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  1. My cancer fears seem to rotate. First I was convinced I had skin cancer. Now I have focused all my fear on having colon cancer. And now I’m terrified because I have legit symptoms. for probably a year, I have experienced mucus during bowel movements. No other symptoms. In the past week I’ve started developing: -2 days of straight diarrhea -3 days of loose stools that shoot out after I eat or drink anything. They are also very thin, and ribbon like. - i haven’t had a solid, non-loose bowel movement in a week. -I’m going more frequent this week while I used to be once a day - intense hyper active bowel sounds all the time It has to be colon cancer, right? I literally check all the symptom boxes EXCEPT blood. There is no blood in or on my stool. i made a dr appt for February 4th but don’t know if I’m in an emergency situation? I never know if I’m over exaggerating or not, but these symtpyoms are real!! Help!!