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  1. Noting you should be worried about still just anxiety symptoms. I have been under allot of pressure at work and stress and can relate, my legs actually hurt, just the one though, the other one has got some trembles. But I know its just anxiety and as soon as my work is done it magically goes away. You have nothing to worry about.
  2. How long have you been coughing? And how old are you? And did you have any kind of infection or flu virus before the cough started?
  3. No, x-rays radiation in small amounts have statistical negligible effects on the body.
  4. Go to sleep and relax. Trust me with infections that spread to such a point that it becomes life threatening you would know about it, cloudy pee and a bit sore is not the symptoms. It takes some serious neglect to allow yourself to become septic from a hair follicle infection. But your blood work would of shown it definitively. However, attacking your kidneys and bladder no way - if the infection was so severe you would be in so much pain and having fever and vomiting - just trust me you would know hand a UTI, especially in women, takes some time to completely heal up, and can be recurring a few times , however, cloudy pee tells me its already getting better. In short nothing is wrong and most of your worries is just your anxiety.
  5. Yes it would have absolutely shown up in your blood work, however, if it was Sepsis and your where septic, no test would be needed - you would know. Sepsis doesn't lay dormant and is miss diagnosed if you have it you will know it. You would know it. Just ask for your blood work for your peace of mind.
  6. Yes absolutely, I have had days that it felt that my heart was going to jump out of my chest all day. I read your post about your cardiologist not wanting to see you in another 10 years, sorry had a giggle, but I think that is your answer. You will be fine I have palps some severe some not.
  7. You are seriously overthinking the whole situation. If you had a staph infection or Sepsis and it has been weeks since you have had one or the would know it. My Doctor always told me that when it comes to blood tests no news is good news. However, the test for both sepsis or Staphylococcus only takes a day or two - not weeks. If you had sepsis you would definitely known about it you would of been with one foot in the grave. You would have had pain and fever and sweats like crazy - not just a little pain. I'm pretty sure that given the time you saw the doctor and writing the message you don't have either of your two concerned infections has it would have become unbearable if you had either of them for such a long time. and you would have been at the doctor along time ago with much more severe symptoms so rest assured you are fine.
  8. Don't apologize that is what the forum is for - helping other anxiety sufferers not feel alone. And no, your mentioned tests are just done to rule out any other desease or infections. I know my doctor, when I had my first panic attacks, immediately tested my blood for over active thyroid as it can cause anxiety.
  9. Yes absolutely! Why do I think so...because, I went through the exact same thing.
  10. That's good news. And if you look at the statistical probability of someone like yourself, with your age, it's a mathematical improbability. The research papers on ALS even refers to someone in your age class "as there has been cases" making so rare that it's a statistical nullity. You have nothing to worry about. And I hope the Doctor eases your mind.
  11. Doubt it is a pinched nerve. My friend had a pinched nerve in his neck and the symptoms wasn't subtle at all. That's just my understanding of pinched nerves that you'll know if it is a pinched nerve. And no, you have absolutely nothing to worry about what you are feeling is normal. It could take months to go back to normal, however, the sooner you accept that it's not ALS and your anxiety levels decrease the faster you will be back to normal. What could help a bit in some people is a good magnesium supplement. I find that it works for the the muscle spasm. You can Google the effects of magnesium shortage and muscle effects as well the effects of anxiety and magnesium. Not saying it's a cure but does work for some. If you can buy the effervescent magnesium. But as far as your symptoms are concerned still normal and common for an anxiety sufferer.
  12. Please read this article. And yes its perfectly normal just really annoying. Trust me I know. I have experienced what you are feeling, but my pain-ache is usually to the bottom lower side of my arms almost at the arm pits. Almost like a dull sting pain. With your muscles during anxiety being under "tension" your muscles feel weaker, or over-strained quicker - if I can put it that way. Tired painful muscles and joint some of the most common anxiety symptoms, not only in people with anxiety but people who is under allot of stress. Hope this helps. And once again its not ALS it's just your stress reaction working in weird body sensations. It's just intrusive thoughts triggered my anxiety sensations leading to irrational thoughts of ALS. I really hope you are feeling better today and always there to help.
  13. A11yance yes I do get joint pains in my hands seems to effect my thumbs the most though. Some of the larger joints can be rather painful. Please read this link
  14. What you are experiencing is intrusive thoughts. Your symptoms does not match ALS and Matches anxiety perfectly. I have been through it. So I'm 100% convinced that you don't have ALS. But the thing is YOU must be convinced that you don't have ALS for you to move on and recover from the Anxiety. So for your recovery to begin go see a Doctor, purely for your own peace of mind, and tell him/ her about your symptoms and ALS fears. They will confirm that you don't have ALS, which from your original posts looks like it has already been ruled out, and then start working super hard on the underlying cause of your distress - anxiety. However, to make it clear me having Health Anxiety on and of almost my whole life, I am 100% sure you don't have ALS.