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  1. Matty_G

    Super Nervous About MRI - Anyone had one?

    Just a quick Update, I just finished having it done. It was quite long and part of it I felt like I was getting cooked LOL (it gets a little warm in that tube). But it was pretty much how you guys described it. I took half an Ativan 30 mins prior, kept my eyes shut and I was able to stay still the whole time. Fingers crossed for positive results.
  2. Matty_G

    Super Nervous About MRI - Anyone had one?

    Thanks Marc! What did you have yours for, was everything ok?
  3. Matty_G

    Super Nervous About MRI - Anyone had one?

    Thanks Bob! This is very informative. My Wife and I have a running bet that if everything comes back clear, she gets to get her hair done. Like fully done...Like $250 done for listening to me bitch about my symptoms for 2 months. I thought this was fair.
  4. Hey Everyone, For those of you who have been following my posts over the last while, then you probably know that I'm coming out of quite the spiral. I've been bombarded by random physical symptoms Including Twitches, Muscle Jerks (usually when resting/about to fall asleep) pins and needles in both hands, burning skin in different areas, palpitations, night sweats, hyperventilation (and not even realizing it) cold feet and hands, dizziness/feeling off balance and sore muscle on my tibialis anterior muscles. Luckily though I'm now on 20mg of Citalopram (Celexa) and take Ativan in emergency situations and all that's left is the sore shin muscles, and a bit of an off balance feeling (and admittedly sometimes the occasional jerk still when resting/falling asleep still). Needless to say big improvements from where I was. I'm able to function at work without much issue and things are getting better each day. Now that the update is complete, back to my question. When I was having the slew of symptoms the Doctors ordered me an MRI for peace of mind. (I've seen 4 doctors over 11 visits and they've all told me that it's anxiety, but naturally, HA just screams NOOOOO in the face of 100 years worth of schooling and practice in the medical field. Good old rational thinking at it's finest #AmIRight? So tomorrow is the big day, and true to most of our natures here...Surprise! I'm anxious about it. Has anyone had an MRI here, and if so what was your experience? I don't think I'm claustrophobic, but when trapped in a corner, I feel like I would be a biter. Let me know -Matt
  5. Matty_G

    HELP!!! Scared of Schizophrenia

    I'm going to tell you what a psychologist told me once when I had the fear of losing my mind from anxiety. Schizophrenics don't know they're acting errationally, other people will notice. If youre scared of going crazy, there's a good chance youre not going crazy. It's just anxiety and fear. I hope that eases your mind.
  6. Matty_G

    Been through the Ringer

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to give a big thanks to the community ahead of this post, and an extra thanks for those who PM'd. You've all been so helpful and I thank you for it. It's been one hell of a few months for this guy, I don't know if it's from stress of a family member screwing me over or work being absolutely flipped upside down with a reorganization, but my god it's been rough. I've had anxiety for 12 years but never the physical symptoms like this. So, long story short, here's what a spiral looks like: -Started with pain in my shins and feet in the morning (still have this ) -Google symptoms, find ALS and MS -Start freaking out, start having pain in left shoulder and pins and needles in left hand -Continue to freak out, left side gets better, oh surprise it's the exact same symptoms in the right side now -Start having random twitches all over my body -start getting super cold feet all the time -Start getting burning in my left shin and right forearm -start getting hynogogic jerks, don't sleep for almost 2 days -stop eating, lose 12 pounds -4 different doctors, totalling 11 visits, neuro exam, gait, balance, strength and blood work So as you can see it's been a whirlwind. I'm still anxious everyday but luckily most of these symptoms have gone away. All I'm left with is the sore feet in the morning, sore shins when I walk or stand and a little bit of pins/needles/numbness in both my hands perfectly symmetrical. The doctors did get sick of seeing me and ordered me an MRI which is next week. But they have been telling me with every visit that it's all anxiety. I've started 20mg of Celexa and talk therapy with CBT. I'm praying that my MRI is clear next week, So I can devote my time to focusing on the anxiety solely. I hope this brings some peace to those who suffer with the physical symptoms and know that you're not alone.
  7. Matty_G

    Emg today - thoughts?

    You're going to be fine, you got this
  8. *update* So I've noticed that when I take Ativan, 30 mins after taking, the majority of these issues just stop. The pain stops, the numbness/pins and needles, the burning sensations in most areas, the sensitivity, the constant nausea. It's unreal. Does that pretty much prove that these are psychosomatic? Can I be creating these symptoms from constantly reading/dwelling on them? Im just in such shock right now because I'm such a skeptic.
  9. Matty_G

    More Symptoms - Can anyone relate?

    Thanks Iugrad. I'll try the separation thingies and see if that helps. I'm up in Canada so winters suck here, wearing two pairs of socks right now. Never had this issue before though
  10. Hey everyone, This is a follow up post to my original. Some stuff has changed around in the last 6 days, but still looking for answers, (and maybe some people that have had similar symptoms). Finally my doc's decided to give me an MRI, but I think it's peace of mind because I keep coming back. Here's what is happening now: -Most twitching has stopped. I get the odd one but not all day, every day. Sometimes when falling asleep I get it too, but not as bad. -When I wake up, my arches are sore and prickly on my feet (only first thing in the morning though) and goes away quickly. I've had this symptom for like a month and a half. -Sometimes through the day I feel like my feet are super sensitive and cold. If I put them under a blanket (or my own leg) it does warm them up and take this away temporarily. -My left shin, right quad, right forearm and right shoulder all have a burning sensation most of the time - or at least for the past 5 days (sometimes it does dissapate - feels like a sunburn). Luckily my face isn't burning much anymore. -My right shoulder and elbow is sore and my right hand feels numb at random points in the day based on how my arm is positioned. The last month and a half literally feels like symtom whack-a-mole. I've lost 12 pounds because im constantly nauseous, and I'm not getting out of bed much. Ativan does make alot of these things seem to go away (or feel less severe), but I don't want to get addicted to it so I only take it when I'm really down. Anyone out there experiencing anything similar for similar amounts of time? I'm terrified its Neurological. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Matt
  11. Matty_G

    Burning skin sensation

    Hey Mandy! I get this too! As from what I've heard alot of anxiety sufferers do during extreme stress (I even get it in my face sometimes). Right now I have it on my left shin and right forearm. Feels like a minor sunburn right?
  12. Thanks for reaching out. It's settling to know I'm not alone. Im trying my best to stay positive, but I just feel like I'm spiralling out of control constantly. I guess if I could get some relief from these symptoms more consistently I would be able to recover, but it's like as soon as a new set of pins and needles or pain hits. Right back in I go.
  13. Hey Everyone, I'm new here to the forums, For the past month and a half I've been dealing with all kinds of health anxiety issues, and I just dont know what to do anymore. I feel like I am ruining my families lives. I spend alot of time in my room searching for information, and every time I google I get a different story. I've seen two GP's 3 times and finally went to the ER for a second opinion. They keep telling me it's not neurological, I'm strong and my bloodwork is normal and to destress. I keep trying to believe, but I keep spiralling whenever a physical symptom pops up. I've had the following over the last month and a half: -Painful shins/calves with pins and needles in feet. The pins and needles come and go throughout the day. started at the end of November. Seems to be worse at night and in the morning or when walking. This went away for almost 2 weeks and then returned (I believe when my anxiety started spiralling again). The pain is off and on as well throughout the day which makes me feel like im walking funny. The strange thing is though if I manage to get the pain to go away, I feel completely normal. -Pins and needles in my left hand and sore shoulder. Went to physio and this went away on the left side to come back in my right. Sometimes I get buzzing, numbness as well. (comes and goes throughout the day) -Random non-painful muscle twitching throughout my entire body -Muscle Jerks when falling asleep -Burning sensations on my forearms and shins and face. Feels like when you have super dry skin or mild sunburn. It started with my thinking I had ALS because of the Pain and perceived weakness in legs. Then when the physiotherapist and Docs proved that I am very strong, I keep gravitating towards MS. In fact, it's all I can think about and keep researching. When I punch my symptoms into WebMD, MS doesn't even show up as an option though, which should give me reassurance, but doesn't. Has anyone out there experienced anything similar? Is this health anxiety at it's finest or should I be seriously concerned. I just can't keep doing this every day anymore. I'm worrying myself sick to my stomach. Thanks, -Matt