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  1. Not asking for a diagnosis. Was asking @Jremtx if his tounge twitching was similar. He said he had or has had tounge twitching and the same fear as me. Just trying to see if it was the same.
  2. Just recorded this. Got it at rest and with it sticking out. Since you have tounge twitching you tell me @Jremtx
  3. No I take out my phone and record the twitch. I have my wife check my tounge for me cause I know if I check it I'll have percieved b.s. so I have her check it fofor atrophy and listen to my speech and do neruo test and look down my throat test my gag reflex look for deviations etc.. I dont see how you dont see that dimple even my wife says it's not normal but she doesnt know wtf it is
  4. Bro dont look at the quiver. Look at the tip it will show a dimple like a invisible pencil is pushing it in. You have to watch closely. You will see the dimple cause it's not normal
  5. That's the thing. I'll be watching a movie with the wife. Or playing with my kids and randomly I'll feel a buzzing in my tounge then 2 secs later it twitches right where it buzzes. It's something I cant really ignore. I've ignored every other twitch but this tounge one has me terrified
  6. I'm having trouble swallowing but not choking. It might be my gerd cause my throat is burning. But I've been scared as Fxck about bulbar since this tounge twitch.
  7. I am doing horrible all day and I mean all day my tounge on the tip underneath has been twitching like this. It looks like someone is pushing a invisible pencil into my tounge. My tounge burns and then I have a buzz in it and then it does this twitch. It is scaring the hell out of me. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this just stress and anxiety. @Holls I need your wisdom.... still twitching widespread bodywide. But having alot of buzzing in my left leg today aswell. Idk what is going on 😕
  8. The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.
  9. Hyperflexia can be caused by anxiety if its bilateral ( in both limbs .)
  10. Yeah I've had my wife measure my feet, calves, thighs, forearms, biceps etc since 2 weeks in also check my feet,hands, and tounge for atrophy and so far no change in measurements and from the neruo test we have seen to test for atrophy all looks fine and I'm almost 4 months in. Except atm I've had really bad burning in my mouth and a metal taste like I sucked on a nickle or penny. Throat feels sore as well atm. All after the tounge twitches.. and thank you @Holls for your input and wisdom on my situation. I very much appreciate it. You too @bin_tenn.
  11. Not that they cause harm or damage that a persistent or constant twitch is more concerning than random twitches.
  12. Let me ask y'alls opinion on something bothering me atm. Would you say that constant twitching like my calves that dont stop unless I walk, stand, or flex/use the muscle is more of a sign of a malignant cause than the random bodywide twitching? Or is it the same as the come and go twitches? Cause I've read bfs and "A" things and all of it is contradicting. Hotspots can last for days,weeks,months, or even years. But then neurologist "claim" constant persistent fasciculations are more " dangerous"? Seems confusing to me.
  13. Yeah not passing anything up that can help me. I need all the help I can get.
  14. So there therapist are booked atm and they said I could either wait until one has a open appointment which could be weeks or months. Or I could see a counselor until a therapist opens up. So I said I would see the counselor until the appointments open up. So next Tuesday I'll be seeing a counselor. It's the best I can do atm. 😕
  15. No one can actually tell you if it could be worse or not. Each person with "A" progress diffrenfly. I've asked the same questions on "A" forums to which they can only say without weakness every symptom means nothing. And true clinical weakness not percieved. I myself have had constant 24/7 fasciculations in both calves for over 3 months, and random bodywide twitching all over from feet to tounge. I've passed all strength test and clinicals and had a clean emg and still have to wait until March to see if "A" is even on the table. So hopefully you have a clean emg and your neruo doesnt make you wait like mine is doing cause I'm a mess. - postive thoughts -
  16. Yeah I was happy that I didn't have any brisk or hyperactive reflexes. I even told the er dr it was a fear of mine cause its associated with "A". And he said well all your reflexes look great which brought me some calm for a few mins. And honestly I think I would be in a better place mentally if my tounge wasn't twitching. I was doing fine ignoring the body twitching until my tounge started then my anxiety and panic and stress went through the roof. I've also called the place about therapy and according to them I have to speak with there main supervisor or head of w.e. to get seen there so atm just waiting on a call back... -ugh- the stress and anxiety and fear of the unknown is taking its toll on my mind body and soul that's for sure. Hope all is well with everyone else.
  17. I honestly think its CYA (Cover Your Ass) medicine. He wants to make double sure its benign and probably wants more money. Cause I have my emg results the full office report of his notes and everything and nothing says "A" on it at all. It says he's leaning towards Neruomytonia (issasics Syndrome) or Bfs (Benign Fasciculations Syndrome) and his notes even state I'm a hypochondriac and have high anxiety. So I think he wants more money cause I'm a hypochondriac and or he is just CYA Medicine. Either way clean emg and his notes point to other dx that's not "A" so who knows. But the emg conclusion says normal emg so chances of mnd are low however a repeat emg study needs to be done in 4 months to see disease progression " if it happens" and it's that last line that scares me. Cause they say I'm good but also say nothing is 100% in medicine. So I'm stuck with the what ifs until March.
  18. Yes I'm calling a place tomorrow for cbt therapy or just regular therapy. But hoping they have cbt cause I need to learn to retrain my thinking. Thank you all for the advice and opinions.
  19. Yes I have looked into therapy I'm calling a place tomorrow to see about cbt and or just regular therapy. As for the trusting dr. I trust my dr I just haven't been told its benign and I have to wait until March 4th for a 2nd emg to see if anything happens for the neruo to say its benign. That is why I'm scared I'm afraid that my 2nd emg with have abnormalities and I'll get something besides benign. So the fear is debilitating and ruining my life. I also went to the er last night for my tounge all they did was a blood test for electrolytes and I had the dr check my reflexes and he said bloodwork was perfect and I had no abnormal reflexes like hyperflexia etc.. so all he said was call your neruo if your tounge keeps going but he said the tounge twitch was diffrent then ones he's seen cause he said mine was " isolated" that it disint move the whole tounge or a big part of the tounge. So the er dr just said he was intrigued by it and sent me on my way.
  20. Here's the calves just recorded. 24/7 calves
  21. Yeah but mine is when my tounge is in my mouth. Not sticking it out. Also I have widespread bodywide fasciculations. Look at ththe video above I recorded it yesterday.
  22. Woke up this morning and tounge still twitching. I'm so scared....