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  1. I don't think we can delete our posts and comments. If you want to delete your account you can contact an administrator or a moderator by an email.
  2. Don't worry. You go to the home page, from it you choose which section you want to read in or post in (Health anxiety, Clinical Depression, Personality disorders etc.) Once you open it you'll see a lot of posts there you choose one and click on it's name and then read the story of the one who posted it, after that you can reply by clicking the "Reply to this topic" field at the very bottom of the page First picture is the home page, second picture is the sections(found on the home page) and the third pic is the topics in a section and you choose a topic by clicking it's name for example I want to read or post in the OCD section and I press the OCD one. Sorry I couldn't post the third one but I hope I cleared it up for you a little :)) Second picture below: First picture below:
  3. @Sherri campeau if you see this please reply!! I'm very worried you might've harmed yourself :'(((
  4. What do you mean? I was just asking what should one expect when he/she sees a psychologist for the first time. Please do not harm yourself :'((
  5. Hmm Let's see ALS limb onset (nothing) ALS bulbar onset (nothing) HIV (nothing) Cancer (nothing) Blood poisoning (nothing) Kidney Failure (nothing) Heart Failure (nothing) Heart attack (panic attack) Diabetes (nothing) Depression (anxiety) Schizophrenia (anxiety) PTSD (anxiety) OCD (anxiety) Paranoid Personality Disorder (anxiety) The list goes on and on but it is all anxiety tbh
  6. Hey guys, I'm back with my worries.. It's depression worries this time... the things I experienced were the following: I spent a huge portion of november 2018 feeling sad but I had a reason to feel like that, I just didn't want to tell anyone. It went away tho, the phase is over I no longer feel sad I had s*****al thoughts but on rare occasions, mainly when someone or something angered me beyond my range(This happens very, VERY rarely, I'm hardly angered... if ever) I had unexplained stomachaches for about a week or two(in november) and the stomach doctor said it's caused by a virus, nothing to worry about he perscribed me some meds and they helped me, I saw their effect in about 5 days, so I guess it's not in my mind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've been told I don't smile as much as before but I don't see any difference, I think I'm laughing and having fun just as I always did, I'm just really shy around strangers that's why I'm afraid to smile for photos in public I just feel as if it is wrong(this doesn't mean I don't smile on photos, it means I feel awkward if there are strangers looking at me when I do it). Today my buds even told me that I'm happier than usual and truly I felt more alive today for some reason. My interest in the opposite gender is unchanged, still the same Some of the shows I found really funny when I was a little child do not seem this fun anymore, perhaps the magic of surprise is lost because the scenes are no longer unexpected ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've temporarily lost interest in some of my hobbies but coming to think about it, it seems it stayed the same for me but I thought I lost interest well.. Every backyard astronomer would lose interest if the skies are unclear most of the time I guess but I noticed that when the skies are clear I'm going to stargaze even as if I felt as my interest is lost. Same goes for mathematics and physics I'd think I lost interest but then I'd see a problem, even one of the most basic ones, and I'd be super hyped when solving it. My weight is the same. My family said my eating and sleeping schedule is different than before but I don't notice my eating habits to be different. In fact my appetite is still the same as it always was. The sleeping schedule is changed because I usually go to sleep early in the morning around 3 or 4 am because I'd be playing a cool game or reading an interesting book or something like that. Then I'd wake up at 7 am go do my studies and then come back home and sleep, so I'd assume that's why my sleeping schedule has changed. What do you all think? Is this depression?
  7. He's in his late 70's. Thank you for the reassurance !! Truly Thank you !!!!!
  8. THANK YOU BOTH !! I'm still a minor.. Jeez... I have a family history of heart diseases, especially my grandfather(he recently had a heart operation). I read his diagnose and the symptoms were listed too they went like "1-The patient complained of harder time taking breaths; 2-The patient has a 70% plaque build up....." after reading the symptoms on his diagnosis(he agreed on it) I felt, like, an electrical shock from my chest(heart area) spreading to my whole torso for a second, then I worried a lot about it.. I started feeling the breathing problems(they went away for a while and then they came back), I felt the heartache the next day but it also goes away.. Today when I woke up I felt perfectly fine, not a single thought about heart diseases or trouble breathing.. Then when I got my mind in order I remembered about my struggles with those thoughts and guess what.. The symptoms came back... They haunted me for the rest of the day... Perhaps you two are very, VERY right.. I should do more sports just like I used to, I'm getting really tired when running short distances(500-600 meters).
  9. So.. sorry to bother you people again.. but after I got out of my ALS fears I've became very worried about my heart for no reason... I've noticed it aches at some point in the chest(or so I think..), sometimes I feel as if I'm having a trouble breathing(But I don't...) and sometimes as I said my heart hurts.. I also feel shortness of breath at times... I'm physically inactive(But I don't sit still for more than 2 hours most of the time...), tall(fast growth), young and very worried I've got a heart disease, perhaps it is an artery that's full of something, calcium build up or fats?? My blood pressure seems to be high like 130 on 90... I'm severely worried about my health now.. I don't want to die :((
  10. I'm meeting my PCP this tuesday.. Hopefully she says no... I'm damn sure she will..
  11. I also noticed today (about 4 hours ago) that when I say S it sounds really sharp or shall I say whistly... later on I noticed that when I say patreon, the TR part sounds like ch, I can pronounce it as TR too.. is this lisping???
  12. Just asking out of pure curiosity.. when you guys and gals talk does your tongue feel as if it leans to the right more than the left?