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  1. Thank you. Seriously. Thank you ❤️
  2. Thank you!!! I just worry about internal bleeding because I wouldn’t know if it was or not... I’ve had anxiety since a child unfortunately but we get through it!
  3. Hi, I’ll cut to the chase. I went through a real bad bout of Hypochondria last year to the point of making myself physically sick. I always worry about my health and always become paranoid after I have masturbated. (18F) So I started my period, which was really low flow. And I was turned on and used a hairbrush (with a condom on) to masturbate. I didn’t add any extra lube and I heard like a crunching sound like joints popping. I’m not sure if it was hitting my cervix? Straight after, my flow got heavier, I’ve got stomach cramps and now I’m worried I’ve got internal bleeding. Help me please, I’m spinning out.