not to take as much.there is also such a thing as supplement addiction. I am going to visit my doctor this week.to let her know what supplements I'm taking.she doesn't know of the ones I take. Determined to only take the ones that I need. Thanks
  4. Hi my names Edith, I take antidepressants along with quetiapine for depression and anxiety. I am also trying to cut down on the number of supplements that I'm taking. I'm finding it hard to do this .as I feel like I need to take supplements to get through a shift.i took some today but I actually felt worse.i think I had a mild panic attack at work,as i felt unwell. Please is anyone else going through similar situation. Thank you