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  1. kss

    Pan Can fear a little to real

    thank you, i hope so too.ive been stressed and had this real weird burping for the last few weeks and i'm terrified as it keeps showing up as potential symptoms. hi, when i had my als scare it was 5 years ago. i had the emg done 2 years ago, it was fine.
  2. kss

    Pan Can fear a little to real

    i just had the mri done last night, and i'm not feeling optimistic because so many of my symptoms are the same as p.c. i thought health anxiety would be the cause of all this
  3. i've had health anxiety related bouts in the past that were pretty serious, one for Hiv and the other for Als. Both times i had frightening symptoms and for the ALS(5 years after symptoms), im still twitching. I have a food addiction to sugar foods and am obese. I started to have weird dull pain in my left side of my stomach a few months ago and after stressful december i noticed my stomach is making noises and i'm burping a lot. unfortunetly, now i'm starting to notice my stool is pale in color. i've had blood work done to test enzymes, lipase, wbc, c reactive, a1c which have all come back normal but would need an mri to confirm if anything is there. my doctor doesnt feel like its of conern and i do have an mri booked tomorrow(privately). im very frightened as i'm still fairly young (36) and thought i was on the verge of turning my life around when this happened. has anyone had experience with this, i could use some help right now. thanks