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  1. Thanks for the reply. I don't feel sick as such it is just annoying. I had the cold first then it went to the chest and been like it for 5 days. Not getting any worse but I panic becase HA makes me question the docs. Grr thank you again.
  2. Hello, First time poster, thanks for any advice. I am a really bad HA sufferer just haven't used forums before. At the beginning of December I had a CT scan because I was having chest pains. The CT was okay no bad things per se. I do have a tiny bit of COPD. This past week I had a cold and it went to my chest. I went to doc and she gave me a inhaler. It opens my airways, There is phlegm and I cough stuff when I take inhaler. I just feeling like rushing to ER all the time because I think there is something else going on. Am i being paranoid having had the CT so soon ago? Thanks for any advice in advance. Nancy.