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  1. It has been confirmed by pretty much every medical professional that I have seen or spoken to that I have GERD. Did the chest x-ray, blood tests and the scope down my noise. And it is affecting my throat something rotten. I have not been able to work for the last three months because I talk on the phone as my job and everyone is worried that I will ruin my voice if I use it too much. It also doesn't help that for the most part if I talk for more then a couple of minutes I start coughing like crazy, but then even if I don't I still cough sometimes. The medication which I have been on for almost two months (Lan) and gavisone does apsolulty nothing. And so far they just keep trying the same thing. I have been having some real difficulty too trying to work out what food makes it worse, and it seems to be pretty much everything. And I know my family cares, but they don't know what it is like. They have their own stuff going on and I am not one to talk about my stuff with them. However I feel like such a lay about because if I could talk I could work and the occupational health group attached to my work refuses to say that it is best I get redeployment to another department that doesn't use phones. I have been referred to voice coaching and health, but that was just over a week ago and no letter as yet. And sure I know New Year's and all that but I thought I would have gotten something by now. I don't expect a reply to this post I just needed to vent to people that know what it is like.