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    Have you ever just tried believing it's not "A" and is actually anxiety? I mean honestly, I was down the rabbit whole just about 3 weeks ago still, and had symptoms like crazy. I went to a counselor, talked to my pastor, took some anxiety medicine, and the symptoms have really subsided a lot in just a week since my EMG. I know you haven't had the EMG yet, but why not listen to others, your doctor, and believe that you really don't have this very rare disease that typically doesn't even affect people in their 30s. Stop focusing all your attention on the one thing that is least likely, and focus on what's more likely, that these symptoms really are Anxiety related. You aren't thinking rationally, and with all the testing, retesting, reading this and that, it's taken control. You have to pick yourself up and take back control, you can do it, we all know you can. But it's up to you climb out.
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    Muscle twitching, EMG, should I worry?

    Update: EMG came out clean, I’m super relieved. Still twitching, but I feel better knowing. As far as the hyper reflexes and clonus. He just said they typically are both present in ALS, so it could be something else causing the hyper reflexes? Sorry, all I could think about was the fact that the test came back normal.
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    I am really worried.

    I have had this too throughout my bout. Typically though, I had my arm cranked in an awkward position, sleeping with straight arms seems to fix it for me. It is unsettling though.
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    Muscle twitching, EMG, should I worry?

    I have my EMG in the morning. Hoping for the best. I should say my arm is pretty much 100% now. I feel somewhat silly, my family isn’t worried, my wife can’t wait for me to get the results. I just wish I had their confidence.
  5. Hello, I wanted to put my situation out there after reading a lot of other's fears and situations and see what other's thoughts were. This will be sort of lengthy. My story seems to be similar to others on here, I'm a 30 yr old male who is very active, running and strength training 6 times a week. I work a pretty demanding job that puts a lot of stress on someone, especially during peak times (I work in ag, so fall season). This past Thanksgiving week, myself, wife and our 1 yr old who is a terrible car traveler ventured off to visit family on an 8 hr drive. I was very stressed about this trip and admit I let some pretty little things get to me. I noticed while driving a muscle in my left arm/shoulder twitching. This persisted to the next day and I showed my wife, she thought it was weird, but I'd gotten random ones before, typically after a heavier training day. The week goes by and I honestly am not sure if the twitching persisted. Going into the week, I had some other stressful stuff come up, top of which a mole that was biopsied because it looked funny. I also had had some sensations of tingling in my feet and hands, prior to this for quite some time, but hadn't thought much of it. For one reason or another, I noticed my left anterior deltoid shoulder muscle had a consistent twitch (still does) and this got me someone concerned. Was it the same muscle from over a week ago? So, I start looking up tingling and twitching, see MS, get pretty upset about that and this runs into the next weekend. That Saturday I am sitting there and my right arm completely siezes up, totally strained, couldn't hardly close my hand, this really freaks me out. So I go to google again and see ALS. This is where my demise really happened. I'm fairly concerned and decide to make an appointment with my doctor that day (we have an online portal thingy, got it scheduled for the next Monday). I am trying to stay busy the rest of the weekend and not think about the twitching that happening in my left shoulder, but the right arm thing is really bothering me. I will say, I knew what ALS was, but didn't realize the severity of the disease if you had it, I search life expectancy and completely drop, like couldn't function. Not sure I have ever felt more broken down in my life. That night I don't sleep a second, constantly clenching my right arm, feeling my strength disappear. My wife basically holds me all night because I am having multiple panic attacks. I'm sure I have ALS and won't get to see my son grow up or our expecting child. We go to the doctors, I explain my situation and my fears. We do the basic neurological exam, check out fine to the doc even with my right arm not feeling right (I also thought my right leg was now hurting). Doc can see I am distraught so she says lets run some labs, look for increased creatine kinase, guess that can be an indicator of ALS, if it comes out clean, your good, it's for my peace of mind. She also prescribes some anxiety meds to help me out. So we do that and labs come back great, I'm so relieved, and I'm feeling pretty good for about 12 hrs. But, I look some more stuff up on ALS, realize that blood test isn't all that conclusive and I'm back down the hole. My wife has me go to a chiropractor, he thinks I'm fine but works on my back and arm just to try and help things feel better. I get a message to try and loosen myself up. Nothing is helping, I'm emailing my doc over and over every day. I'm able to work out, pretty much normally, lifting basically the same weight, but my grip strength is reduced in my right arm. She says, we can do more tests if that would help you, but doesn't think I need to. I tell her I'll let her know the following week (this would be about 3 weeks after original symptoms). That weekend actually goes pretty good, my arm seems to be improving, and I'm like "This wouldn't happen with ALS, it only worsens, right?" So I tell the doc, nope, don't need more tests, I'll see ya at my regular physical. I should have just scheduled the test... I played a game of ping pong and again, my right arm seizes up, I still have twitching in my left shoulder (I check it about 100 times a day) and I have ALS. I can't handle it, emailing my doctor, I start to get body wide twitching, and another hot spot, my right hand (especially when I'm my mouse at work). Doc has me come in again, she does more reflex tests, scrapes my foot all that, seems fine. But I show her the twitch in my left shoulder (it's the only real consistent one), and with that, she says there's enough for her to refer me to the Nuero for an EMG on both arms. But also wants me to start really tackling my anxiety. Puts me on a more long term med and asks me to see a therapist. This was the week before Christmas. I see a therapist, talk to my pastor, all of it, because I have to do something to get back to normal. That all helps, and the week of Christmas doesn't go too bad. Right arm seems to heal up nice, I'm able to work out that week and I start to feel better. But I still have twitching at night, also have tremor like sensations when I wake up from a nap or sleep sometimes, really disturbing stuff. So now we come to tomorrow, when I have my EMG scheduled. I am fairly confident it won't show ALS, but still worried all the same. It's been about 7 weeks since my initial symptoms, wouldn't I be worse if it was ALS? Thanks for anyone's comments.