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  1. So no it’s not ALS 😅 I have to read the no I need reassurance
  2. And it’s normal it’s on one side of the throat/neck? Yeah I googled tongue pulling and als forum came up and scared the crap out of me you don’t think. It is do you?
  3. When I swallow it feels like a pulling. Sensation on that side of my tongue and neck throat area. My tongue rests on the right side of my mouth There’s no pain in my throat just like a pulling feeling and it’s literally the sensation of only swallowing on one side of the throat But everything I’ve explained you wouldn’t be worried about it I’ve been pretty worried about it i do clench my jaw during the day and st night in my right side and I automatically put my tongue in the right aide too
  4. Yeah that’s true! And I have to tell myself to with this throat thing it’s feeling like it’s weird and my tonsil/back of throat area feels like sore like a sore muscle but still it’s a sensation which is good lol
  5. Okay thank you! I apologize for all the questions!
  6. And it’s definitely not ALS right? 😅 I need to put my worries away
  7. Okay thank you!
  8. Thank you!! I honestly never thought I’d that I do still have green mucus coming out of my nose (sorry it’s nasty lol) yeh my ear does hurt when I swallow sometimes so there’s definitely pressure or something behind the ear drum. I came on here and searched on this site of swelling in throat or something and bulbar als came up and freaked me out! I just got the als thing out of my head and that came up i just wanted to make sure that someone thought that I’m ok
  9. This sounds like sinus stuff? And this could affect the feeling of swallowing? Swelling in the side of the throat maybe?? And a stuffed ear?? Like i said there’s no pain or anything
  10. Yeah that’s true. Mines not so much the lump feeling but almost numb maybe? Or like it’s not there? But it’s nothing to worry about?
  11. So could my ear being plugged cause the tightness feeling? Like I said I swallow fine I just don’t feel it on one side I just want to know that I’m ok lol
  12. Like it totally feels like only side of your throat is swallowing and stuff? When I focus on swallowing on the other side my tonsil area kinda gets sore?? And do you notice it in your whole neck kinda? Like whatever side you feel like you are swallowing on you can feel it throughout that side
  13. So for about two + weeks I’ve noticed that when I swallow I only feel it on my right side of my throat and it doesn’t feel like it’s going down my left at all. I don’t have difficulty swallowing or anything. It just feels like the muscles on the right side of my throat are working and the left isn’t? My left ear has been plugged (sinus) for a while now and was wondering if that’s what could be it? It’s not sore what so ever just feels like nothing is going down that side. When I feel my neck throat area I can feel on both sides things being swallowed also sometimes when I swallow I can feel it in my left ear... ear hurts barely sometimes as well. Do I need to worry about anything? I’m kinda freaking out about it
  14. Okay thank you 😊 I need to learn not to get scared to easily and so worked up about any little thing it’s something I’ve been working on for a couple of months sometimes it’s worse than others
  15. So I need to stop thinking that its als and other bad things cause the symptoms aren’t anything bad? your advice has been helping me a lot! When I bend my elbow it hurts could it be a pinched irritated nerve? Cause in top of my thumb feeling slow my pinky and ring finger will start to hurt and go numb too and the side of my wrist as well as the forearm honestly reading what I’m typing out loud even helped me cause it’s definitely like a tennis elbow pinched nerve thing omg I’m so sorry for being annoying about this