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  1. I understand. I am the same way regarding my PCOS. Although I know many complications it can cause are preventable, and many are extremely rare, I get scared of them quite frequently. As long as you do your best to be healthy, I’m fairly certain you will be okay if it does turn out to be your thyroid. It’s hard, but we have to keep the positive and most likely outcomes in mind, I struggle with it every day. It is hard, but it’s important, and not impossible I wish you well and good luck. I hope it was just the flowers, too. Remember that even if it turns out not to be the flowers, that doesn’t mean it’s your thyroid, it could be anxiety, a virus or just a fluke.
  2. An allergy can definitely cause this. I recommend putting the flowers outside and seeing if the sensations stop. If they do, it was most likely allergies. If they do not, it’s still highly likely that it’s either anxiety or a virus. If you have a family history of thyroid issues it wouldn’t hurt to bring everything up to your doctor, but as I said, it isn’t the end of the world.
  3. I highly doubt it’s a thyroid issue, viruses and anxiety can cause this, but rest assured if it was a thyroid issue it’s easily treated. I have mild hypothyroidism due to PCOS, and take medicine for it. If it were a thyroid issue, you’d just need to be put on medication and get more exercise. It’s a problem that’s easily treated. As I said, though, I very highly doubt it’s your thyroid. There have been many viruses going around lately that can cause things like this to occur. Anxiety and panic attacks can also cause temperature changes. It’s extremely common. If it’s really bothering you for more than I’d say a few months it wouldn’t hurt to talk to your doctor about it, but I don’t think it’s anything serious. Google also is not a doctor, it doesn’t know everything, and tends to bring up the worst case scenarios instead of the more common and benign reasons for things. It’s really best not to google, I learned that the hard way I hope you feel better soon.
  4. I’ve had this before in my wrist, once you injure something it’s easy to injure it again, especially if it’s something like your arm or leg that is used on a daily basis. Give your arm a break from any heavy exercise for a bit and do light stretching 1-2 times a day. Taking a bath with epsom salt in it can also help soothe sore muscles. I hope you feel better soon
  5. All women have some spotting every once in awhile, it’s even more common if you are on birth control. Given that you skipped a week that is most likely the cause, your body is getting back on course, I wouldn’t be concerned unless it goes on for longer than a month. Then you may want to get it checked out. Even then, though, it’s likely nothing serious.
  6. I have them when I get extremely anxious or right after exercising, it’s actually pretty normal. It’s caused by rushes of adrenaline and other hormones I can’t remember the names of. Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamin B12 deficiencies can also cause some muscle twitching, so try eating foods rich with those nutrients. I assure you that is not ALS, though I hope you feel better soon.
  7. I was put on Zoloft and it made my anxiety way worse, so that definitely could be part of it, I also ended up being allergic to it. It gave me bad headaches and made my scalp burn and get bumps on it. It’s possible that Zoloft could be causing your tingling due to either A: increasing your anxiety, or B: The tingling could possibly be an adverse reaction to the medicine. Zoloft is also known to cause skin to become more sensitivive to sunlight sometimes, if you notice the tingling happening more in the sun, that could be it. Try talking to your doctor about it. Hormones, of course, can also cause your entire body to be out of whack. I hope you feel better soon
  8. I had a pinched nerve in my neck as well as cubital tunnel, and that’s what I did to try and speed up the process of the nerve unpinching. If it starts to become too painful it wouldn’t hurt to see a doctor, they may be able to give you a brace or something to help, but otherwise I think you are okay.
  9. That definitely sounds like a pinched nerve. Pinched nerves usually work themselves out in a few weeks to a month, the time depends on the area. Do light stretching once or twice a day, don’t do it too much or it will irritate the nerve more. Taking a bath with epsom salt in the water can soothe and relax your muscles to help get the nerve I pinched as well. Try to keep good posture as well. I hope you feel better soon :)
  10. I think you just have a pinched nerve in your lower back, leg or foot. Pinched nerves can cause pain, numbness and tingling. The fact that it’s worse when you lay down, in a position where nerves are often compressed, makes me think so even more. Pinched nerves usually work themselves out within a few weeks to a month, the time it will take depends on the area. Try doing some light leg and back stretches to try and help I pinch the nerve, but don’t stretch too much as it could irritate it more. I’d say do it once or twice a day. Taking a bath with epsom salt can also help bring down swelling and relax your muscles to help the nerve I pinch as well. It still wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion at a new doctor, but I highly doubt it’s anything serious Keep in mind that anxiety itself can also cause these sensations. The stretching and epsom salt baths will also help with anxiety because it helps you relax. I hope you feel better soon
  11. You don’t have to apologize haha I’m like that, too. I need a lot of reassurance. Also, isn’t asking questions the purpose of this site?
  12. No, it isn’t als haha As I said, for any sort of als, you would have many more issues than you have right now. You’re okay.
  13. Anytime I’m glad I could help.
  14. It’s okay haha everyone has it happen sometimes. Green mucus often means sinus infection, too You will probably just need a course of antibiotics, or if it’s viral, you may need to just treat the symptoms and let it pass on it’s own. I very highly doubt bulbar als would be the cause, it’s very rare, and you’d be having a lot more issues than just this
  15. If you have seasonal allergies it could also be from that, too.