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  1. This is what my thoughts where when this first started. I sweat most of the month but it is defiantly at it’s worst the two weeks before my period. I’ve had my hormone levels checked, have no other symptoms and I’m only 27 so began thinking maybe my anxiety worsens time of the month.
  2. MsLLL thanks for taking the time to chat to me. No amount of research has answered my questions and I’m already understanding so much more about what I’m going through. I only asked about medication because I sort of ended up on it by accident. I have a trapped nerve and the nerve blockers I’m on stopped my night sweats. After a quick google it turned out they’re also commonly used for anxiety too. My mum is on really heavy medication for her bipolar and might as well be sedated. I always said I wouldn’t take medication for my mental health as it scares the hell out of me I’ll end up like her. I’m torn down the middle now I know how different my quality of life is with out the night sweats and wondered if There was anything other than medication that might help. Sorry if I’m going on a bit, didn’t want to offend anyone asking about personal stuff and just felt I should explain. 😊
  3. Jonathon123 thank you for your reply, you seem to know what your talking about and it all makes sense! I just don’t understand why my physical symptoms have only got so unbareable in the last four years. They’ve been the best four years of my life and I’m truly content. Anxiety is the only thing that gets in my way 😩 apologies if I haven’t replied correctly I’m still getting used to this site 😊
  4. Thanks for your reply, it’s really quiet comforting to know there’s other people with physical symptoms. It’s the night sweats that really affect my daily life. I hope you don’t mind me asking but are you on any anxiety medication? Medication seems to be working for me at the min but I certainly don’t want it to be a long term fixture.
  5. Hi for the last four years I’ve had horrific night sweats. My doctors have done all the investigations and can’t find anything. I’ve always known I have anxiety with the way I think. I worry about everything and feel like I’m constantly on the edge. I can turn a small comment I’ve made into a massive deal in my head and worry about it all night. Anxiety has never stopped me working or looking after my children so I have never seeked help for it. Ive had physical symptoms like head aches, shortness of breath, painful neck and intense night sweats and hot flushes through the day(usually if I’m in an uncomfortable situation) and never associated these symptoms with anxiety. Does anyone else suffer with physical symptoms like this?
  6. Hi I know exactly how you feel! I am only 27 and was convinced at one point I am perimenapausul. The night sweats are horrific! I’ve been referred to a specailist over my hormones who says they were a normal balance when they were checked. Ive recently been put on pregabalin for a trapped nerve but this medication is also used to treat anxiety and my night sweats have stopped. Im now wondering if anxiety is the answer to a lot of my health problems 🤔 have you had any success with diagnosis since your post? It’s good to know I’m not the only one in this situation.
  7. Hi everyone, this might be a long one! Ive suffered with hot flushes and night sweats for about four years now. My doctors have investigated and trialed me on medication, none of which made a difference. I’ve also been referred to speacilists who refer me to different specailist but no one seems to know why I’m suffering with these intense sweats. I’m only 27 and felt I was perimenipausul! Ive recently gotten a trapped nerve which my doctor has put me on pregabalin/lyflex for. Originally starting on 75mg twice a day my night sweats seemed better. I was then weaned up to 125mg twice a day and the sweats have completely stopped! No more waking up in a puddle with wet hair through out the night and I feel like I have a new lease of life. I have red that pregabalin can also treat anxiety, does this mean it’s anxiety I’ve been suffering with? For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered with head aches and shortness of breath and regurally get that being on the edge feeling. Looking into things I’ve said or situations I’ve handled far too much. I’ve also struggled obtaining my weight and have recently got down to 6 and a half stone. Ive always said I would never take medication to be mentally well (my mum has sever bipolar and is practically sedated on drugs. I don’t want to be like that) but I also can’t deal with the physical symptoms. Someone please tell me if this is anxiety 😩