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  1. bhjju

    headache/ brain tumor?!?!?

    Ok this helps! Thank you! I am the type of person who does not like medication at all. I talked to my doctor and we disccused ways to help my anxiety before doing medication. Working out, yoga, reading, massages... I haven't been keeping up with those because Ive been out of town running around. honestly being out of town in warmer weather in the sun helped my anxiety so much!! But I had to leave and now its back again.... I think if it continues until my next appointment (which will be in 1-2 months for my yearly exam) I will talk to her about it again.
  2. bhjju

    headache/ brain tumor?!?!?

    So you dont think its a brain tumor or anything to worry about ?😌 and do you have the pinpoint pain as well with sinus?? like it hurts in the front then maybe a few hours later in the back?
  3. I apologize for making this long! About three or so weeks ago I got sick with a sinus infection/cold thing that was awful! about a week into being sick i went to the chiropractor to get adjusted before i went on vacation... (im from michigan and i went to florida so weather changes and plane rides ext.) Anyways right after that appointment I started to get neck pain and one sided headaches on the left side of my head. I was still a little stuffy and congested and going on the plane made it worse... got to florida and the whole 7 days i was there i had this headache but it was like a pinpoint pain on one side of my head. I sleep thorugh the night but when i wake up i notice them a little bit probably from the way i sleep? So the top of it would hurt then later the back would hurt....then neck then middle of left side ext. I am really worried about a brain tumor...i am a 21 year old female. There was a couple of days that one spot hurt for like the whole day. My left eye and eyebrow hurts along with my left side of my forehead. my left ear also hurts/aches.... Whenever i look down to text or computer work i can feel my neck pull and kinda hurt too.I can point out to you where it hurts specifically so its not the whole side of my head just parts i went back to the chiropractor today and told him my headache symptoms and he found that my C4 was off in my left side of my neck...I have felt almost like a pulling pain in my neck and shoulder while moving certain ways to the whole time sorry i forgot to mention that earlier.... I still have a headache and this morning it was in the back of my head ...after adjustment its been off and on now its on the top of my head on the left side... the pain is mild to moderate but today after getting adjusted again it feels alittle more intense than normal maybe? i mean 90% of the time whenever a place on my head hurts the base of my neck hurts too. Right now its the front and like middle of my head on the left side? is this normal :(( i have bad health anxiety these past 4-5 months Along with these headaches i have felt dizzy/off balance feeling while walking but my balance is perfect. whereever the pain is and i press on it it will hurt as well. I also sorta feel nauseous but im pretty sure thats due to anxiety... I was at the doctors two months ago and had ALLLLLLL blood work done and everything came back normal....she checked my eyes and strength for another anxiery issue i was dealing with but those were normal as well ibuprofen doesnt help.... chiropractor, nursing friends, family all say its not a brain tumor but its scaring me.... my nurse friend said its definetly not a brain tumor and its most likely sinus pressure still and like a muscle thing (pulled or tense muscles) this all come on really suddenly too.. im really sorry if this doesnt make sense!! my mom said it could be like a cervicogenic headache? do you think maybe it could be because of the pressure and weather changes to its been lingering as well?
  4. Hello! I am a 21 year old female! Has anyone ever had the pad of your big toe have that vibrating feeling? It goes away as soon as i move it! Actually now that im up and moving around its gone, even sitting on the couch its not there.... now that i said something about it, it came back! I noticed it last night when I got ready for bed and was laying down it went away after about 5 or so minutes going off and on. Then this morning I woke up and it wasnt there but as soon as i stretched out my feet and toes to get up it started doing it again. I have had really bad anxiety about my left leg for about two months now so ive been doing strength tests (going on my tip toes and holding myself up on one leg at a time, having my mom strength test my toes which they are all the same strength, my balance is perfect also) I just want to know if its something to be concerned about since I got worried about ALS in the past. If it happens again I just want to know that its ok! I am going on a beach vacation tomorrow so my mom thinks between overusing that part of my foot so much with all the self testing and stress thats whats happening. I have been to my GP and had ALLLLLLL of my blood tested for everything you could imagine and everything came back normal. She even gave me a muscle enzyme test to physically show me I dont have ALS... I just dont want the fear to creep back into my head! My knee/thigh actually did this vibrating thing a couple weeks ago and went away after like 3-4 days!
  5. bhjju

    Vibrating feeling???

    Yeha I’m totally with you! It’s annoying and scary to wake up to something different but after coming in here and searching vibrating sensation I read a lot of people have it! My friend whos a nurse said it was nothing to worry about at all! But to she said if I sleep weird at night (knees bent and stuff) I could irritate a nerve! I have had a tad of loss of sensation on the top of my left foot and side of my calf due to irritating the peroneal nerve in the side of my knee! With my knee pain I have my whole left leg just feels off for almost a month now! But I keep telling my self if 4 medical professionals and my friends and family say don’t worry about it I shouldn’t worry about it!
  6. bhjju

    Vibrating feeling???

    And if you touch the area where you feel it you wont physically feel it with you hand but its just like an internal deep in there feeling! I had my boyfriend put his hand where i was feeling it and he said he couldnt feel anything! just dont google it because obviously itll give you what you dont want to hear! But i heard from someone that you could feel these sensations when your anxiety is coming down? Like you muscles are relaxing? You can have anxiety symptoms after a bad anxiety time and have symptoms for WEEKS/MONTHS after! I cant remember the name of the person on here but she had them and hers was from coming down from anxiety See i have this feeling in my chest (similar to the feeling after you just cried really hard and good a sharp deep breath in almost like a tightness) for the past couple weeks and i noticed it after my fears started going away... thats just another anxiety thing i get! But never the vibrations until now! But seriously i get you, i felt like i had everything already and now this! Its so irritating i hate it lol but im just really happy with myself that i am over my big fears sorry im kind of rambling lol
  7. bhjju

    Vibrating feeling???

    Oh my god!! This is what happens to me!! I just got over my als fears and kid you not this past Monday i woke up and felt vibrating/buzzing sensation in my left thigh/knee!! I also have bad knee pain from sports and pinched nerve problems (pinched nerves). I had all my blood tested for everything you could imagine a month ago!! My doctor found nothing !!! Strength tests by two doctors, a chiropractor, nurses, and family members EVERYONE i have talked to has told me "those vibrations/buzzing is nothing at all to worry about" I feel mine for a second and then goes away for about 3-5 seconds and comes back for the main part of my anxiety I focused on my left leg and now that my anxiety down I got the feeling in my LEFT LEG... I also didnt have it tuesday but the next day i did so clearly that just shows its nothing i have also read alot of people on here feeling it as well!
  8. bhjju

    vibrating/buzzing sensation

    @AbrianaSantos Yeah i was SOO stressed for about two months and I can finally feel my thoughts and brain coming down from it? If that makes sense? Yeah I feel it throughout my knee and lower part of my thigh? I actually thought it was from sleeping weird and pinched nerves i my spine/hip/leg. I slept last night with my legs straight out and got up and it was fine... i went back to bed and bent my knee and that's when i started to feel it again!! But i read a lot of stuff on here that vibration/buzzing sensation isnt anything bad or related to ALS at all
  9. bhjju

    vibrating/buzzing sensation

    Yeah its weird! Honestly when I don't pay attention I don't notice it... but yeah it like buzzes/vibrates for like 1 second and stops for 3-4 seconds then starts again its really weird! Its just in my left thigh/knee. I'm almost certain I have a pinched nerve in my knee and my knee also hurts pretty bad in certain positions! I think its a bakers cyst or something in my knee pushing everything... but yeah i looked on here and saw many people who had vibration/buzzing sensations in there left thighs too. I did just come down from a really bad thing of anxiety so maybe its my body just relaxing from the muscles being so tense for so long? Everyone in my family and nursing friends i have say its nothing to worry about if i put my hand where i feel it, i dont physically feel the vibrations its just a sensation
  10. bhjju

    vibrating/buzzing sensation

    Didn't have the feeling tuesday but wednesday I had them after a walk with my dog and today I woke up with them.
  11. bhjju

    Any ladies deal with “lumpy breast”?

    I have fibrocystic breasts! Every woman on my moms side has had them for as long as they can remember! I am 21 and noticed them at 17! My doctor who does breast exams doesnt think anything of it because she knows my family history! I had anxiety about it to until I asked my mom and she told me that every woman in the family has them! ask your mom or grandma if they have them!
  12. bhjju

    Untreated Sinus Infection- Deadly?

    I have had plenty of sinus infections!! The dizziness comes from buildup behind the ear drum basically causing an almost vertigo is what i was told! Think about it! all the pressure in your head, you are going to have sinus headaches! I get them very often especially where I live! I use a netipot that you can buy at target or walmart! USE DISTILLED WATER!!!!! do NOT USE TAP WATER AS THE BACTERIA IN IT CAN GO TO YOUR BRAIN!! Seriously buy a netipot and use it!!! They work really good. It drains out all of the mucus buildup in your sinuses!! Anxiety on top of it is awful trust me!! What are you exact symptoms? You are going to be ok:)
  13. I woke up this morning with weird vibrating/buzzing sensation like right above my knee and lower thigh? I have had all blood work done (muscle enzymes and everything you could think of for a blood test) and all came back normal. This was three weeks ago. Today I woke up with it and you cant feel it if you put your hand on my knee so its internal. I was worried about it... Ive also had strength tests at the chiropractor and doctors and those were good! So its just anxiety? I sleep in weird positions so maybe i slept weird and pinched a nerve? I have had knee pain behind the knee cap for years now and it comes and goes depending on my workouts...but this is normal? I keep stretching to maybe help the feeling "go away" but now it just feels like small muscle throbs? Vibrating and buzzing feeling? I have had a really bad fear of als I am a 21 year old female... any input would be awesome. ps doctors, nurses, friends, and family had all told me I DO NOT HAVE ALS just anxiety!! I just want to know if anyone else gets them Could dehydration have something to do with it too? Saturday I drank for 13+ hours and sunday i had like no water because my stomach hurt so bad lol and barely water during the day today either.
  14. bhjju

    Fear it’s something serious

    I woke up this morning with weird vibrating/buzzing sensation like right above my knee? I have had all blood work done (muscle enzymes and everything you could think of for a blood test) and all came back normal. This was three weeks ago. Today I woke up with it and you cant feel it if you put your hand on my knee so its internal. I was worried about it... Ive also had strength tests at the chiropractor and doctors and those were good! So its just anxiety? I sleep in weird positions so maybe i slept weird and pinched a nerve? I have had knee pain behind the knee cap for years now and it comes and goes depending on my workouts...but this is normal?
  15. bhjju

    Getting worried again

    I am a 21 year old female with no family history of ANYTHING For the last two weeks the top of my left foot has been slightly numb. I went to the chiropractor right before this came on and I sat weird on my couch and think I may have pinched my peroneal nerve in my ankle or some type of nerve. But yesterday I went the gym and walked on an incline on the tredmil and today woke up and my toes feel weird (cant really explain it) my ankle area kinda feels weak when i walk and push off my foot to take a step. theres no numbness in my toes unless i sit weird my foot will fall asleep but today i feel slight numbess in toes and maybe a little little bit of burning sensation too like its waking freaking about again about ALS... Three weeks ago i went to the doctor and had EVERYTHING in my blood tested and everything came back NORMAL and she told me I dont have ALS and she thought that that thought should never even cross my mind. I had muscle enzymes tested and everything... i am scared again I thought i was over this but lone behold GOOGLE sucks i have to stop googling but please help. i googled something about it and it gave me early symptoms of als of weakness in legs/ankles/feet and it scared me pretty bad depending on how i sleep to ill wake up and it will feel like something is on top of my foot just sitting on it a little but it usually goes away after i get moving could it maybe be that i need insoles for my shoes? the feeling in toes kinda feel like they are slightly asleep or a little tingling??