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  1. Thank you, that is great advice. I guess it should have been self evident but I always read that meditations helps with panic attacks and I should have known that didn't mean smack dab in the middle of one. I have been trying to be better about meditating when I'm not freaking out lately. Yes, I am bad about letting things build up then trying to fix my anxiety when it reaches a boiling point. I have found I can feel the palpitations more when I am on my left side, so I avoid doing that. I have been putting my phone in a drawer and listening to ambient forest noises through a small speaker at night and that has helped me to relax a lot. I hope your able to find some things to help you with your night palpitations too.
  2. Hi there, sorry you are having a hard time with your palpitations. I have had them for that long before and am going through a pretty long bought of them currently (coming up on about 3 weeks). Mine feel like my heart stops for a beat them thumps really hard to "catch up." They are less severe than they have been but I had a rough time with them yesterday. You say you are going to be alone for most of the weekend, I actually am going to be going through the same thing this weekend and that has made me anxious (it is scary to be by yourself when palpitations are happening). Do you think that maybe subconsciously or consciously this has caused you more stress making them worse? I have found that to be the case for myself at least. With a snow storm I can understand it being hard, but perhaps you could create a schedule for yourself to keep yourself occupied over the time you are alone. I hope you are able to relax this weekend!
  3. I relate to this very much! I just now am calming down from working myself up over a slower heart rate and palpitations. Palpitations are getting less and less but I always seem to find something to worry about. Hope you are feeling better about it, from my understanding 64bpm is a very healthy resting heart rate.
  4. Yes, I believe mine are anxiety, hormone, and hydration related. Glad you didn't have any underlying problems with your heart! On the note of meditation and such I actually have a question for those of you who have had anxiety related to your heart: So I seem to fixate on my heart even when it is not palpitating. Like when I was exercising earlier I suddenly had the realization of a sort of light feeling in my chest, like there wasn't a weight there like usual, and i checked my pulse and it was a pretty even beat like 80 bpm. So i thought to myself that that was pretty low for exercising so i thought maybe something was wrong. Since then my heart rate has been normal with very few palpitations, so that's great! But I am a bit discouraged that i can't even have a regular heartbeat without fixating on it. One thing i know that i need to stop doing is checking my pulse, sometimes it makes me feel better but more often I over analyze and freak out and end up obsessively checking it. So my question is what sort of relaxation techniques do y'all use to relax to stop fixating on your heart? When I have tried breathing techniques it seems to make me feel my heartbeat even more which causes me to freak out, similar with certain ways of meditating that I have tried. Do you just power through or are there other techniques that y'all use?
  5. Jae that 100% is reflective of my experience. It's a pretty cruel cycle for sure. Thanks for your kind words.
  6. Thank you both for your very kind words, I spent today with a friend and even managed to get a small about 2 hour nap in. Heart palpitations are still here but I am coping a little better after some sleep. I also ended up going to the doctor for some other health issues I have been having with stomach and abdominal pain and my GP was actually a bit more kind than usual. I think he saw how ragged and tired I was haha. Because of some tests I will need to get for this current issue, we will need to save some money before I can visit the cardiologist, but I do intend to still do that, and I think that would give me some peace of mind. Thank you both for sharing your stories with me also, it is so nice to know that there are others out there who have experienced similar things. Bin, I'm glad you were able to find peace by speaking with your cardiologist, that gives me hope. And Christianna, thank you for those kind words and I hope you are able to continue to find peace with your heart issues as well. Thank you both again.
  7. Hello, this is my first time ever posting here. I feel so desperate and I just need to get things out. I am in my late 20's and since high school I have had phases where I suffer from bouts of heart palpitations. My palpitations feel like a pause followed by a strong thump and usually several beats in a row. Sometimes they are occasional and sometimes they feel continuous. Most recently I had a period of time where I felt them for a period of about 15 hours before I had any respite. Since I have had them for so long, most of the time I can shrug them off. I have had two holter monitors a few years apart with the most recent one a couple years ago coming back clean and just being told I just have a mild and benign arrythmia. I also very recently had an echocardiogram with my doctor saying I "passed with flying colors". This is all well and good and it has brought me some comfort to know that these tests have come back clean but within the past year things have seemed to reach a breaking point with the palpitations keeping me awake or waking me up in the middle of the night. It has just wrecked me, my sleep is so terrible and no matter the position I lay in I feel hyper aware of my heart and every strange beat. These heart problems have seemed to caused me to fixate on all different types of health problems too, making me aware and terrified of every little ache and pain in my body on top of my doctor's current theory that I have developed IBS. I try to tell myself that I will be ok and that all the other nights that I have been certain I am on the verge of death that I have always woken up or made it through the night. But it has gotten so bad this past year or so that I have been having some dark thoughts over them like I would at this point rather just have a heart attack and it end than keep having nights like this (I am very sorry if mentioning this is insensitive but I am just at my wits end). I am so tired and desperate. I have put my husband and I into debt over all the hospital and doctor visits which causes me a lot of distress, though we are slowly taking care of it, it always makes me hesitant to go to the doctor or ER. I do plan to go to a cardiologist soon that my GP has suggested and just bite the bullet of the cost. I know this is typical but I always end up thinking that because these palpitations are so severe that my GP must be missing something. As a side note it may not help that I have not built much trust with my GP as his bedside manner is a bit poor and just seems to wave every symptom off as "you are young so don't worry." Which I understand but that does not mean the symptoms I am having aren't real or causing real distress just because I am young. Honestly there is a lot more, I recently tried Zoloft which caused some awful symptoms so the doctor's office told me to stop taking it (I had only taken one pill), and I know there is just a lot of deep seeded issues that I need to deal with if I want to fix my anxious mind. I am sorry with how long this post is, or if it didn't make any sense, I am currently in the early morning hours of a sleepless night because of these palpitations. I guess I am just hoping to hear that I am not alone in this. I have many wonderful and supportive people in my life, most of all my sweet husband, but not really anyone who has gone through this sort of thing so I feel alone in that way like I am going insane. Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this.